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Why was my question down voted and deleted, even though I mentioned my level (learning on my own in the Internet) and showed source and my reasoning?

I have a question about my Mathematics Stack Exchange post: Can a residue class $(a \textrm{ mod } n)$ have a negative $n$? My question is: could someone provide me feedback on why this question was ...
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What can I do about my question being deleted?

I have a question about my Mathematics Stack Exchange post: Riemann integrability of a function with infinite points of discontinuity I am a new user on mathematics stack exchange and my experience ...
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Why are there so many Close votes in the Review queues in Math Stack Exchange?

Currently there are over 300 Close votes in the Review queues in Math Stack Exchange. Why so many?
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Why was my question about complex exponentiation closed?

I asked a question about a generic form of complex exponentiation, and it got closed on the grounds that "I need more context". I'm happy to oblige, but I don't know exactly what I need to ...
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What's the deal with closing "What are some conjectures of your own"?

A few days ago I posted the following question, What are some conjectures of your own? [closed] Which you may have seen on the Hot Network Questions. Clearly, people enjoyed it. It's fun, and ...
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Why is the question about topic modelling book for math student off-topic?

The question Is there any book about topic modelling in machine learning for math student? is closed with the reason that it's not about mathematics. Reading What topics can I ask about here? - Help ...
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Can I re-ask a closed question? [duplicate]

I am talking about this question. This seems to be OP's first question, and OP didn't show any of their work. This is why the question got closed. However, I find the question itself very interesting ...
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Are we closing short questions too hastily?

I refer to this question, which I was spending a couple hours preparing the answer for only to find it already closed by the time I could post it. This is not the only instance in recent memory – I ...
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Is there a way to remove questions closed from my feed?

On the front page of MSE, I often see a large number of closed questions. Is there a way to make the front page show only questions which are still open?
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Why is my question closed? [duplicate]

Recently, I posted a question but end up being closed. It states for the reason to be closed is that it is similar to this question. The exercise cited in both posts clear indicated that it has two ...
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Text in “Closed“ box goes beyond right boundary (on mobile devices)

On mobile devices, the text in a “Closed” box may extend beyond the right boundary of the box. Up to now, I observed this only on the Mathematics Meta site, and only for questions which are closed ...
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Why did my question about Lie algebra software get closed?

I asked a question about mathematics software here, and the question was closed as "this question is not about mathematics." But there are numerous questions on this site asking for ...
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Closure of a question about terminology

Yesterday I asked a question about terminology and to my surprise it was closed and downvoted. I would like to understand why. Here is my reasoning: Usually there are good reasons for the choices of ...
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Please help me to get some feedback on why my question is closed [duplicate]

Question: Cases when iteration preserves commutativity I don't necessarily object, but I cannot understand why it was downvoted and then closed. This question is really specific. I tried to provide ...
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What context is needed?

I have a question about my Mathematics Stack Exchange post: How to prove that the surface of sphere is measure zero. I posted the question with context, but it is said that additional context is ...
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Question asked for how to carry out a computation and all the respondents tried to answer as "how to prove"

Hi I dont think this is a particularly high quality question: How to expand $\frac{x^n-1}{x-1}$? but the asker very clearly had trouble with how to perform a computation/carry out an algorithm/know ...
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How do we handle a chain of "duplicate" questions that are linked to a "missing context or other details" question?

The following chain questions are currently all closed: Proving that $\langle x, y \rangle$ is a not principal ideal of $\mathbb{Q}[x, y]$ Non-principal ideal in $K[x,y]$? The ideal $I= \langle x,y \...
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"Post Answer" option for those mid-way writing despite "Closed" post

When the post is closed, no longer answers are accepted as: the answer box gets removed. if you were writing something, the post answer option is no longer available. In the latter case, I am ...
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Should the following question be closed?

The top half of this posting is a response to the issue of whether this posting is itself a duplicate of a pre-existing MathSE Meta posting. The issue was raised whether this posting is a duplicate of ...
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How did this closed question gain a new answer?

I closed a question (“ Transposing matrices by multiplication ”) some hours ago as a dupe, but someone gave it a new answer two hours later. Looking at the revision history, the question had not been ...
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Close as duplicate when the "duplicate" appeared several years later [duplicate]

It does not make sense to me that you get your question closed when the duplicate causing it to be closed has appeared many years later. And the question being closed already has a satisfactory and ...
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Why can't I edit a new question in place of a duplicate?

I have $5$ or so duplicate/closed questions, which is hurting my "positive question record" statistic. So, I edited a useless duplicate question and asked a new question, which I was told &...
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Why was this question on planar graphs closed like this? I see no comments on it telling OP to improve something, nor do I see any issues with it except ...
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Are questions about (problems with) specific approaches duplicates?

Recently this question about a classic contest problem was closed as a duplicate of another about the same problem. The closed question asks about a specific approach to the problem, though, and how ...
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Statistics of fraction of questions closed per month (posted that month itself)

Is there any way I can access the data of what fraction of questions are being closed as dupes per month. So, for example, I want to compare how many Qs posted in January this year was closed that ...
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Why are questions closed?

