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For questions about the 'being nice' behavior we expect from all Stack Exchange users. What this entails can be found in the help center on every site.

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Our Community vs The System

This site means a lot to many people, myself included. It has been my number one source of sharing interesting problems, learning mathematics, and seeing what others have to share. This being the case,...
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Reason for downvoting the answer.

This question is in accordance with the question that I answered yesterday. It was downvoted three times without any comment (even the pop-up displayed instructs to do so) of the users that what was ...
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How to tell a user that his/her actions are inappropriate (and should I)

Recently one of my questions got a downvote and was flagged for closure as unclear. This was an unpleasant surprise, since I saw nothing wrong with the question; moreover, no comments were made about ...
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Why are the user suspension criteria applied for unfair comments on the main site currently not applied for unfair use of public chat rooms?

After my first 7 days suspension on April 2018, I raised HERE some questions related to the proper use of chat rooms to avoid defamatory actions clearly not compatible with the fair harmony of the ...
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Heteronormativity and binary gender assumptions

Recently quite a number of questions have been posted that contain heteronormative assumptions or assumptions about binary genders, e.g. questions about married couples that assume that these consist ...
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Are downvotes considered offensive?

I am asking this question because more and more frequently, I feel that people treat and experience downvotes as offensive. To give one example, I just stumbled across this question: Why is true that ...
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Is CRUDE healthy?

The chatroom CRUDE stands for Close, Reopen, Undelete, Delete, Edit. Is the way this room is currently used healthy for Maths Stack Exchange? There is a core of users which can be counted on one ...
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Courtesy is a priority?

I looked at a question to be answered and found a number of unpleasant comments to the OP. Apparently he was new, and his formatting wasn't to everyone's satisfaction. If the commenters had wanted to ...
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