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For questions about answers on the main site. Consider using the accepted-answer tag if the question is about an answer that has been accepted.

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Why does the community seem to encourage technical cleverness over the actual answer to a question?

First post on meta, so here goes nothing. Earlier today, I answered the question linked below: Evaluating $\int_0^1 \frac{3x}{\sqrt{4-3x}} dx$ I believe it is a good question. The user had a ...
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modularizing answers

Sometimes in answering a question I need to derive an intermediate result that might be of interest in its own right. It seems to me that in such a case it's best to post a separate question asking ...
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Do we have a "How to write a good answer" post? If not, can we have one?

Today I suggested to a new user that the style of his answer was not very appropriate for MSE. In searching for links of suggestions on how to write a good answer, I did not find an authoritative ...
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Hide comments to view the question

Is it possible to have a button hide comments (or something like that) in order to see the question when we write the answer? When you write the answer it's often useful to see the question to have ...
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May I ask why my answer was deleted without explanation?

In Why do we believe the equation ax+by+c=0 represents a line?, I wrote this answer: Let $A=\left(x_{A},y_{A}\right)$ and $B=\left(x_{B},y_{B}\right)$ be distinct points. We define the line $l$ ...
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Answers which are not quite answers, but still could be useful to stimulate learning.

Is there some way to treat faulty answers or ones which do not address the specific question, but which could be of merit. For instance something that is related which could help the person creating ...
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Regarding - posting a negative comment to a question and answering the same.

We post comments to posts which lack effort, suggesting them to include their efforts(I agree with that) or informing them that the answer is trivial when they use a particular formula or method. ...
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How to appropriately link to a resource that answers OP's question?

So I recently came across this question, where the OP asks for a proof of the uniform convergence of a certain sequence, and I happen to have a link to some lecture notes which contain a detailed ...
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Negative answer to "does there exist a proof not using this general result"

I refer to this question. Basically it asks for a proof of a known result, without using a very general & basic formula. The question has received a decent amount of views and there seemed to be ...
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Should I delete my answer containing a result and a hint, if a complete answer is posted later?

I'm asking about this question. I posted my answer a while ago, containing only the final result and a hint about where to search for a proof. I intended that I would post the full proof later, but ...
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A possible solution to reduce answering of duplicate questions

The whole point of people answering duplicate questions which are duplicates without checking if similar queries exist before are because they will get points if they do so. So, the reason why people ...
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9 votes
1 answer

How to respond to newbie answer.

I came across a late answer by a new user to a question, which I link here; and I have a dilemma how to respond. The formatting was pretty bad (read: non-existent), so I edited it and commented, ...
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On reposting a good answer from a duplicate question

I'm talking about this question. This question is closed as a duplicate. An user commented, under an answer, that they think this answer is the best solution and want the author to repost the answer ...
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A step-by-step unhiding "tutorial mode" for equations

One very nice MathJax example shows means to only show parts of a formula (e.g. as hints) and unveil them one by one (see $\ref{screenshot}$ below). I think a similar feature (not restricted to ...
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How can I provide useful links which may answer a question.

I am currently looking at providing this user with a resource which may answer their question, however I cannot add this as a comment as I do not have enough reputation. I am not sure if I should post ...
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Human checks for answers made quickly

This is just a small feature request. I understand that it's necessary to check that a poster is human when they're giving an answer if they submit the answer within a short period of time after ...
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Alternative answer notification system (used when composing an answer) doesn't trigger MathJax rendering

When composing an answer, a notification for new answers appears in a blue bar at the top of the screen, rather than the usual one directly below the question. This notification does not trigger ...
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Separate an extremely long second solution into another answer or leave it in the original one?

I answered this question yesterday. In my answer, I discuss 2 different evaluation techniques, one of which is long and partially incomplete. However, after thinking about it for a while, I have ...
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What to do if half the answer given to question is wrong?

A really high reputation user wrote an answer to one of my questions. I had spent a lot of time thinking on his answer and I arrived to the conclusion that it's wrong unless the theorem is false. ...
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Deleted *answers* which are improved

If a question is low quality then high rep. users have the option to close it, and then later the option to delete it. This has a built-in safeguard, in the sense that if the question is closed but ...
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The upper limit on the size of an answer

I am preparing (offline) a rather long (didactic) answer to a certain (very short) question on StackExchange Mathematics. Since I am yet unable to see to the end of the answer, and what I have is ...
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Tag wikis and answers

Suppose there is an answer given by a user which seems like it would fit perfectly as a tag wiki entry (or part of one). What should be the proper etiquette regarding copy&paste of the answer ...
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Follow-up on previous question about comment-answered questions

Last week I asked this question on what the current policy is on comment-answered questions. I thought I had reached an understanding. The top answers expressed that if someone sees this, they should ...
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Receiving an answer which is not clear and has ambiguities

I asked a question, and I received an answer (see here: Non-isomorphicity of certain fields.). But the answer is not clear to me, and it has too many ambiguities for me. I've tried too much and ...
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What if an answer is downvoted, but later corrected?

