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A brief search didn't turn out a dupe, but recently I have found that the spoiler-markup >! doesn't work well with multilined MathJax, especially displaystyle: <...
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MathJax requires escaping of certain markdown symbols between single dollar signs

The braces disappear in this TeX code (${a,b}$) given by ($\{a,b\}$). This occurs whenever the parenthesis are adjacent to the dollars. I'm not sure if it is a ...
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Is it possible to spoiler multi-line mathjax?

I can't work out how to do it. This: >! $$a=b$$ >! $$b=c$$ >! $$c=d$$ Produces this: Whereas this: ...
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Why double backslash is sometimes needed?

I noticed the problem in this post in the definition of $\mathbb N_\infty= \{0\} \cup \{\frac1n; n\in\mathbb N\}$. However, I was not able to reproduce the problem from the post (I do not know why ...
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"Big" TeX won't get hidden by `!>`?

I just posted an answer here but I am finding it impossible for >! to work with the \begin{align} environment. How can this ...
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TeX math interacts with italic and bold formatting

In this answer, I noticed a math bug that looks like an interaction between the parser and the TeX system. When you have a word that starts with math and then has italics or bold later, the italics or ...
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Problem with formatting two hidden grey boxes, one after the other

In this answer, I used two hidden grey boxes, one after the other. However, I had some trouble getting them to format probably. If you write ...
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Double backslashes no longer working in TeX

I was pretty sure the admins had fixed things so that two backslashes worked to insert a new line in TeX, but it no longer seems to work. Or rather, it works in the preview page, but not in the final ...
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Multiline hidden text with align environment [duplicate]

Is there a way to use >! for hidden lines with the \begin{align*} ... \end{align*} environment? I can't seem to get it to ...
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