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For questions regarding the badge tracking functionality in the user profile area.

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What's wrong with my 'Curious' badge? [duplicate]

A partial screenshot of my MSE profile is as follows: As one can see, I have already fulfilled the threshold to be awarded the 'Curious' badge, but it was never awarded to me. What's going on? Please ...
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I am unable to see all the possible badges, where can I find them?

I am trying to look for the Unsung Hero Gold badge. First, I go to my profile on the main MSE and go to activity. Then, I hit the gear icon here to get to the badge area Here I am! Now, I hit the ...
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Why don't my gold badges show up in my profile?

In my Badges list, I have 1 gold badge (Famous Question). In the "select your next badge" popup it said I have earned only one gold badge (Electorate), and the Famous Question badge doesn't ...
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Progress "towards" review badges is reported after the badge is awarded

When one looks at the "Stats" page associated to a review task, one can see the number of additional review tasks required in order to earn a badge for that review task. The silver and gold badges ...
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What do score and answers tab represent?

Below my reputation graph of SE Math there are tabs in green "score" , "answers". What do they represent? (bit dumb asking it, shall delete this later). Thanks. May be place the bars down?
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Tag badge glitch

How is this possible? What I mean here is there's a bug, as the number of answers and the score shown on my reputation chart is different than of the number shown in "Select your next badge". I am ...
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how to earn the 'Custodian' badge?

I was trying to earn a 'Custodian' badge? The description for the badge tells: Completed at least one review task. This badge is awarded once per review type. What does it mean exactly? Thanks ...
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Why was the "curious badge" badge not being awarded?

Recently, I visited my profile page, but got surprised by seeing this. Actually, long days ago, I chose the Curious badge as my next target badge. The criteria for this badge says, Ask a well-...
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Comparing "privileges" and "badges"

Here's an image from my user profile's "Activity" tab. When I closed on "Track a tag badge instead", this appeared. I want to know the difference between a "privilege" and a "badge". If I follow "...
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List of badges offered much later after feat is performed

My experience tells me that there are certain badges which are awarded instantaneously after a feat is achieved. Whereas, there are some which are offered, say an hour or more later, after the moment ...
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Why some non-tag badges don't appear in the badge tracking menu?

Last times I'm reviewing as much as I can, and I wanted to set tracking on the "Reviewer" badge in my profile. It isn't in the 'select badge to track' menu though... as well as some other 10 non-tag ...
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Tag badge progress not updating automatically

I've been tracking my progress toward the silver calculus tag badge. The other day I noticed that the score hadn't changed for a while. Since I answer calculus questions all the time, I knew something ...
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Received the "Mortarboard" badge due to Serial Voting. Can this badge be removed please?

The system identified and reversed a surge of up-votes between 07:53 to 07:58 and a second surge from 08:16 to 08:18 on 12/23/15. Overall I gained a total of 140 reputation from this mysterious '...
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How to track next tag badges?

See the below image: This is in the user's profile, in the "Activity" tab. The above part is in meta profile, and the below part is in the main site profile. In meta, there is the option to track the ...
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Are some badges not available to be followed on the new profile "badges" box?

my question / request is about some badges that still can not be followed in the "badges" box of the profile. For instance pundit and taxonomist between others. Would it be possible to add them in the ...
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My next badge is one that doesn't exist on meta (Informed)

One of the features of the new user profile is the next badge section. As can be seen below, my next badge on meta is the Informed badge. But meta does not have an Informed badge; see the list of ...
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