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From Oxford Dictionaries, paraphrasing to suit the needs of *this site*: "A website or web page on which (in our case) M.SE records opinions, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis".

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999 views Why was it shut down?

I was framing a question for meta.math regarding a proposal of starting a blog where users can submit articles related to mathematics. I googled it about it first, and I found this website: https://...
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Blog page not working? Or we can't access old blogs anymore?

So I was browsing the old blog posts when I came to this one: Playing with Partitions: Euler’s Pentagonal Theorem I then tried to click the link to see the previous blog: However, it brought me to ...
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How can I save blog posts?

After hearing from various places that per-site blogs are probably going to be closed, I considered saving locally in my computer some (or all) blog posts. Of course, I can save them simply as HTML ...
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Is the M.SE blog dead?

I was thinking of writing a post for the blog, and found the FAQ. It links to a blog chat room which is dead, and it is entirely unclear whom to contact about writing posts.
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A link to Blog FAQ should be available on the blog page

While trying to put a post on the community blog I found that there is no link to the blog FAQ on the blog itself. This is strange, since if a new user wishes to contribute to the blog there should be ...
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Closing as duplicate of blog post

Again there was a question about what $dx$ is. I know that this question has been up several times and that there has been a bit of disagreement on how to best answer the question. The natural thing, ...
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What are the conditions and qualifications for making blogs?

I am going to publish my mathematical researches and efforts on stack-exchange as blog ... But I don't see the Create new blog entry button for myself ! may you guide me ?
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Announcement: the MathStackExchange Blog is active, and Call for Content!

Announcement: We have a blog! And in case you didn't notice, the standard links in the dropdown menu have updated. So now clicking here takes you to the blog! This is an exciting time, as the blog ...
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Editing a post for the blog, need some way to keep formatting for some long computer output

After mixedmath tweaked something I was able to post a draft on the BLOG. Going well now, the major problem is the giant blocks of computer output I have. On MSE Main, there is an editing option ...
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Community Blog FAQ

UPDATE: The Math Community Blog is no longer active. This post now serves as historical record. After a long string of posts on developing a community blog, I am happy to announce that MSE now ...
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22 answers

Name Suggestions for SE Blog

This is to discuss name suggestions for the blog. Upvote items you like. Downvote items you do not like. Add new ideas as separate answers Feel free to discuss titles in the comments (plus other ...
13 votes
11 answers

What sorts of posts would you like to see on the Math.SE blog?

This question is to gather community input on what sorts of posts we should have on the upcoming math.SE blog. If you have an idea for a type of blog post, post it as an answer below. Vote up an ...
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80 votes
4 answers

A community blog for Math.SE

Starting a community blog has been proposed a couple of times, to a fair amount of support, but nothing has ever gotten off the ground. StackExchange already has a platform for site blogs, and a ...
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How do we get a blog?

Many other sites have blogs. How can we get a blog?
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How to increase traffic to the site?

First, a congratulatory news: at some point today, Mathematics.StackExchange became the 3rd largest site on SE network, by the number of questions posted. This is the first time an SE 2.0 site ...
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Would you post to a math community blog at least once a month?

Related to SE site for "interesting mathematics" I think we could set up a math blog but to do so we would need some commitment. Would you post to a math community blog at least once a ...
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Can one create a personal math blog using the stackexchange functionality?

I apologize if this isn't the right place to ask this question. Two features of stackexchange would be very useful for a personal math blog -- Latex works great, and comments and replies can be voted ...
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Would having an area to publish non-questions be useful?

Would it be of value if the site would allow users to publish some of their non-question thoughts? For example, someone may stumble over a simple formula that think it is interesting to share. I guess ...
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Does our site need a blog like a few sites on the network have?

Does our site need a blog like a few sites on our network have? To me this question is a compact version of the following sub-questions: What do we use the blog for, if we had one? TeX. SX has a ...
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