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Has the culture of acceptable questions on SE changed over time?

I am relatively new to SE, but I have noticed something quite peculiar. I often am reading lots of old questions (years old) and encounter many that are very short, show very little self-attempt, and ...
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Your opinion: series of questions regarding Miklos Schweitzer problems

Do you think it would be fine to post a series of questions regarding problems of the past Miklos Schweitzer competitions? Since the problems are not trivial at all and the solutions are not ...
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How to properly ask a "textbook recommendation" question?

I've seen several "textbook recommendation" type questions on MSE, and some of them have been quite popular and helpful. In a lot of them, the poster provides their mathematical background information ...
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Would this question regarding independent research be considered off-topic?

I'd like to ask any seasoned math researchers, professors, and/or students to share some appropriate ideas for independent research a recent college graduate (but not yet a grad student) could do, so ...
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Are small competitions allowed?

I was puzzling: "What is the shortest proof of $\exists x \forall y (P(x) \to P(y)) $?" (a variation of the drinkers paradox see Proof of Drinker paradox) given a certain set of inference rules and ...
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When is a statistics question on-topic?

I have a background in pure mathematics, and I happen to be teaching mostly statistics at the moment. When there is a question that I can't answer efficiently myself, or when I need a confirmation, I ...
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May I ask about study groups or study partners on MSE?

This is a good website, but I would prefer to do mathematics "old-school" style and actually sit and study with someone with similar level and interests; and discuss theorems, problems and other fun ...
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Questions about how best to express a question

I have been fascinated for a very long time about primorials and reduced residue classes. Unfortunately, my interest regularly gets past my ability to express my questions in clear, precise, standard ...
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Closing contest problems

This question is about the policy for general contest problems, NOT ongoing contest problems. I noticed today that this question is being closed and again, for reasons I cannot understand. I would ...
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Mathematics and Law School?

I wanted to make sure the following question is relevant to M.S.E. before posting. I am studying mathematics at my university, but my performance has not been not outstanding. I am doubtful about a ...
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Asking a question which is pretty much a dupe

I want to ask a question, but it is basically a duplicate of a (5 year old) question already asked here and that question doesn't have an answer. Morally, any good answer to that question would be an ...
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Are non-rigorous questions allowed on MSE?

By non-rigorous questions I mean questions not of the form "Prove that ...". For instance: "Is there a clever way to check this type of equality?" "Does this math thing remind ...
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Questions regarding mathematical programming

What is the best place to ask questions about mathematical programming, between Math.SE and StackOverflow? What I have in mind is the following type of questions: Solving the word problem in a group ...
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Are soft questions allowed on MSE? I see there is a tag for it but I'm scared I will be downvoted for it.

What I was really looking for was a SE but for "soft questions mathematics" - the closest thing I found was the History of Mathematics and Physics SE, which is unlucky considering the ...
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Should I delete question that is an open problem and has been discussed in papers?

Related question:Finding $\max |A|$ with $a_{ij}=\pm 1$ I have asked this question before I searched OEIS. After I have asked this question, I found this problem called "Hadamard maximal determinant ...
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The (publishing) tag and academia.SE

I voted to close this question, with the justification that it is about mathematical publishing, not mathematics itself, and it would be better suited to academia.SE. This seems consistent with the ...
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Are voting systems on topic?

There is a new proposal in area 51 about voting systems. Are questions on voting systems welcome here? Under what conditions?
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What are good ways to ask about (famous) open problems?

I understand that asking a question about a famous open problem is viewed as a bit of a red flag and not encouraged, which makes sense of course. Is there a way to stay within protocol/etiquette ...
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Am I breaking the community rule?

If I have a question which has been posted here in MSE before, and if, after following the hints give by someone there I still got stuck, can I post the problem again without getting branded as "...
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Forum for discussion-type questions

I really like M.SE and its community members, and I've found great answers to many questions here. But I see that questions that don't admit a definite answer or open too much room for discussion are ...
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Would this question be too vague?

Below is a question I would like to ask on math.SE, but as it is a soft question I want to check first that it would not be considered too vague (or otherwise inappropriate). Here it is: Title: "...
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Can I ask for examples?

I'm thinking about asking for curious examples of certain topic specific, like for example of finite groups and sets where they can act. It is ok to ask such questions in math.stackexchange?
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Are "Verify my program's result" questions appropriate?

I'm a computer programmer, and sometimes it happens that I create a framework for an abstract area of mathematics - mostly for fun, sometimes semi-professionally. Before I can use this framework, I ...
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Are topics in the teaching or popularization of math inappropriate?

