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Can you write a comment if a question is closed?`

If a question is closed, can you still write comments? Or will that not be allowed? I'm just asking because one of my questions was closed, but there was somebody who answered it while it was still ...
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Closing process for +138 voted question "proofs every mathematician should know"

The question Proofs that every mathematician should know? has 142 upvotes (4 down) and was favorited 150 times. The revision history shows that the question was closed by a moderator but with no ...
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Why was the soft question on the beauty of mathematics closed?

Why was the following question closed: What was the first bit of mathematics that made you realize that math is beautiful? (For children's book) I ask because I cannot find any discussion about ...
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What is the real reason for closing

Why was this question actually closed? Those who closed it chose not a real question from the admittedly rather limited menu, but in fact the question is perfectly clear: Let $G$ be a group, and ...
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15 votes
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mysterious closing of a question

This question was "closed as too localized by cardinal, Benjamin Lim, The Chaz, did, Zev Chonoles" on May 8th. A statement below it said: "This question is unlikely to help any future visitors; it ...
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8 votes
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Unusual number of closures?

Every so often, I check under "tools". I usually see that a few questions have been closed in the last day or two. I just went and saw over 30 questions closed in the last 24 hours, way more than I ...
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3 votes
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Reopening a 48/2(9+3) question (ambiguous order of operations)?

There was an internet meme started last year about ambiguously written arithmetical expressions leading to arguments for different possible values. Of course this is not a good place to host ...
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13 votes
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Grace period when a question is closed

Didn't there use to be a grace period of 5 minutes after a question was closed where answers could still be submitted, but where one can't start writing an answer? If there wasn't (and I have just ...
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6 votes
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Notice: question on number of known digits of $\pi$ re-opened; now locked

This is just to say that I have invoked my moderator powers to re-open this post How many digits of $\pi$ are currently known? The reason: after clarification by the OP in the comments and after ...
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Vote to reopen a question on separable extensions

The following question was closed because apparently it was very similary to a question that I asked a month or two back on this site. I thought at first that this was an exact duplicate and voted to ...
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Bug: answer posted after closing the question.

The question was closed, but 13 minutes after closing there was an answer posted. I suppose this is a ...
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When are questions the same?

This is a rather philosophical question, but reflects the fact that essentially the same question can be asked at different levels of mathematical sophistication and with differing motivation. Here ...
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12 votes
5 answers

Discussing the status of "Distance from $0$ to $1$ is equal to the distance from $1$ to $2$."

I see two three four votes to re-open the question: I need mathematical proof that the distance from zero to 1 is the equal to the distance from 1 to 2. The question was closed as "not a real ...
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Why was this question closed?

I am talking about this one. Maybe I am being stupid, but I don't see anything wrong with it. Could those who closed it please explain what I am missing? Or was it just a case of people not having ...
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5 votes
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Do we delete some of the questions that have been closed?

There are at least seven pages of closed questions (I got the list by searching for closed:1 the). Some of them are clearly off-topic and I believe we can delete ...
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Moderators: please do not close harmless threads pro-actively

Example of titular activity: I was actually in the process of posting an answer, explaining both the ...
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25 votes
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Mark all locked questions as [​locked​] or [​closed​] in the title

Some discussions, such as the one on annoyingness-of-CAPTCHA, are being locked without this being indicated in the titles. Closed threads seem to acquire the word "[closed]" automatically or by ...
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