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The process by which users can vote a question closed if it is off-topic or otherwise disallowed by the FAQ.

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Why are there so many Close votes in the Review queues in Math Stack Exchange?

Currently there are over 300 Close votes in the Review queues in Math Stack Exchange. Why so many?
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Our Community vs The System

This site means a lot to many people, myself included. It has been my number one source of sharing interesting problems, learning mathematics, and seeing what others have to share. This being the case,...
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Are we closing short questions too hastily?

I refer to this question, which I was spending a couple hours preparing the answer for only to find it already closed by the time I could post it. This is not the only instance in recent memory – I ...
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Self-closing oddity

I recently asked a question, and in a comment Eric Wofsey observed that it was substantially similar to an earlier question I had not seen. I agreed, and voted to close my own question. I expected ...
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Close Votes: "Needs details or clarity" vs "Missing context or other details" [duplicate]

Since having the privilege to review Close votes, I'm facing a confusion. In close votes' review, if we wish to close a question because it lacks details or clarity then we have one of the 2 choices ...
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How exactly are we incentivized to post links to duplicates?

So yesterday I came across a question (we'll call it Question $1$) which I found interesting, and after having spent a little time thinking about it without result, I started searching MSE for some ...
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Too many interesting questions are closed

In my opinion you close far too many interesting questions as being off-topic and requiring additional context. If someone is asking a question, he or she must consider it relevant. If it is about ...
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"Post Answer" option for those mid-way writing despite "Closed" post

When the post is closed, no longer answers are accepted as: the answer box gets removed. if you were writing something, the post answer option is no longer available. In the latter case, I am ...
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How did this closed question gain a new answer?

I closed a question (“ Transposing matrices by multiplication ”) some hours ago as a dupe, but someone gave it a new answer two hours later. Looking at the revision history, the question had not been ...
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Is there any general algorithm used in the CURED chatroom for nominating closing and deleting questions?

I notice that there is a list (shown at the end of the post) in the chatroom called "CURED" for nominating closing and deleting questions from the main site. This search shows that such ...
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What if askers don't know what they don't know?

I recently answered this question about vector space isomorphisms. The question is somewhat unfocused, but it seems clear to me that this is because the asker is struggling with the concepts involved ...
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Questions being reported as duplicates despite the "duplicate" being a generalization to the other

I am a second year math student and a fairly new user of this page so there's still a lot of things I don't understand both in the site and about maths. This is why I tend to ask a lot of questions as ...
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What is the goal of MSE?

What is the goal of MSE? Is it to get a repository of interesting questions and well-written answers. Or are we instead an online math tutoring site where we help anyone as long as they seem to be ...
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Favoriting / bookmarking a question while working the Close Queue?

Is there a way to favorite / bookmark when you encounter it in the Close Queue? I didn't see the little bookmark icon under the vote count widget (but then I frequently miss elements in the ...
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Statistics of fraction of questions closed per month (posted that month itself)

Is there any way I can access the data of what fraction of questions are being closed as dupes per month. So, for example, I want to compare how many Qs posted in January this year was closed that ...
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Why are questions closed?

I would like to know why questions can be closed in general; it just occurred to me that even if the question does not make sense to you, there is no reason to close it and prevent it from ever being ...
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Why was my 2012 question closed as a duplicate of a 2019 question? [duplicate]

Here's my 2012 question. It also has 45 upvotes and 33 bookmarks: Are there other kinds of bump functions than $e^\frac1{x^2-1}$? Here's someone else's 2019 question that mine was closed as a ...
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Instead of closing questions first specify what needs to be improved

Final update: Apologies to mods, it was frustrating to always trying to help and not even get a hint of what is needed to fix the question, It has been emotionally draining to get any hints of what ...
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Why has my question gathered so many downvotes?

My question: I am not upset or angry that my question had been downvoted but just ...
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The community need to make a good decision regarding closing/downvoting good questions/answers

The most common problem I see on this site is that many poor questions/ solutions are highly upvoted and many great questions/ solutions are downvoted. I have no problem with the highly-upvoted poor ...
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How to correct a duplicate flag?

I initially flagged this question as a duplicate of another question, but then realized the other question was not exactly a duplicate. I then found a better (exact) duplicate, and tried to correct ...
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Is there anything to improve in this post which is about ambiguity in question about field axioms?

Can you talk about (the rest of the) field axioms when the operations are not closed? Check out this deleted post if you want if you can:
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Why are clumsily formulated questions downvoted & closed so much?

Regularly, I feel that a significant part of the community closes or downvotes question because they don't fit neatly into the category of "well-presented question", while the question is ...
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Hide reputation and badges

The greatest tension in this website is that StackExchange is designed to be "gamified", rewarding users who answer questions well with little positive reinforcements that they helped people....
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Non-experts closing questions

I have recently noticed what, to me, is a pretty irking trend in the tag I contribute to most often (algebraic geometry). It seems to me that there is a contingent of 'serial closers' who insist on ...
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Why not allow closing of bountied question by normal users when they are in bounty stages?

