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Use this tag when asking what is on- or off-topic on the main site, and why.

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A question on an answer made by a user who is no longer active

I saw an answer in a old thread that I do not understand. I made a comment yesterday asking the user to explain a particular step. But I realize now that the thread is old and the user is no longer ...
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Is it OK to ask a question that will (likely) involve some programming by the answerer?

I have thought of a puzzle that I'd like to see the result of about primes. To continue my investigation I need some computer programming. I have absolutely no experience or even know which program ...
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Can I ask a question for clarification of an answer?

Suppose that I received a somehow terse answer or an answer which is a little bit beyond my level, and that I would like to understand the answer in some more detail. Is it appropriate to ask a ...
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May I ask a question which contains longer verbatim quotes from a book?

My question is about mathematics. My question involves a proof contained in a book (Introduction to Mathematical Thinking--Devlin) My question requires I (verbatim) quote portions of a proof presented ...
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Should I remove a link if given an external request?

In good faith, I posted a question about a paper which was published in an online journal, claiming to have proven a result about a well-known theorem. I naturally linked to the paper in question, ...
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Policy on questions used in interviews

Recently there was a post with question which is used in an interview process by one company. I had an impression that at least questions from ongoing contests are closed/deleted (see e.g. here). Even ...
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Asking for reference to mathematicians, not books -- off-topic?

Is my question here: Categorical axiomatization of projective spaces off-topic? If yes, where would be a good place to post it?
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Is this too broad: "How many species of projective space are there?"

Realizing this covers a lot of territory, i.e. projective geometry, algebraic spaces, manifolds, etc., I'm basically looking for an exhaustive tabulation. [edit, post comment] I better understand ...
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Should I ask questions about Maxima here at Math SE or at Stackoverflow?

I see that questions about Maxima (a computer algebra system) are asked both at the Math SE and at Stackoverflow. Where should I ask my question about Maxima? Does it depend on the type of question?
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Is it off-topic to ask for advice on what courses/subject areas to study in preparation for PhD study in a certain area of mathematics?

The title pretty much explains the question but here it is Is it off-topic to ask for advice on what courses/subject areas to study in preparation for PhD study in a certain area of mathematics? ...
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Are there any lower bounds on the mathematical knowledge level to ask a question on MathSE? [duplicate]

I have been wondering around on some stackexchange sites for quite a while and sometimes read the hot network questions. An interesting fact that got my attention is, when a user on stackoverflow asks ...
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Is a question about "Best books/papers on X" appropriate?

I’ve recently become interested in rational right triangles — especially the relationship between their geometric and algebraic properties and possible applications to the solutions of Diophantine ...
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Is there a way to take a poll on Maths Stack Exchange?

The title says it all. Is there a way to take a poll on Maths Stack Exchange? Is a poll an acceptable question?
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Would a question asking "Is Theorem X interesting enough to be submitted for publication?" appropriate for MSE?

I have recently proved something (let's call it theorem X) which seems to be a cute, elementary result (I certainly do not mean Riemann, Goldbach etc.) I would like to post the following question: "Do ...
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Are requests for problems of a certain type on-topic

Is it on-topic to ask for problems concerning a certain subject matter? For example, could I ask for something like "counting problems involving the Euler totient function," or "problems involving ...
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Does "mathematics at all levels" include the level of those who harbor typical confusions held by most laypersons?

is all math beyond arithmetic just advanced arithmetic? A person suffering from the usual laypersons' extreme confusions about the nature of mathematics posted the question linked above. Might I be ...
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When should I ask questions on here (meta math SE) and when should I ask on über meta?

It is my understanding if my question is about math.SE and can't be generalized to other SEs, here is better. If my question is about site functionality then über meta is better. Is this understanding ...
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Is it alright to ask about calculator programming?

I'm not sure which StackExchange site is specific for this, but assuming this site mostly covers Mathematics and of course, most of us should be using calculators or some sort of programming interface ...
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Are algorithm questions asking for pseudocode acceptable?

For instance, if I ask for an algorithm in pseudocode to compute GCD by the Euclidean algorithm in $\textbf{Z}[\sqrt{7}]$?
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Reference request on books allowed?

I have seen several of them. But I just wanted to make sure I could ask for reference requests rather than losing a lot of reputation afterwards. So are reference requests allowed in the math forum?
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Question about devices, related to mathematics

Well, I was searching for Math display and support in Amazon Kindle, surprisingly, I came across couple of questions about devices in MSE, Kindle paperwhite A digital notebook for Mathematics? The ...
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Is it appropriate to ask questions regarding essential courses for all Mathematicians?

I'm currently looking into switching my degree program from Applied Math to Statistics. That being said there are some courses which I view in my university's Applied Math program that are not ...
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Are questions about history on topic?

By now, many of you are likely aware of the existence of History of Science and Mathematics Stack Exchange, which started up a year and a half ago and is still going strong in the beta stage. ...
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Would it be allowed to post a question as an exercise for students?

So I'm a math teacher and would like my students to get comfortable with this community and to get familiar with this resource. To this end I've daydreamed about assigning them a problem, then posting ...
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Is it ok to ask Mathematics questions of Economic nature?

