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For questions concerning citation posts from MSE and citation of other resources when posting here.

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Adding a reference/citation to someone else's post [duplicate]

Is it encouraged to add references/citations to someone else's post (when you are absolutely sure about it)?
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How to appropriately link to a resource that answers OP's question?

So I recently came across this question, where the OP asks for a proof of the uniform convergence of a certain sequence, and I happen to have a link to some lecture notes which contain a detailed ...
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27 votes
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If I recognize the source of someone's question, should I edit to add it?

(c.f. How to ask a good question's Include source / motivation for your question and the preceeding discussion in Is it a good idea to include source from where a question is taken?) Occasionally, I ...
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Authorship in Citation of Community Wiki Answers

I recently posted a question which was answered in the comments. I asked the author of the comment if they would like to post it as an answer, but since they didn't after several days I paraphrased ...
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Why were my suggested edits rejected? Posters failed to transcribe book's question accurately. Omitted book version, exercise, page numbers

There are four editions of Bartle & Sherbert's Intro to Real Analysis. The posters didn't clarify which. Keen-ameteur and José Carlos Santos rejected
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Weird citation of stack exchange question

I want to cite a question and its answer in my paper in IEEEtran format. However, citing the question gives me this weird result: The URL of my account is broken and the author name is just the ...
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Is asking for a specific reference to an article mentioned in an MSE question unacceptable?

I see quite a few MSE questions where the OP says "I keep reading blah blah blah" without any reference to what they've been reading. I commented on the following question: How does one do ...
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Button for citation helper in the editor

The icon for citation helper in the editor Window used to be hyperlink in a speech bubble, see here: Let's get MathOverflow's “Citation Helper” here, too! At the moment the icon is a letter B - very ...
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Use of citation helper

New edit. I edited again the question following Martin Sleziak's comment below. As he correctly guessed, the question is not about the elementary use of the citation helper, so I found necessary to ...
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Are there some ways to find sites linking to a specific post or works citing it?

Over the years, Mathematics Stack Exchange became quite popular and certainly at least some of the content provided here is rather useful. It is not surprising that many people link to some stuff ...
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3 votes
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Publishing Answer?

It seems to me that my answer at If $f$ is a smooth real valued function on real line such that $f'(0)=1$ and $|f^{(n)} (x)|$ is uniformly bounded by $1$ , then $f(x)=\sin x$? deserves to become ...
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Cite does not work from review

When reviewing e.g. First Posts, the cite link is shown under the post. However, clicking it has no effect: This might be the same bug which makes the ...
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How can I deactivate the Ctrl+M shortcut in the editor?

On my keyboard, I programmed CTRLM to be something special, and always when I press CTRLM when I ask a question on Mathematics Stack Exchange, an "Insert Citation" appears! How can I deactivate this "...
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What is "cite"?

I see cite option under the questions. I want to know that what is the function of that cite button? Actually what is it for? Any answer to this question is welcomed and will be appreciated by me.
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-7 votes
3 answers

Stop misuse of Markdown blockquotes for emphasis

As discussed in the comment to this answer, several users of this site use Markdown blockquotes (lines starting with >, like in an e-mail) to emphasize text. For ...
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Bibliography and bibliographic references

Would anyone please provide me with some example of answers posted on that include a bibliography as well as references to bibliographic items? What, in your opinion, is a good ...
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2 answers

Let's get MathOverflow's "Citation Helper" here, too!

MathOverflow recently received a brand-new toy: a citation helper that adds a new button to the post editor to allow references to journal articles (and more?) to be added to posts quicker and easier. ...
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Math SE references in thesis

I am writing my bachelor's degree thesis and have used a number of Math SE (and a Physics SE) question as references. My thesis supervisor is a bit unsure how appropriate this is. I used them mainly ...
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If part of a textbook is quoted how should it be referenced?

What are the rules when copying examples from text books? For example is it allowed and if so how should the textbook be referenced (e.g. included the name and author?). In particular I'm wondering ...
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Do we need the "cite" link below every post?

