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Use this tag when asking what is on- or off-topic on the main site, and why.

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Which question should be asked?

I am not used to StackExchange (I just stumbled upon the committing phase for this group because a friend of mine who knows I am a math fan told me about it), so I am not really sure which kind of ...
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Are algorithm questions acceptable

I just answered this question How can I randomly generate trees? and then part of me wanted to close it since it seems more like an on topic question for a SO but not here. Thoughts?
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why did you close my question "if all sets were finite"?

I really don't understand your reasoning. I think it was a perfectly reasonable question. If all sets were finite, how could the real numbers be defined?. The all-sets-finite system is a possible ...
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What is the proper way to handle homework questions?

I feel that this topic is important enough to deserve its own page, rather than having bits and pieces be scattered across many answers and comments. It is inevitable that many students will come to ...
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Is theoretical computer science on topic?

This question was closed for being off topic, and then reopened, presumably for being on topic. It seems to me that parts of theoretical CS are definitely on topic - e.g. I have read some analysis of ...
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Philosophical time-wastebaskets

Recently the question Do Complex Numbers Really Exist? was closed as "subjective and argumentative". I voted to close, because the way the question was asked invited two philosophical questions, and ...
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16 votes
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Questions about math jokes

I asked a question related to a math joke, and there are different reactions. Are math jokes strictly prohibited here? From my comment: I already knew the answer, but there could be new ...
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Are topics in the teaching or popularization of math inappropriate?

Thе question “What are some good ways to get children excited about math?” has been tagged as off-topic. Do people agree with this characterization? Personally, I think the question could generate ...
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