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For questions about the official Stack Exchange Android App.

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Why isn't there a Math Stack Exchange app?

I have been using Math Stack Exchange for only 3 days now but am already in love with it. I have a very simple question "Why isn't there a Math Stack Exchange app?"
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Mobile phone Latex/MathJax not showing in..

Is there a way to see full symbols in Titles and Comments using equations and expressions? Thanks.
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Why can't we delete our own post on the phone app (Android)?

In this period of forced quarantine (april 2020, province of Québec) I only have my phone to access Stack Exchange. On a phone, I'm much slower and it sometimes happen that I post an answer at the ...
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Why does the similar question feature not exist for the SE android app?

In Stack Exchange website we have a great feature which let us know if a similar question exists. It is present below the title bar. Initially I was wondering if this feature existed in the app but ...
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MathJax issue while using SE from phone

I had the following issue for a while, but I thought it's only a problem that I encounter, so I mostly ignored it, however today I installed this app yet the problem still persists so I thought it ...
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Delete own question or answer via mobile app

I have lost count of the times I posted a question just to one minute later figure out the solution myself. And more frequently then I would like, posted an answer to shortly after someone notice a ...
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How to log in with another account?

I am using the stack exchange Android app and signed with my account named "kangkan". I just tried to log in with my friend's account. So I logged out from "settings". But when I tried to sign in ...
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Latex does not display in titles and comments [duplicate]

With MSE accessed by mobile app, latex symbols appear as they are. Is there a way to make them appear in full font ? Comments cannot be edited/deleted. Text does not zoom in by drawing fingers apart ...
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Does the Stack Exchange Android app have all the features of the website?

Does the Stack Exchange mobile app(mainly Android app) have all the features of the website? I am trying to explore but it seems some features are not there. Like the flagging queue etc. Can anyone ...
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Unavailability of features in App

Why don't we have a large section of the features available in the Android App of MathSE? You cannot delete your own answer, review posts, see most of your posts except the top Q's and A's and much ...
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Notifications by tag from the App on Android

I think if you want you can get notifications when someone asks questions under a particular tag. Does anyone know how to do that in the Android app?
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Search for favorited questions on the Android app

Some days ago I was reading math.stackexchange on my Android device via the official app when I found a really good answer to a question. I clicked to favorite the question, but now I find that the ...
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The math symbols cannot be correctly displayed in titles and comments (in Stack Exchange Android App) [duplicate]

The question is as the title. More specifically, as a frequent mathematics stack exchange user, when I used my cell phone to check the stack exchange app, I feel very disappointed that the math ...
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Load latex in comments on mobile app? [duplicate]

I have the SE app on Android and latex loads great for questions and answers but never on comments. I figure someone would have mentioned it by now but it's been probably a year or two and I've ...
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"Math Processing Error" in the Android app

Below are a couple of screenshots take while using the Stack Exchange Android app. As you can see, each has [Math Processing Errors] (although not every MathJax instance brings up this error). When I'...
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MathJax not displayed in comments

In the Android App, the MathJax is not displayed correctly in comments to answers. I assume this also applies to comments the question, but I have not verified that.
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Feature suggestion for android app - deleting answers

I'm beta testing the new android app. I was hoping that it would be possible to delete my own answers on it but that doesn't seem to be the case. Often when I am on the site I am at work where forums ...
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Why am I currently banned from making suggested edits? [duplicate]

I have only made two edits within the past 7 days, neither of which were rejected. My edit history shows no recent rejected suggestions. In fact, using this data query with my userID (50951) shows ...
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Not allowed to suggest edits via SE app.

When I tried to edit a post via the SE android app, I got the red error message 'This account is not allowed to suggest edits'. I then tried the desktop website where it did work. Is this a bug in ...
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