I would like to know why questions can be closed in general; it just occurred to me that even if the question does not make sense to you, there is no reason to close it and prevent it from ever being ...
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When in doubt, don't ask [duplicate]

In the help about "on-topic" it reads: Understanding mathematical concepts and theorems. However, this question: Why is a curve that intersects itself not a manifold? was closed as "off-...
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Instead of closing questions first specify what needs to be improved

Final update: Apologies to mods, it was frustrating to always trying to help and not even get a hint of what is needed to fix the question, It has been emotionally draining to get any hints of what ...
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What to do if I like the question in a post but the post is presented in a bad quality. [duplicate]

I have been wondering about this question for the last week. It is really pointed out to everyone at all times that whenever you ask a question, you must include details, motivation, thoughts, or some ...
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Should I delete my questions?

I am not concerned about reputation. I would like to be a useful contributor, and gain knowledge from interacting with mathematicians. I have no formal training. I posted 2 questions, learned a lot, ...
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A question quickly closed and deleted

I've been trying to stay off meta recently, but I did want to talk about the following question: Why is this proof of the collatz conjecture wrong The question is now deleted, so here is a quote of ...
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Why is this question about functions off-topic

Why is the following question off-topic? Why is every continuous function on the reals determined by its value on rationals?
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My question was closed, but there was no explanation so I cannot improve it.

I have a question about my Mathematics Stack Exchange post: Remove objects in GeoGebra and keep dependent object. I didn't know if asking about GeoGebra was okay here, so I first did a search to see ...
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Reason for question closure is inconsistently reported

Apologies if this is a duplicate; my search keyword mojo wasn't able to find one. This question was closed, and the OP subsequently defaced it by deleting the body of the question. Since three answers ...
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Non-experts closing questions

I have recently noticed what, to me, is a pretty irking trend in the tag I contribute to most often (algebraic geometry). It seems to me that there is a contingent of 'serial closers' who insist on ...
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Why not allow closing of bountied question by normal users when they are in bounty stages?

Recently there have been a lot of questions which are bountied but PSQ (Problem Statement Question). Here is one, another one although now closed, not a bounty not but once was and many more which one ...
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Full solution in comments after question was closed.

Recently, there has been some users who post a significant amount of things in the comments to questions of low-quality questions. To me what they put in the comments is really a full solution of the ...
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"Applications of intuitionistic logic" [duplicate]

This my question was closed today, and I don't understand why. Can anybody explain to me what was wrong with this question and why it was closed?
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Must low-quality questions be updated with edits instead of comments?

My question specifically concerns this question, which was closed as "Not suitable for this site." I suspect that what made this question unsuitable is that there was no context or work ...
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Can I improve this question?

This question of mine was closed as I need to "provide additional context". I'm struggling to think of what context exactly I could add - there is no external motivation of the question ...
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Should I delete my answer to a downvoted and closed question?

I've recently answered two questions (here and here) that were subsequently closed and downvoted to -5 (one for being opinion-based and the other for not meeting the MSE guidelines). Though the ...
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Recover closed question on math.stackexchange?

Is there a way to recover a question (talking about Veblen ordinal hierarchies and tetration) on math.stackexchange that has been closed time ago? Need to archive its contents on my webpage and I ...
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Closing of a question about an unexpected behavior of a math software

Compare these two questions. Question 4011197 4009941 title Why is there a difference between MATLAB and manual calculation for eigenvectors Linear Programming in R using lpSolve dismisses ...
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One of the best questions (in my opinion) that I have asked has been deleted

Recently, folks have downvoted, closed, and now deleted a question which I feel is a great question. I suspect that either I will get a fantastic answer here why this is really a terrible question (in ...
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People behavior in math.stackexchange [duplicate]

I was struggling with a math problem and just went to send it to math.stackexchange in order to check my answer. but I see tsunami of condescension and arrogance. some people targeting the question ...
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Why was my duplicate and deleted post reopened and undeleted?

My question was correctly closed as a duplicate of this one. I deleted the question after it was closed, but 7 hours after (13 minutes ago at the time of writing), the post was reopened and undeleted ...
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Unsure over why Question was closed

I had a recent question closed (link below) and the reason given was that it lacked detail... Not exactly sure how anyone can read this as lacking detail? Applications of Vector Spaces that are not ...
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Should I 'recuse' myself on reopen votes for questions I voted to close?

If a question that I voted to close comes around in the Reopen queue, is there a community standard for voting on it? Most of the time if the question is fatally flawed (lower-quality duplicate, clear ...
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The "Private feedback for you" message.

Some of my questions have been closed. A box appears with the title "Closed". In it the message "Private feedback for you" appears. In my email box no message from Stack Overflow ...
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Closing question when asking an advice

So, recently I asked on the main Mathematics site about interesting subjects for my thesis. And it was closed as opinion-based. Btw this is my question: My question Then, I tried to looking for ...
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