Recently I wrote an answer here. Initially it was incorrect, but now I feel that I have corrected it to the best of my knowledge. There is no other answer on the question either. Another answer was ...
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Do proof verification questions fit the website- evade duplicate tag - sometimes answer for them is just 'yes'

What to do when a question just wants a yes/no answer. In the case of this question of mine, the answer was a 'yes' or a 'no - and here's why'. In the case of questions with the proof verification ...
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"New answer posted" notification for answerers

I posted an answer to this question on August 19, and 4 days later a great answer has been posted, which I noticed by sheer luck. I wish I was notified when the answer was posted. Please consider ...
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Similar answer situation, best thing to do?

This situation occurred many times with me. When two people answer a particular question in a very similar way, and it is in no way copied from one another since they are off by just a minute at the ...
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Declined VLQ flag for an answer with CAS generated output

Several hours ago, I flagged an answer consisting entirely of SymPy code (at its second version) for "Very Low Quality" according to the procedures in the accepted answer of a meta question: How to ...
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Same Question with answer already existent

What if an answer to my question already exists but I'm looking for an alternative solution that suits my current level of knowledge better? Is it still redundant to post the same question again or is ...
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Should a not well received answer be deleted?

A answer that is not that well received or the one that got tonnes of downvotes, should it be deleted by the answerer ? As such answers don't add any value to the question for the future visitors! ...
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LaTeX between dollar signs does not work in editing answer

I tried to edit this answer: Steve Awodey "Category Theory" - possible error After clicking "Edit" button I went to In preview I see dollar ...
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Feature: options for downvoting an answer similar to the options for closing a question

For the most part, users give very useful comments that help improve the question/answer. But I am sure many of you too must have come across sometimes the mysterious offshoot downvote and then spend ...
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Sorting answers by last modified date gives peculiar results

I was looking at this question on Maths Meta. There are four answers and I have them sorted by Date Modified (Newest First). Listed below are the created and last modified dates of the four answers in ...
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I wrote an answer to my own question but it got deleted because someone didn't understand my question

Yesterday I asked a question which was quite open ended and lacked direction because I wasn't sure exactly what I was asking. I put some examples and very general statements to try to account for my ...
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How come some of my questions get only some comments but not any answer?

Certain times, I post questions that get some valuable comments but never an answer. For example the question for comparison on real numbers and caveats. I am not sure why this happening. Is my post ...
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Clarifying a factually incorrect case but editor opts for formatting change instead?

I am trying to edit this answer, which makes a claim about eigenvectors that is not true for all matrices. My edit was rejected. Instead, the editor followed up with a baffling formatting edit that ...
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Answering unclear/not-well-defined Questions

I often see a question which is not answerable in its current state because lacking information, lacking definitions etc, and then someone coming in and answering it in the style of "I don't really ...
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What happens to "lost answers"?

I was answering a question and a phone call came in. To answer the call I went away from my MSE answer which was under construction, when the call ended I could not find the answer or even the ...
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Replying to an answer with a picture

I would like to reply to an answer I got on my question with a few pictures, essentially discussing the answer I got, as I don't know if it's wrong or I'm using the equations provided wrong. First ...
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Bug in timer when trying to post an answer

I clicked on "Post your answer" and got a notice saying I can do this only once every 60 seconds. I had not done it in the preceding 60 seconds. A bug.
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Suggestion for dealing with a comment if it contain the Answer to the question (w/o other answers)

Suggestion for dealing with a comment if it contain the Answer to the question (w/o other answers) If I try to flag a comment there are the following alternatives: harassment / unfriendly / obsolete / ...
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What counts as an allowable answer

Suppose user A posts a math problem and his answer to it. He then asks if his/her solution is right. Now user B posts, as an answer to A, that the answer is correct. I have been told that user B is ...
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Find comment or answer about notation

If I remember correctly I asked a question during spring 2020 about group theory or algebra and somebody wrote that they had an informal symbol for a generalized operation (I think it looked similar ...
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Deleted comments to post "Aproximating differential equation in maple"

Yesterday I asked a question in the post named Aproximating differential equation in maple. I received beneficial feedback and help but the help comments are not there anymore. Were they deleted or ...
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Was I right in making this answer community wiki?

I have recently answered this question, which according to MSE guidelines, would be considered a poorly phrased problem. Have I made the right decision in answering the question community-wiki style? ...
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Missing answer, no response

Today, I'd asked a question regarding the intersections of confocal Parabolas under certain conditions. There was an answer, which apparently partially answered the problem, seems to be missing. Also, ...
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Merge request of two almost-identical answers

The answers and contain the same math equations with the same variables. The logic is the same, only the ...
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