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Interested in a question which is closed because of "no effort". What to do?

Let me first state my general opinion (see also this discussion on meta): To keep the quality and attractiveness of math.SE at a reasonable level, I think it is important to counter questions probably ...
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Grace period when a question is closed

Didn't there use to be a grace period of 5 minutes after a question was closed where answers could still be submitted, but where one can't start writing an answer? If there wasn't (and I have just ...
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What to do if I like the question in a post but the post is presented in a bad quality. [duplicate]

I have been wondering about this question for the last week. It is really pointed out to everyone at all times that whenever you ask a question, you must include details, motivation, thoughts, or some ...
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Non-experts closing questions

I have recently noticed what, to me, is a pretty irking trend in the tag I contribute to most often (algebraic geometry). It seems to me that there is a contingent of 'serial closers' who insist on ...
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How to repair the close-delete pipeline?

In a recent discussion the issue of scale of deletions was brought up. I remarked there that over the $12$-month period ending in February this year, $10$K users deleted $218$ questions altogether, ...
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Bug: answer posted after closing the question.

The question was closed, but 13 minutes after closing there was an answer posted. I suppose this is a ...
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Should I delete my questions?

I am not concerned about reputation. I would like to be a useful contributor, and gain knowledge from interacting with mathematicians. I have no formal training. I posted 2 questions, learned a lot, ...
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Best way to "revive" a question (which does not abide by the Math.SE rules) [duplicate]

There exists a question which looks interesting to me, given that I scribbled some attempts to solve it and, in spite of the fact that it "seems" like an easy application of Rolle's theorem, couldn't ...
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"Help me find a paper"-type questions

Recently, this question was closed as "not being about maths". I think that this closure is worthy of further discussion. Basically, I believe that finding papers (especially old ones, or ...
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What can be used for checking on posts you downvoted/closed?

I have seen discussions where some users explicitly mentioned that they tend to go back to questions and answers they downvoted (or voted to close) and if they were sufficiently improved, they retract ...
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Should questions closed as "unclear" be reopened if they have a reasonable answer that the OP claims "hits the spot"?

This is something that happens on occasion. Someone asks a question, but the question is somewhat vague. Someone with some experience in the field, or rather in answering questions in said field, ...
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Reopening closed questions with good answers

I often come by questions that are closed because of lack of context, but that still have good answers. It can be questions that contain nothing more than What is this integral $\int \ldots dx$? ...
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Closed question banner contains incorrect information about the reasons [duplicate] was recently closed, and the banner says, inaccurately: put on hold as off-topic by ...
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Closed questions fully answered into the comments

I don't think it is appropriate to answer closed questions into the comments as it happens here. Can (or should) we do something with such things?
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Closed questions being deleted and re-asked as new questions

This seems to be a phenomenon: Someone posts a question. Others ask them what they've tried / put the question on hold. The OP simply deletes the question, and re-asks it as a new question (and gets ...
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Notice: question on number of known digits of $\pi$ re-opened; now locked

This is just to say that I have invoked my moderator powers to re-open this post How many digits of $\pi$ are currently known? The reason: after clarification by the OP in the comments and after ...
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I answered a question that was on hold

I was reading this question, and I had started writing my answer, but then once I posted it I noticed the question had been put on hold, and was wondering: Why can you still answer on hold questions? ...
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How did this closed question gain a new answer?

I closed a question (“ Transposing matrices by multiplication ”) some hours ago as a dupe, but someone gave it a new answer two hours later. Looking at the revision history, the question had not been ...
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My problem with the closing brigade

This question was put on hold 22 hours ago, less than an hour after it was asked; no explanation was given to the asker. More than 12 hours ago it was edited into a decently formatted question, and ...
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Are we closing short questions too hastily?

I refer to this question, which I was spending a couple hours preparing the answer for only to find it already closed by the time I could post it. This is not the only instance in recent memory – I ...
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Mark all locked questions as [​locked​] or [​closed​] in the title

Some discussions, such as the one on annoyingness-of-CAPTCHA, are being locked without this being indicated in the titles. Closed threads seem to acquire the word "[closed]" automatically or by ...
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Provide a way to search for a user's answers to closed questions

The only notification one gets that a question they've answered has met with others' dissatisfaction is when it has been deleted and their reputation is reduced. It would be nice if a user, who has ...
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Discussing the status of "Distance from $0$ to $1$ is equal to the distance from $1$ to $2$."