Recently there have been a lot of questions which are bountied but PSQ (Problem Statement Question). Here is one, another one although now closed, not a bounty not but once was and many more which one ...
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Why is it allowed for users to delete questions that others created?

I opened a question and was marked as duplicate. But what I find surprising is that some users actually deleted my question! Why is this allowed? From my perspective the linked question does not ...
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Why this question isn't closed?

Invers laplace tranformation I want to ask why this question isn't closed even though the user has not shown any work. I flagged this post 10 days before but still no action. Why is it so? I know many ...
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Hot keys in close vote review queue

When I am in the review queue, if I click to close a question, I have to select an option on a pop up screen, press a button and then again select an option and press a button again for another screen....
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What's the point of closing a question after it has accepted answers?

Like this: What's the value of $\int_{-\infty}^\infty{\frac {1}{x}}\sin \left({\frac {1}{x^{3}}}\right)dx$? Whether it is closed or not, the result is already obtained, so what the closure is ...
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Closing of a question about an unexpected behavior of a math software

Compare these two questions. Question 4011197 4009941 title Why is there a difference between MATLAB and manual calculation for eigenvectors Linear Programming in R using lpSolve dismisses ...
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Advice on closing questions as duplicates

In a very recent question the OP had made considerable amount of progress in proving an inequality. The OP was only left to prove the inequality $x^2y+y^2z+z^2x\le \frac{4}{27}$. Myself knowing that ...
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How to flag a question that asks multiple duplicated questions?

How can I close Suggestions for a good statistics book and a calculus book? as duplications both What are the recommended textbooks for introductory calculus? and Recommend a statistics fundamentals ...
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Is there a convention for whether or not you should vote to close old questions?

This post from 2014 was closed today. I saw it in the 'close votes' queue, but skipped it because I don't know what the convention is (if any) for posts that are so old. If that post was posted ...
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Why was my duplicate and deleted post reopened and undeleted?

My question was correctly closed as a duplicate of this one. I deleted the question after it was closed, but 7 hours after (13 minutes ago at the time of writing), the post was reopened and undeleted ...
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Allow question to be closed for low effort

I do like helping people out on exercises but I see way too many questions with little to no effort in trying to solve. I think these people are just asking to get their assignments done. I don't ...
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Why was this question "returned" to another SE site?

This is a question about this post. The post was originally from the Mathematica SE site and was migrated to MSE (math SE) because the underlying question is one of mathematics rather than one of ...
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What is exactly "This question doesn’t meet a Mathematics Stack Exchange guideline."

I have seen many question that has been up-voted and answered very nicely but it has been voted to close 2 times with this reason: This question doesn’t meet a Mathematics Stack Exchange guideline. ...
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Are askers notified of close votes on a question they've asked?

If I encounter a question that is, for example, missing context, so I give it a close vote accordingly, is the poster notified? Or should I copy the relevant blurb: Please provide additional context, ...
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Is there a functioning tracker for the number of questions that need review in the close queue?

Recently, the number of items that need review in the close queue stood at $10$, nearly into the single digits. Here is a screenshot: I was curious and searched for a way to track the number of ...
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Closing question when asking an advice

So, recently I asked on the main Mathematics site about interesting subjects for my thesis. And it was closed as opinion-based. Btw this is my question: My question Then, I tried to looking for ...
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Notifications to followers of a question about its status updates (closed / open)

In my opinion, one of the most important functions of following a question should be to notify users its status updates. For example, say I encountered a question in the close vote review queue that I ...
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Why is the number of required close votes constant?

How do high traffic questions survive without any system in place to prevent them from being closed too easily? It seems strange to me that the number of votes required to close a question is a ...
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Is context significant in determining if a question is a duplicate?

I was looking at a pair of questions: Sum of random numbers and e constant And Expected number of (0,1) distributed continuous random variables required to sum upto 1 The rules of Math ...
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How to choose the correct reason for closing a question

I recently made it to $3,000$ reputation and earned the "Cast close & reopen votes" privilege. I am a bit confused on how I would choose the correct reason when closing a question. As I am sure ...
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User answering poor question while also voting to close

Context Tonight I witnessed conduct from a reputable user that I find outrageous. I won’t name names, but as the individual’s identity could be determined by tracing my activity anyways, I’ll include ...
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Can we please stop voting to close a question just because the question is short?

I have seen many times that somebody voted to close short questions (and probably downvoted the questions as well), even though the OP made clear that there had been good attempts. This thread is the ...
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New changes to close reasons

Not long ago, we had to adapt to the circumstances at hand regarding the changes to how close reasons were displayed. You can read more about this here. We now have other changes. A good place to ...
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Are questions about ideas in preprints off-topic?

Another note: (Since the first one wasn’t heeded...) OK, so the question was closed again. My appeal below was to both sides of the issue, so even though five people sought fit to do otherwise, ...
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How to tell a user that his/her actions are inappropriate (and should I)

Recently one of my questions got a downvote and was flagged for closure as unclear. This was an unpleasant surprise, since I saw nothing wrong with the question; moreover, no comments were made about ...
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