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For questions about comment @replies (a.k.a. pings).

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Notification upon editing comment

The following situation has happened to me several times: Someone writes a comment tagging me with the @, I read the comment, and shortly after the comment is edited in such a way that the nature of ...
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Persistent comment

The site went offline some time ago, and right before it did, I have received a comment reply. I could only read that comment reply after the site came back online. But now it won't go away, even ...
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@username tag inside answers and to adapt when user name changes

It is not uncommon that in answers or comments one refers to some other user. I’ve seen a lot of answers which for example start with “The answer [username] gave is great, but I’d like to add a ...
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Using @'s in a comment triggers the "One additional @user" box after editing, even though the users don't exist.

In this comment, I addressed a question that has two @'s in there, without the intention to ping someone. It was no problem to write the comment having two @'s, but after an edit it showed: even ...
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