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Is using blockquote for highlighting problematic?

I want to ask whether using blockquote for the purpose of highlighting some part of a post is discouraged and whether it can cause some problems for users viewing the question? Example: Is using ...
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Are we too trigger-happy about deleting (relatively) new posts?

I was directed just now to a post with the following abbreviated time-line: Question was posted 21 hours ago Question was closed as "unclear what you are asking" 19 hours ago Question was deleted by ...
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Should we avoid mathjax, if it is not necessary?

Of course, for complicated formulae TeX syntax is unavoidable. I have in mind some simpler situations such as 2.3=6, 2*3=6 or 2x3=6 vs. $2.3=6$, $2\cdot 3 = 6$ or $2\times 3=6$ for any choice of a ...
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When to vote a question down

When is it proper to vote a question down? I can think of obvious instances in which one should vote a question down, such as if it is the third or fourth homework question somebody has asked in a row ...
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What to do when you don't agree with an audit

I just had the unpleasant experience of reviewing this question, where this close review was an audit to see if I was "paying attention." I was about to vote to close, but then I noticed that only ...
17 votes
3 answers

Understanding the community stand point on posts about self harming

Now before I state the question I had when I woke up this winter morning.. this is definitely not about me, or anyone I know. Anyway.. I was wondering what the protocol is for someone who claims ...
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2 answers

What is the protocol for telling others you have found your mistake in your working?

I sometimes ask a question which is a problem that I can't solve because I have made a calculative error. Often, all it takes is for someone to point out the small error I have made (or for me to ...
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How best to re-ask a question that wasn't fully answered

I'm interested in finding a solution to this question for the non trivial cases. When the OP first wrote the question, it included the possibility of trivial cases, and as such the answers received ...
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If I am not getting feeback for my questions, can I just post the same question another day?

I posted a thread a few days ago about the explanation of a proof. I arranged the thread by providing little fragments of the proof, getting feeback on that specific fragment and then posting the ...
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28 votes
4 answers

Is coloring equations good practice or bad?

I've noticed that though there is a way to color text or equations, in mathjax, though very few users use it. On the otherhand, those who do, use it regularly. To me, coloring seems a nice way to ...
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How do I find the right questions to answer?

I'm not sure if this is on-topic for meta; I apologize if it isn't, but I think it's OK because it's somewhat the opposite of this. My question is about how I can improve as a contributor, not about ...
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22 votes
3 answers

Is the "hint" approach creating a perverse incentive?

Recently, there has been a crack down on enforcing quality standards for both people asking questions and those answering them. The idea (I think) has been to reduce the rather significant influx of ...
34 votes
1 answer

Using $\tau$ instead of $2\pi$?

In this answer, the person who answered used $\tau$ instead of $2\pi$, and I commented that he should probably use $2\pi$ instead to avoid confusion. My question is: Do we have any guidelines here ...
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Related questions, post as one question?

Suppose for some period of time I'm working on a very specific subject. Naturally questions will arise along the way, one the one hand I'd feel uncomfortable with "flooding" MSE with questions all ...
9 votes
2 answers

Is there any etiquette to be observed when editing a question or an answer?

I am asking this because there were a few occasions when I felt an urgent need to edit a person's solution that had been written rather poorly (e.g. using non-standard abbreviations or committing ...
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Is it bad practice to comment on old questions with high views?

For instance, on this question I was going to ask about an English translation for one of the resources that was posted. I noticed that all the answers had no comment threads below them. My thinking ...
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16 votes
3 answers

Tagging: Choose the most tags that fit, or choose the most narrow tag?

A particular user has been editing questions with multiple tags to reduce the number of tags listed. They find the most specific tag for the question, and remove the others. For example, turning ...
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5 votes
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Answering The Uninformed

Occasionally I see a question (e.g. Are Disjoint Set Assertions Commutative?) where the OP has very little background in math or is a troll. The accepted answer to this question is very ...
4 votes
2 answers

Is highlighting text in bold considered rude?

I was wondering whether it is considered impolite to highlight sections of one's questions or answers in boldface. In my opinion, suitably applied, it can increase the readability of an answer, but I'...
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3 answers

Downvoting unnecessarily complicated/irrelevant answers?

Quite often I see simple questions asked and people offering answers that are clearly not going to make any sense to the OP because of the gap between the knowledge assumed by the answer, and the ...
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Is it ok if I have many extremely short, and "elementary" questions to ask on Stack, and I just merged them in 1 question?

They may or may not be of similar topics. I am afraid I would spam up the site and push other more important questions to the bottom, if I listed them as individual questions... And I have about 20 ...
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