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For questions on Captcha, the program used to distinguish humans from bots.

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Verify we're human: does not work

In math stackexchange, I'm sometimes asked to verify if I'm human. But actually it does not work since when I get the captcha actually I don't need to fill it. I just have to close the window and just ...
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Why CAPTCHA verification?

I was surprised by seeing the site asking for CAPTCHA verification. I am curious that what prompts MSE to ask a user to confirm that they are not Bots. What is the intention of site to verify that ...
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Why has the captcha targeted me? Are helpful robots bad?

I was just posting my answer here when I was assumed to be a robot. I always surf low-script, so I had to put in some effort to make the captcha even work correctly. As I have by now over 500 points ...
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Not able to copy and pass the link below on my Ipad for the "are you a robot test".

I just noticed I can't ask question on the math forum because of the "are you a robot" test which ask to copy and paste a link that I can't paste in the tiny box. My brother encountered the same ...
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25 votes
2 answers

I'm not a robot?

Sometimes when I answer a question I'm asked to confirm that I'm not a robot. I'm pretty sure that I'm not, but why this question? Is there some special situation in which this question is posed? or ...
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Can we remove-improve the human verification script?

This happens to me many times and I think it's boring. The human verification page prevent me to post an answer and it takes a long time for that the captcha box appears (perhaps it was because of ...
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Where did preview and formatting controls go? [closed]

Every once in a while I want to post a question or an answer and the controls are missing and the preview area never populates. In fact, this is happening to me with this question right now. Here's ...
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Human checks for answers made quickly

This is just a small feature request. I understand that it's necessary to check that a poster is human when they're giving an answer if they submit the answer within a short period of time after ...
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Can't post my question properly - Keep needed to "Verify I'm a human"

For some reason, every time I try and post a question on SE from my uni computer, it won't let me preview what I'm typing and then makes me "verify that I'm a human". So a fair few times, I've noticed ...
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Repeatedly asked to be verified of being a human

I am being repeatedly asked to be verified as a human evvery now and then, any help to avoid this? p.s: its only happening in math and not other SO websites
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Please fix captcha - it hampers math sites much more than others

I intended to elaborate on the captcha problems in the original thread, but since it has been locked, I have no choice but to create a new thread. I think it is very important that the SE designers ...
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8 votes
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Captcha is **VERY ANNOYING**

I'm getting far too many Captchas when I attempt to edit my posts after noticing an error after having just posted them. This highly discourages fixes. Moreover it greatly penalizes those users who ...
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2 answers

Can we have the comics removed?

The captcha is irritating enough already can we at least turn off these comics (which seem to be a new feature).
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