Thе question “What are some good ways to get children excited about math?” has been tagged as off-topic. Do people agree with this characterization? Personally, I think the question could generate ...
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Feedback on downvoted question

Yesterday, I asked the following question on conjectured values of certain factorial rational zeta series. It was downvoted twice, and upvoted once. I'm wondering where the downvotes have come from. ...
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Asking for websites

In the math Stack Exchange can I ask for websites relating to math that others might suggest? For example, I was thinking about asking this question, but was hesitant: Next semester I'm taking ...
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About collections of questions at SE which are "solution manuals" to some book

This is closely related to this question: Creating a solutions manual within a single math.SE question The difference is that I am asking about possibility of posting exercises from some book as a ...
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How Rigid Is the Multiple Question Rule When Analyzing Mathematical Concepts?

I was wondering if there could be exceptions to the multiple question rule when analyzing mathematical concepts. For example, suppose a user quotes a math-related paragraph on Wikipedia, and wants to ...
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Does the question belong in Mathematics?

I wrote a program that computes the fast insert_name_here transform of a matrix. I am at a loss of what its application is, what its proper name should be, and find an existing algorithm for it. I ...
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where do the probability and statistics questions go? ( or

hi, So I apologize if this question was covered somewhere, or its a little ignorant but I did search for it. Where do questions on the following topics go : Poisson's, Norma, Binomial Distributions ...
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Best way to ask multiple questions

Sometimes when I sit down for a lengthy review session I find with many questions that I can't solve, and especially if it's on a weekend I won't have TA/Professors to ask, so I typically bring them ...
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Is this the correct site/forum for reviewing logical proofs?

Although Mathematics.SE meta seems like a better location to ask this, apparently I don't have enough points to post there so... Is this the correct site for posting logical proofs in hopes of getting ...
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Mathematical Proofs

Is this the proper site to ask about the correctness of one's proof? The proofs I would intend on asking questions about are elementary mathematics proofs such as a proof about infinitely many primes, ...
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What's the issue with this question regarding style?

I was a bit skeptical of asking this question, since it seemed to be about style, which seems inherently opinion-based. However, there is a tag called "article-writing", which includes "...
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Is this question sufficiently different from this other question to warrant posting?

Is Question 1 sufficiently different from Question 2 to warrant posting Question 1?: "If I am given N congruent circles with radii R, and they are equidistantly spaced upon a sphere, can I figure out ...
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Questions about mathematicians in the workplace

Where should I address questions such as "What kind of tasks do people specializing in FEM work on?" or "Do you need to know a lot about computer architecture to work with large scale optimization?" ...
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Slightly clarify on the "on topic"-ness of questions about CAS

It is pretty clearly established that questions about MATLAB, Macsyma, and other computer algebra systems are on topic. And indeed this page includes "software that mathematicians use" as an on topic ...
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What would be an acceptable way of opening a question about this topic?

I have often (on the main page) encountered the idea that, "A structure must never be viewed in isolation, but always as an object of some category." This doesn't make sense to me, since: We ...
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I would like to bounty a question that lacks context and possibly focus

This question claims three interesting limits about primes. I think it is poorly phrased, in that there is no context, source, or effort; further, it's unclear if any of the limits are related. That ...
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An old question resurfaces for closing

I saw this question in the close vote queue. I agree it's seems very vague and hard to answer, but apparently the users who know more about statistics disagree since the person who commented on the ...
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Asking links of MSE questions and references

I am still new in MSE,and still learning how to use MSE properly. Sorry in advance. MSE has really nice Elementary number theory questions and so many nice elementary diophantine equation , and since ...
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Where's the best place to ask about math algorithm? Here or Stack Overflow?

If I have a question about a mathematical computation algorithm that could be implemented as a computer program but my question is primarily about the math involved, for example how to correctly apply ...
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Would questions asking how a concept is modellized/formularized be on-topic?

From the comments of this meta question, Would questions about the importance of a theorem in math on-topic?, it seems to be a consensus that importance is a ...
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Why is this question off-topic

I have been following this question. It has recently been marked as off-topic. I have checked the requirements for being on/off-topic, but they don't seem to apply to this question. Can someone please ...
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Multiple questions in a single post

Recently this question was edited so as to have two separate questions within the same post (after the OP tried to ask me the second question directly in comments on an unrelated question and I ...
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What Counts as a duplicate Question?

Imagine somebody who is studying differential equations. He comes to the section on first order linear differential equations. He attempts to do the first problem in the section, but he comes up with ...
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Why is this question "not" off-topic here?

I came across this question [edit - now deleted] and looking at the number of years and his reputation at MSE I feel that the questioner has quite a good experience of how MSE works. The moment I read ...
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Is how to draw a math-related picture on topic?

Is a question on how to draw a math-related picture (to be better understood) and what are generally accepted meanings of certain math pictures on topic?
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May I ask to check if my solutions to tasks from former tests are correct?

I will soon have a test...I feel very uneasy about the test, so as an exercise I'm doing tasks from former tests... And I feel pretty unsure about my solutions to these tasks as well... Frankly - may ...
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Reference request on books allowed?

I have seen several of them. But I just wanted to make sure I could ask for reference requests rather than losing a lot of reputation afterwards. So are reference requests allowed in the math forum?
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