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Questions tagged [account-suspension]

Account suspension is the act of temporarily blocking the account of a specific user. However, circumstances regarding a particular suspension are private matters between the user and the moderators and should not be discussed here.

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Suspension of users advertising with spams

Reviewing low-quality posts, I see some annoying users posting their ads as a form of answer or question. However, I haven’t seen some cases where the user was suspended. Right now, seeing my review ...
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What are "voting irregularities"?

I found a user that was answered several of my questions suspended for "voting irregularities" ... is there any information what "voting irregularities" means?
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suspension period

I've read here that a suspension period can last at most one year. But I found an account which is obviously suspended for $\textbf{10 years}$ : Have the rules been changed or has an error crept into ...
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What does "low quality contributions" mean and who decides this?

Some time ago I had the unpleasant surprise to see that some valuable users like Bernard were suspended for 1 year for "low quality contributions". What does (I mean "low quality ...
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Banning good members?

I have noticed occasionally some very good posters who have been banned in Math.SE. Question: What might get someone who is in my, and probably many people's opinions a high quality poster with a ...
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Can a user whose account is suspended due to voting irregularities comment on his answer to my question?

I asked a few questions long time ago and couldn't see the answer to them due to being critically ill. Now on some answers the answerer's reputation is changed to 1 and it is written on his account ...
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A Private Communication Before Any Suspension

Preamble I have experienced several suspensions in some community, in none of which I was warned by the moderators before being suspended although I received a useless mandatory moderator message ...
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What happens to questions with bounty when OP was suspended for more than 8 days?

What happens to questions with bounty when OP was suspended for more than 8 days? Will the bounty be lost? or will be refunded? or in case someone answers will be awarded somehow? Thank you
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Contacting a suspended user via meta?

How can a user suspended on this site that is also not allowed to chat communicate with other users on this site ? Can this be done via meta or is there another proper way to do that ? In my case I ...
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Suspensions for low-quality contributions

How does the automated flagging system for length and content work? Can it trigger suspensions by itself without human input? How is the severity of the penalty determined? I am wondering because I ...
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Is this user suspended until 2092?

Recently I came across a user who is suspended: Does this mean that the user is suspended until 2092? What type of offense might warrant such a long suspension, but not a permanent ban?
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Why when a user account is suspended, is suspended in both math.meta.stack and math.stack?

Why when a user account is suspended, is suspended in both math.meta.stack and math.stack? That seems like double punishment for only one fault. If you are a good contributor math.stack and for some ...
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Is it possible to temporarily disable my account on MSE?

I have been obsessively checking MSE in the past month. In fact, I have learned a lot from this community just in the last weeks that I have been active here (I registered in April, but I never really ...
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What does it mean for an account to be temporarily suspended to "cool down"?

Today I saw a user profile which had the following in the header This account is temporarily suspended to cool down. The suspension period ends on Mmm dd at hh:mm. I didn't see anything related to ...
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How does banning work?

I was just browsing new questions when a user changed his/her post from what seemed to be a reasonable question to a very aggressively offensive post, complete swearing in the title and derogatory ...
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Is this account suspension abuse of moderator power?

Is this account suspension abuse of moderator power? My account had been suspended for one year. As some of you know, some users don't like my questions in the main because I tend to answer my own ...
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Since when does joking in chat result in suspension?

In chat I made a joke after someone said "sorry". I replied with the classic "you better be sorry" and was suspended for 30 minutes. How is this just, when I was merely making a joke. What rules in ...
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Suspension policy for new accounts of past offenders

This question is purely out of curiosity as to how the moderators do their work. Suppose that someone was suspended for a month, and they decide to remove their account altogether. After the month ...
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Unable to chat. Kinda Suspension? [duplicate]

I am temporarily suspended at Chem.SE, Now even though I have 99%(kinda) positive record on Math.SE, I am unable to chat in Math groups too!
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Why can't a user talk in a math.SE chatroom if he/she is banned (suspended) on another SE site?

Basically I wanted to ask for an arithmetic book of my interest in The Root of Math chatrooom. I was not allowed to talk, and when I did the following appeared: I am suspended on another SE site, ...
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Why did Mhenni Benghorbal get suspended? [closed]

Just checked his profile page: and it says "This account is temporarily suspended for rule violations. The suspension period ends in 5 ...
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Why are some accounts with even huge number of badges suspended?

By chance I happened to look at the profile (link of profile deleted) which is suspended for "rule violations". It was bit strange that a person with so many badges (gold, silver etc) with so many ...
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List of users being suspended

I wonder how I can check a user is suspended or not. I think the only way is to go to the user's profile to check if he is suspended, is that correct? Other than that, can I find the list of the users ...
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Having been flagged many times can be a reason for the suspension?

I was informed by a moderator that my posts had been flagged more than any other user by a huge margin, both on the main and meta sites. He pointed it out in a private moderator message which says I ...
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This account is temporarily suspended for rule violations?

I happen to see some users were suspended, how do I know some rules about this? This account is temporarily suspended for rule violations. The suspension period ends on Aug 13 at 2:08. I'm afraid ...
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