I see two three four votes to re-open the question: I need mathematical proof that the distance from zero to 1 is the equal to the distance from 1 to 2. The question was closed as "not a real ...
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Is there a notification of "on hold" and "closed"?

Perhaps I am mistaken but I think there is no notification of these events when they occur. Should there be one in the notification area?
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Problems with homework questions

This is the first time I post a question here, but sometimes I do read posts here. My question is concerned (again) with homework questions. My objectives in this site has been always the followings: ...
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Should we close/lock old questions with many answers at some point?

From time to time you see someone posting yet another answer to very old questions which have many answers. It is almost always the case that the newly added answer is in fact a duplicate or a ...
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Are questions about ideas in preprints off-topic?

Another note: (Since the first one wasn’t heeded...) OK, so the question was closed again. My appeal below was to both sides of the issue, so even though five people sought fit to do otherwise, ...
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Why not allow closing of bountied question by normal users when they are in bounty stages?

Recently there have been a lot of questions which are bountied but PSQ (Problem Statement Question). Here is one, another one although now closed, not a bounty not but once was and many more which one ...
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Unusual number of closures?

Every so often, I check under "tools". I usually see that a few questions have been closed in the last day or two. I just went and saw over 30 questions closed in the last 24 hours, way more than I ...
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Same question format, but one question gets a good response, while the other gets closed. Why is that happening?

I'm speaking with reference to this question. When I read through the question, it immediately struck me as a low-effort question. It did not include an attempt to solve the problem. Nevertheless, it ...
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Text in “Closed“ box goes beyond right boundary (on mobile devices)

On mobile devices, the text in a “Closed” box may extend beyond the right boundary of the box. Up to now, I observed this only on the Mathematics Meta site, and only for questions which are closed ...
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How to explain this string of downvotes?

This is the first time I met such phenomenon. At the same time two old questions Is there a $2 \times 2$ real matrix $A$ such that $A^2=-4I$?
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What happened to my question on discrete valuation rings?

I asked a question whose title was Two discrete valuation rings one of which is contained in another(Two discrete valuation rings, one contained into another). It was closed, but I have no idea why it ...
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Must still need some work for a question that is now closed.

I recently added a question to and it was quickly put 'on hold'(and for good reason, it needed work). After having several helpful comments and a lot of editing I had thought the issues ...
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Wrongly closed question needs a better answer.

This question, more precisely this version, was closed on not-clear-what-you're-asking grounds. That's simply wrong; it's perfectly clear what he's asking. He "defines" two Hilbert spaces, $H_1=L^2$ ...
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Closing a question because it contains an error

I asked a short time ago whether there is a policy the following: If a question contains a mathematical error that could be pointed out in a posted answer, or is ill-formulated for reasons that could ...
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Reason of closing a question with good answers

Let us look at the question Evaluate $\int_0^{\pi/2}\frac{x^2\log^2{(\sin{x})}}{\sin^2x}dx$ I understand, that the formulation is rather short, but we have at least two precise, large answers. I ...
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What's the deal with closing "What are some conjectures of your own"?

A few days ago I posted the following question, What are some conjectures of your own? [closed] Which you may have seen on the Hot Network Questions. Clearly, people enjoyed it. It's fun, and ...
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Poor treatment of new users - especially those asking interesting questions

Have others noticed a tendency for new users of mathSE to be treated poorly by existing users? The worst cases remind of some low-brow college fraternity where new users are expected to show they have ...
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"Post Answer" option for those mid-way writing despite "Closed" post

When the post is closed, no longer answers are accepted as: the answer box gets removed. if you were writing something, the post answer option is no longer available. In the latter case, I am ...
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Unsure over why Question was closed

I had a recent question closed (link below) and the reason given was that it lacked detail... Not exactly sure how anyone can read this as lacking detail? Applications of Vector Spaces that are not ...
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