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A bounty is a way to get additional attention for a question by offering some of your own reputation for great answers.

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Launching *Pearl Dive* - a chatroom where excellent questions/answers meet willing sponsors

Announcing the birth of the Pearl Dive – a chatroom dedicated to enhancing the quality of the material on the site, sieving out the pearls from the sand. Caveat: I'm new to creating chatrooms, ...
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chatGPT and Delete - Have others noticed this trend?

I had a +200 bounty question set to expire in 2 hours when I got an answer to it. I suspected the answer of being written by ChatGPT based on the format, and material of the answer. The answer did not ...
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Is it possible to view descriptions of old bounties?

When starting a bounty, one is invited to provide a short description of what is asked for. The usefulness of this notice is evident; the task of writing or improving a purposeful answer is ...
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Cannot start a bounty on old problem?

I was trying to put a bounty on this old question of mine. I know there are some circumstances where bounties of certain amounts cannot be placed, see here, but this does not seem to be one of those ...
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Giving a bounty to several answers at once.

I would like to request the feature proposed by Willie Wong in this comment. That is, would it be possible to allow users who started a bounty on a question to award it to multiple answers? As in the ...
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Stop the decay of closing votes when a bounty is set

Some week or so ago I answered a question, after some comments with the OP it became my suspicion that the question was not made in good faith, but rather to "confirm that they are correct", rather ...
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Can temporarily suspended users award bounties they offered while not suspended?

Can temporarily suspended users award bounties they offered while not suspended (just in case you're wondering, I'm not suspended, I answered a question by a suspended user). Will someone get the ...
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Is bounty really guaranteeing more exposure?

Setting a bounty on a question should (at least in theory) guarantee it gets more attention. This is evidenced by the fact that one of the possible reasons on the list offered when you're setting it ...
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bad break in bounty banner

The bounty banner looks bad. I’d be surprised if it’s always looked like this and I never noticed, so I suspect something was broken. Here’s a screenshot: There are two related problems with this. (I ...
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search among formerly featured questions

As far as I know, there is no “been formerly attributed a bounty” tag in the search options? I tend to like featured questions even when the bounty is no longer active and such a feature would be ...
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Bounty and visibility for low-rep users

I asked a question this month, and it didn't get much attention. I tried bumping it two times by adding a tag and by editing the title for something more fitting, but it still didn't draw much more ...
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Email notification for new bounty questions

It's a great service to get email notifications in case new questions pop up according to specific tags. Is there also a possibility to get an email notification for new bounty questions? Note: I ...
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I would like to bounty a question that lacks context and possibly focus

This question claims three interesting limits about primes. I think it is poorly phrased, in that there is no context, source, or effort; further, it's unclear if any of the limits are related. That ...
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Offer coauthorship as a reward?

The rule is that does not allow monetary bounties for questions [1,2,3,4,5]. I think that makes sense. Would it be reasonable/allowed to promise coauthorship of a paper as a "reward" ...
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How has number of featured questions changed?

Is it possible to find somewhere how the number of featured questions (i.e., questions with bounties) evolved. For example, can I find out what was the number of featured questions a year ago? Or an ...
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How do I edit the description for a bounty after I have started a bounty

Is there a way to edit the text description I have put in for a bounty on a question? I started a bounty, but made a math composition error in the text and don't know how to fix that as there is no ...
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Question on the Retaining or Forfeiture of Bounty Points When the Awarding User is Removed

My question is: If User A awards User B a bounty, say 500 points, and later on, User A either requests to be removed or is removed (i.e., ``User was removed''), does User B retain those 500 bounty ...
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An answer that did not answer my question might get some reputation points from the bounty

A few days ago I asked this question: My question That question was on an exam my teacher gave us to help us prepare to the final exam. I only got one answer but the answer claimed that I made a ...
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Is there a feature that brings a question running out of bounty to the top?

first off, my apologies if this is not the right place to ask this type of question. I am wondering, if there already is, and if not, what everyone thinks of a feature that allows questions which ...
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Time lag in bounty period

A couple of minutes ago, I received a system-generated message from the inbox, which says that Your question bounty is completed and will be auto-closed after a 24-hour grace period. But then I ...
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bring attention to old questions which recently went on bounty

I had asked a question two months ago and it received 6 upvotes. Two answers were provided and I accepted one of them. That answer also received 4 upvotes. I recently reviewed the topic of the ...
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Is it okay to ask a question on the interpretation of a result or for an alternate solution?

I posted a problem a while back and recently put a bounty on it: Locus of centroid, given the slopes of the sides I tried to be as clear as I could about what I was asking (basically just an intuitive ...
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Restate or withdraw a badly written bountied-question

I've been a member of this community for almost 9 years. Recently, I've asked a question with a bounty - my first time! Anyway, I've later realized that my question was badly written (just FYI, the ...
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Shouldn't the "impossible" badges be removed?

You can't set bounties on meta sites So why are there still those 4 bounty related badges!? P.S. I definitely wasn't going to waste atleast 100 reputation points just to get atleast two badges that no ...
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"You must award it to an answer within 24 hours" Not even one answer yet

I received this in my Inbox: bounty expiring soon 3 mins ago Your bounty on question "Domino game maximum achievable points" is completed. You must award it to an answer within 24 hours. I ...
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How to get an answer when the bounty doesn't work?

I have recently asked a question here. First it has some meaning problems but now it doesn't. It didn't get any answers so I set a bounty but it doesn't work how can I get an answer? I really need an ...
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What do you do with a bounty if answers are not good enough?

I've offered four bounties before, and two of those times I didn't find any answer good enough. Last time that happened, I just awarded it to the only answer but I'm wondering if there is a better way....
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I figured out the answer to a question I set a bounty for. Should I post the answer, or give it some time for other people to answer?

I asked a question, got no response, placed a bounty of +100 and then while I was away I figured it out. When I came back to my computer, there was an answer, but it's not quite correct and as it ...
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How to give a bounty to one or more users directly?

In Stack Overflow an anonymous user gave me 50 points of reputation: Can I do that on MSE? If so, ...
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Bounty Display Bug

I just realized a display bug when putting a bounty: I'm using Firefox 24.0 and Windows 7. Could this be fixed somehow?
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Should I edit the question before starting a bounty, or start a new question?

I have a question I would like to start a bounty on. But I would like to edit the question to add the possibility for a stronger result. The question I want to start a bounty on is this question: For ...
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Bounty question not visible on *Featured* tab

I offered bounty on one of my own questions. I was expecting it to be on the Fetaured tab. But it fails to show up there. As per the FAQ a question with a bounty is supposed to be visible there. Here ...
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Is it possible to increase the amount of a bounty after it has been awarded?

I have started a bounty on this question about few minutes ago. Considering this post and not to wasting my reputation(s); so I have decided to devote the least possible amount (of worth $+50$ ...
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bounty deduction at start or end of period?

GBThm_PhysicsProof I started the bounty for a week. Is it deducted normally right away or after one week?
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How is the Featured Questions list ordered?

As this question implies, I suspect that it's a 'newest last' system. I wanted to double check because at the time I started writing this, a featured question of mine happened to have a negative ...
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