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For instructions and guidance on closing or migrating questions, and the reasons for those closures.

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New changes to close reasons

Not long ago, we had to adapt to the circumstances at hand regarding the changes to how close reasons were displayed. You can read more about this here. We now have other changes. A good place to ...
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What should I read before reviewing close/open votes

I recently crossed the 3k threshold and now have access in the Review Queues to Close/Re-open Votes (I actually have the ability to cast such votes). My question is simply: what should I read before ...
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Should duplicate PSQs be closed as duplicates?

Usually once or twice a day in the close queue, I find a question that is a PSQ (Problem Statement Question) and also a duplicate. Sometimes another reviewer explicitly links to the dupe, other times ...
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Questions being reported as duplicates despite the "duplicate" being a generalization to the other

I am a second year math student and a fairly new user of this page so there's still a lot of things I don't understand both in the site and about maths. This is why I tend to ask a lot of questions as ...
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Should "missing context" be under "off topic?"

Has anyone else has wondered why the "missing context" close reason is labeled under "off topic?" After all, here's the description for "off topic" close reasons in general: Off topic: This ...
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Why has this question entered the Close Queue fifteen times?

I'm rather amused by the timeline of this question - /posts/477/timeline. I don't think the system would flag this post 15 times, so I guess it has been sent manually to the Close Queue $≥14$ times. ...
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Can't vote to migrate from meta

Another one to pile on the heap: The new closing system seems to have some inadvertent effects on meta, like a strange typo, and the loss of the option to vote to migrate to main: Moreover, as I ...
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Questions that show no effort to find existing similar questions a.k.a. abstract duplicates

EDIT: After amWhy brought the term "abstract duplicates" to my attention in the comments below, I thought some tidying-up was in order. The original body of the question is mostly intact below; I have ...
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Are questions about ideas in preprints off-topic?

Another note: (Since the first one wasn’t heeded...) OK, so the question was closed again. My appeal below was to both sides of the issue, so even though five people sought fit to do otherwise, ...
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Why was this question closed for lacking focus?

I posted a question that, in retrospect, was too broad, and it received two votes to close with comments telling me why. I edited it to substantially restrict its scope, and it was upvoted and ...
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How to choose the correct reason for closing a question

I recently made it to $3,000$ reputation and earned the "Cast close & reopen votes" privilege. I am a bit confused on how I would choose the correct reason when closing a question. As I am sure ...
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Changing reason for close votes

I accidentally retracted my close vote on this question. How can I (have this) reset? Also, I think there should be a grace period (say 5 minutes, like with comment editing) for that, since the error ...
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No longer accepting questions? Then back and forth?

Upon some amount of time I've been allowed to ask a question again after being barred from asking. Upon asking a question I have received no negative reviews. But yet I have been barred again. May I ...
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An old question resurfaces for closing

I saw this question in the close vote queue. I agree it's seems very vague and hard to answer, but apparently the users who know more about statistics disagree since the person who commented on the ...
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What happens if I change my mind on a vote to close/reopen?

In reviewing questions in regard to closure or reopening, I voted to reopen a question (which had been closed for reasons other than duplication), because it seemed a reasonable question. Later, I ...
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What's the exact process for dealing with off topic posts?

I asked a question on main about mathematical interestingness of statements with the intent of finding a heuristic or formal theory that attempts to define mathematical interestingness. I included one ...
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Should reference-request / book-recommendation questions have different standards than 'less-soft' questions?

I frequently see these questions in the close queue flagged as opinion-based. I have mixed feelings about such threads: overall, I think they can be useful if people explain their answers (several ...
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Why there are still so many opinion based questions? Should they be closed?

One of the reasons that we delete questions at math.stackexchange is because the answer is primarily opinion based. However, my observation is that there are still many such questions; they are not ...
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Do we need an additional close reason for posts that turned out not to add value?

As many of you are aware, there are people active on Maths.SE that close and delete posts. The CRUDE chat is probably the best known concentration point of them. As part of the activities, also old(...
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Why is this question "not" off-topic here?

I came across this question [edit - now deleted] and looking at the number of years and his reputation at MSE I feel that the questioner has quite a good experience of how MSE works. The moment I read ...
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Multiple closure reasons

When someone votes to close a question, and I agree that it should be closed, but for a different reason, and the question ultimately is closed, the box displayed suggests that I agreed it should be ...
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Why was this question "returned" to another SE site?

This is a question about this post. The post was originally from the Mathematica SE site and was migrated to MSE (math SE) because the underlying question is one of mathematics rather than one of ...
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How can I change my question to be on topic?

I recently tried asking a soft question which was entitled "Which mathematical ideas most influenced the way you think?", which was closed. One the one hand, I really think this question is on topic, ...
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Why is this question off-topic?

I noticed that this problem was marked "off-topic". I've looked at many other questions about being "off-topic" but haven't gotten a satisfactory answer from any of them, which is why I chose to ask ...
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Refine "lack of context"

I think that math students, math teachers, and mathematicians should be expected to show some effort toward solving a problem before posting it here. It's less clear to me that this should be expected ...
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"...its answers may be merged with another identical question. "

When a question is closed, because it's an exact duplicate, it says: closed as exact duplicate by Chuck Norris 8 hours ago. This question covers exactly the same ground as earlier questions on this ...
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Tons of induction proof questions in the review queue

I just went through the close vote queue and it seems someone just sent a whole bunch of questions of the form "Is the following proof of (very simple induction problem) correct"? to the queue. For ...
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Closure as duplicate navigating in a circle

I was reviewing the close votes today when I came across this question , for identification purpose, lets call this $\mathbf{A}$. Someone had given it a close vote, marking it a duplicate of this ...
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Editing a question for reopen

My question here was closed for being too broad. As defined in the help center, this entails that there are either too many possible answers, or good answers would be too long for this format. ...
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Is it off-topic to ask for What topics I have the prerequisites for self-learning?

I recently asked this question which was about What topics do I have the prerequisites for? and the question was closed because it was “Not suitable for this site”. The reason was “Seeking personal ...
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Too many interesting questions are closed

In my opinion you close far too many interesting questions as being off-topic and requiring additional context. If someone is asking a question, he or she must consider it relevant. If it is about ...
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