I'm just curious, due to a lot of Mathematics being used in Economics (i.e. Use of Multivariate Calculus and Linear Algebra) if it would be ok to ask Math questions pertaining to Economists. It could ...
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What is a research level math question? (Ie what types of questions should be asked on MathOverflow and not here?) [closed]

I have some questions about material I learned in a graduate level mathematics course which are largely conceptual, and/or requests for relevant theorems/results. However, in general I am not sure if ...
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Would this question be too vague?

Below is a question I would like to ask on math.SE, but as it is a soft question I want to check first that it would not be considered too vague (or otherwise inappropriate). Here it is: Title: "...
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Would Asking for Feedback about my Notes be Off-Topic/Asking for Advice?

I am writing some notes about stochastic integration as a way to increase my understanding of the subject since I am learning it for the first time. It's about a 10 page PDF file in LateX. I assume ...
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Should a good question, be asked, no matter if I myself have already an answer? (This is not referring to answering it myself) [duplicate]

The mentioned "duplicate" Link has actually nothing to do with my question. GEdgar posted and actually similar post. IF you are interested in an answer to my question. Do NOT look up the "duplicate"...
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What is the minimal level of the question on this site? [duplicate]

Are mathematics at the level of elementary school(i.e. mostly arithmetic) not welcome on this site? Previously I posted an addition problem and show my attempt/effort but the question got deleted in ...
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"Context" vs. "your work" redux

Recently, we (once again) discussed the practices of requiring context and asking for someone's work on a question. It has been quite an established principle these days that people ought to include ...
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Are you allowed to ask about general principles of a certain type of math? [duplicate]

So, if I ask a question like this, but what I want to know the general principles of solving such equations, where would I ask? Are those types of questions allowed? A question of that sort would be ...
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Is it okay if I use this site to have someone check my work or give a solution?

Seeing the level of work on here and the bad feedback I have gotten makes me wonder if it is okay to use this site to check my work for errors or ask for a solution to a problem that I can't solve. I ...
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Same Question with answer already existent

What if an answer to my question already exists but I'm looking for an alternative solution that suits my current level of knowledge better? Is it still redundant to post the same question again or is ...
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Is the following question suitable for stackexchange

I don't know if the following question is suitable for being asked on Math Stackexchange. Can someone please clarify? I wish to use a software to compute the generators of the ring invariant under ...
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Are Statistics questions off-topic?

I recently attempted to answer a question about statistics on MSE, but didn't bother with completing my answer because there was too little traffic on the question and the OP took no interest. I wasn'...
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Subjective behavior regarding to which question are immediately closed

I recently asked this question. Immediately there were votes cast to close it and it several people downvoted it (although some also voted it up). But my question is no more subjective than this or ...
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Are voting systems on topic?

There is a new proposal in area 51 about voting systems. Are questions on voting systems welcome here? Under what conditions?
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Can I edit a question making it more specific then change the accepted answer?

Let's say I ask a question and accept an answer. Then I decide the answer doesn't fully satisfy me and the reason is that my question should be slightly more specific. Is it appropriate to edit the ...
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Can I ask for examples?

I'm thinking about asking for curious examples of certain topic specific, like for example of finite groups and sets where they can act. It is ok to ask such questions in math.stackexchange?
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Where to have discussions about intuition?

As a beginning math major, I'll have access to professors for seamless discussion of concepts and the underlying motivation. However, time for this will be limited. I'm wondering whether a Math.SE ...
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Is it appropriate to ask questions about previously unexplored concepts?

I'm curious. Do questions on math stack exchange have to be about math that has already been documented and can be literarily researched, or can it involve new segments of math that the asker is ...
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Math.SE's Opinion on Discussing Interpretation of Homework Questions?

Well, we know that getting help from Stack Exchange for homework is a complete no-no. But what about discussing the interpretation of a particular question?
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21 votes
6 answers

Is it okay to ask very basic questions on SE?

I have avoided asking elementary questions on Maths SE (and on the other communities) after observing the quality of the content here. I just want to know if it's okay to ask questions about very ...
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Are mathematical translations on-topic?

Translating an Italian exercise precisely It seems a little off-topic, but I wanted to ask here. The problem is it seems rather specialized, and requires a good deal of non-mathematical knowledge.
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Is it ok to ask here if it's alright to ask a particular question in math.SE?

Let $Q$ be a question. Suppose someone is unsure if $Q$ fits math.SE, and instead of getting negative votes/ $Q$ immediately closed, he decides to ask if it's okay to ask that question, here. Is ...
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Where is the best place to ask for the names of mathematical things?

Are questions about the names of things in mathematics on-topic on math.SE? If not, can they be asked in Meta? I am quite good at mathematics but often I don't know what things are called. For ...
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Why a question without showing any work is getting upvoted?

Very often here when a post does not show any work gets down voted to hell, this question is getting upvoted +5 without having shown any work. I have seen others people's post get downvoted severely ...
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Referring to WolframAlpha / equivalent systems for verification

I recently came across a question which was (at least by my reading) just asking for verification of the value of a limit, and the asker claimed to be pretty sure of their answer already. I'm fairly ...
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Does the question belong in Mathematics?

I wrote a program that computes the fast insert_name_here transform of a matrix. I am at a loss of what its application is, what its proper name should be, and find an existing algorithm for it. I ...
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