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Editing closed questions to add answers

Recently we have seen quite a few instances of users editing questions that are closed to add their answers to the body of the questions themselves. That is a clear subversion of the rules and an ...
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Mark all locked questions as [​locked​] or [​closed​] in the title

Some discussions, such as the one on annoyingness-of-CAPTCHA, are being locked without this being indicated in the titles. Closed threads seem to acquire the word "[closed]" automatically or by ...
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Provide a way to search for a user's answers to closed questions

The only notification one gets that a question they've answered has met with others' dissatisfaction is when it has been deleted and their reputation is reduced. It would be nice if a user, who has ...
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Is closure a prelude to deletion?

When I was particularly active on meta, the topic of debate was about whether we should close low quality questions. If and when to delete questions didn't really come up. I've recently gotten the ...
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Why was my question down voted and deleted, even though I mentioned my level (learning on my own in the Internet) and showed source and my reasoning?

I have a question about my Mathematics Stack Exchange post: Can a residue class $(a \textrm{ mod } n)$ have a negative $n$? My question is: could someone provide me feedback on why this question was ...
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Should a closed question be reopened if it gets a duplicate?

This question How do you prove that $n^2-1$ is composite when $n>2$? was closed as a duplicate. That was the right outcome, as opposed to, you know, "off-topic." But the question it's a duplicate ...
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Why was this question closed/deleted for lacking context?

This question was closed, and the reason was lack of context. While I understand that an attempt doesn't equal context, I am confused as to what exactly was wrong with the post. The OP had made some ...
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Closure of a question about terminology

Yesterday I asked a question about terminology and to my surprise it was closed and downvoted. I would like to understand why. Here is my reasoning: Usually there are good reasons for the choices of ...
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Is there a notification of "on hold" and "closed"?

Perhaps I am mistaken but I think there is no notification of these events when they occur. Should there be one in the notification area?
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Are questions about ideas in preprints off-topic?

Another note: (Since the first one wasn’t heeded...) OK, so the question was closed again. My appeal below was to both sides of the issue, so even though five people sought fit to do otherwise, ...
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What is the problem with this question?

This question was asked almost 3 weeks ago and today it was closed. The first vote to close it is from the author of the question. It is strange, it seems that he edited the question and then voted to ...
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Why was this question closed for lacking focus?

I posted a question that, in retrospect, was too broad, and it received two votes to close with comments telling me why. I edited it to substantially restrict its scope, and it was upvoted and ...
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Text in “Closed“ box goes beyond right boundary (on mobile devices)

On mobile devices, the text in a “Closed” box may extend beyond the right boundary of the box. Up to now, I observed this only on the Mathematics Meta site, and only for questions which are closed ...
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How do we handle a chain of "duplicate" questions that are linked to a "missing context or other details" question?

The following chain questions are currently all closed: Proving that $\langle x, y \rangle$ is a not principal ideal of $\mathbb{Q}[x, y]$ Non-principal ideal in $K[x,y]$? The ideal $I= \langle x,y \...
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How to repair the close-delete pipeline?

In a recent discussion the issue of scale of deletions was brought up. I remarked there that over the $12$-month period ending in February this year, $10$K users deleted $218$ questions altogether, ...
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One of the best questions (in my opinion) that I have asked has been deleted

Recently, folks have downvoted, closed, and now deleted a question which I feel is a great question. I suspect that either I will get a fantastic answer here why this is really a terrible question (in ...
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How to explain this string of downvotes?

This is the first time I met such phenomenon. At the same time two old questions Is there a $2 \times 2$ real matrix $A$ such that $A^2=-4I$?
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Users having many closed questions.

I know whether an user asks few questions and these are highly downvoted, then the system will not allow him to post more questions (for a while?). But what's going on if an user has many questions ...
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Why are there so many Close votes in the Review queues in Math Stack Exchange?

Currently there are over 300 Close votes in the Review queues in Math Stack Exchange. Why so many?
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What happens if I change my mind on a vote to close/reopen?

In reviewing questions in regard to closure or reopening, I voted to reopen a question (which had been closed for reasons other than duplication), because it seemed a reasonable question. Later, I ...
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Vote to reopen a question on separable extensions

The following question was closed because apparently it was very similary to a question that I asked a month or two back on this site. I thought at first that this was an exact duplicate and voted to ...
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"Improve this question" button on deleted posts goes to a page which says "This post is deleted and cannot be edited."

I went into my "recently deleted answers" tab and found this question (which is now deleted, so you cannot see it if you have <10k rep) which I answered. I can't normally see deleted ...
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Can I improve this question?

This question of mine was closed as I need to "provide additional context". I'm struggling to think of what context exactly I could add - there is no external motivation of the question ...
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Recover closed question on math.stackexchange?

Is there a way to recover a question (talking about Veblen ordinal hierarchies and tetration) on math.stackexchange that has been closed time ago? Need to archive its contents on my webpage and I ...
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Closing question when asking an advice

So, recently I asked on the main Mathematics site about interesting subjects for my thesis. And it was closed as opinion-based. Btw this is my question: My question Then, I tried to looking for ...
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Reopen-reclose request

Long ago, I asked this question. It was never a duplicate of this one, since the question was pretty different, and when the question changed it still had a different viewpoint, yet it was closed as ...
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Enable reputation tooltip for close voters

It already works for comments, that the reputation is shown as a tooltip when you hover over the user link of the commentator. It can't be be a big deal to enable it for users that voted to close a ...
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Why did my question about Lie algebra software get closed?

I asked a question about mathematics software here, and the question was closed as "this question is not about mathematics." But there are numerous questions on this site asking for ...
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Why was this question on planar graphs closed like this? I see no comments on it telling OP to improve something, nor do I see any issues with it except ...
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Did I make a mistake in my edit? (specific question)

I recently posted this question. It was closed shortly after posting for being opinion based. I tried to edit the question to make it clear exactly what I was asking, and the question was downvoted ...
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Why was my (topology) question closed

Show that a matrix has strictly positive real eigenvalues topology exercise I don't understand, is the question too trivial? It's always very hard to know whether a question I ask will be well ...
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Closed question after several months.

I was browsing through some of my answers. Then I've found this question. It has been closed after more than 7 months. Now my question: Is there a reason why such questions can be closed after such ...
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