Since September 11, the "cite" option for posts on main has been promoted from being inside "share" to directly below the post, cf. here. Now, since the argument for requesting its promotion was that ...
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2 answers

What's up with the citing feature?

There seems to be relatively new functionality in math.SE: an ability to cite questions and answers. It includes the title, author, and a url. How does this work in the various edge cases: ...
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How should I give someone credit if I use their answer in my work? [duplicate]

If I asked a question here, and then used the result as part of some work I've done at university, should I reference the user who helped me? If so, how? Thanks
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2 votes
1 answer

Should I refer to answerer person?

I've asked a question and have got an answer, which is not a novel research but most probably is just taken from a third party book. When I base a proof in the book I write on a math.SE answer, must ...
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14 votes
2 answers

Sharing non-legit book source on MSE

If some user wishes to share a reference/link to a book download site that does not appear to be a legit source, can he post such links on MSE? If sharing such sources is not allowed then don't we ...
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Citation from mathstackexchange answer to a question [duplicate]

In a paper in preparation, I want to refer to a formula that was given in MSE as an answer to a question. Because no reference was given to the source of that formula, and I couldn't obtain such a ...
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How to acknowledge Math Stack Exchange [duplicate]

In my research problem, I have got help from Math Stack Exchange. So in my paper, I want to acknowledge MSE. Hence if I write in the Acknowledgement "I want to acknowledge Math Stack Exchange ...
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User asking exercises from textbook without so identifying

A user is copying verbatim exercises from my textbook, e.g., Local Feature Size, Describe Conv(A U B), Flip graph of point set, Expected number on the convex hull, etc. Is the MSE convention that he ...
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24 votes
2 answers

Can I publish your answer?

Lets say that I build up parts of a chain of reasoning leading to a publishable research discovery by posting one or more questions on (or any other public Q/A-board), ...
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What is the preferred way to link references to published material?

I'm asking this since I've already found myself in two minds a couple times about how to refer to a book when answering a question. I've seen many people link to Google Books previews, when available,...
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Sources citing MSE

Let's keep track of places that cite MSE. For example and mathworld from the batman thread do.
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2 answers

Citing stackexchange postings

Have any postings to stackexchange been cited in scholarly publications? If one does that, should one just name the author, the subject line, the date of posting, and the URL?
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5 votes
1 answer

SE and MO as reference

Maybe this has been asked already: would be acceptable to give a reference to a math.stackexchange or MathOverflow answer in a paper intended for publication?
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1 answer

Citing a person on MSE

I read the topics that talk about how to cite people but am still a bit unsure what to do in this situation. I apologise if it's too similar to the other threads. I'm writing my MSc thesis at the ...
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Is it appropriate to cite a source that contains Chinese?

I am a Chinese user. I understand we should use English in SE, but is it appropriate to cite a source that contains Chinese (the main content still present in English)?
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Do I cite Mathematics Stack Exchange in my thesis/paper?

I'm currently writing my master's thesis and I've gotten some good answers that have helped me along in my process. My question is, do I cite Mathematics Stack Exchange in my thesis or do I put a ...
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A question on formal citation

I could not find a question on this topic. I was hoping although audience may range from professionals, students to laymen, should we push for readers to cite formally following MLA, Chicago or any ...
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How do you cite math stack exchange pages in scientific papers? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Research which began at the website How ...
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3 answers

What is a good standard for publishing a reference to a stackexchange thread?

In the discussion "Research which began at the website", we wondered what the best way to publish a reference to a stackexchange discussion thread. Presumably it would be the publication's standard ...
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Research which began at the website

I spent the last few days working on a solution for the question regarding the axiom of choice and vector spaces. I believe that I have a result, which might be original, and I might be able to ...
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Require proper citation for verbatim quoted questions, answers, proofs?

Recently I had the displeasure of seeing a famous ingenious proof quoted here without any attribution whatsoever. Some readers could have easily been misled to believe that the proof was due to the ...
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