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Comments are small addendums to each question or answer, intentionally limited in size and formatting.

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Erased comment? [duplicate]

Roughly an hour ago, I wrote a comment on this question. It wasn't offensive, I was merely pointing out the similarity with the arcsinh function and the obvious change of variable that it allows. An ...
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Is it correct a member or moderator who wants to close a question uses Down Votes to force MSE members to not answer that question? [closed]

This post pertains to this question: Does convergence of measures, with respect to the KL-divergence, imply almost sure convergence of the RN-derivatives? using down-votes by a member or moderator to ...
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May I ask why my answer was deleted without explanation?

In Why do we believe the equation ax+by+c=0 represents a line?, I wrote this answer: Let $A=\left(x_{A},y_{A}\right)$ and $B=\left(x_{B},y_{B}\right)$ be distinct points. We define the line $l$ ...
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20 votes
2 answers

How should I (nicely) tell people they should answer my question rather than giving the answer in comments?

I know this isn't an issue specific with, but this is one of the community where I feel like it is widespread. Take as an example my last question. I am basically asking "Is the result X ...
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Being able to easily distinguish when one is commenting on their own question

I've been having this problem on Math Stack Exchange — and it has to do with the fact that I can't really tell when somebody is commenting on their own question, usually in response to another comment,...
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16 votes
2 answers

Let's discuss this in chat ...

Occasionally, I get involved in exchanges of comments on MSE and the other party eventually says "let's discuss this in chat". Am I being antisocial in never taking up this offer? I feel ...
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MathJax in comment looks like nonsense, what's going on?

In this question, I have added a comment: $(a-p)^2+(4-a-q)^2 = a^2-2ap+p^2+(4-a)^2-2(4-a)q+q^2= a^2-2ap+(4-a)^2-2(4-a)q+1= ...$, does this help? But is looks like this: For your information: I'm ...
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Suggestion for dealing with a comment if it contain the Answer to the question (w/o other answers)

Suggestion for dealing with a comment if it contain the Answer to the question (w/o other answers) If I try to flag a comment there are the following alternatives: harassment / unfriendly / obsolete / ...
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2 answers

Should my comment have been deleted?

This MathSE posted question is excerpted below: $$\int \frac{x+3}{x^2+5x+2}$$ besides going with imaginary numbers how should I proceed to solve this integral? I was trying to factorize the ...
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1 answer

Writing answer on behalf of someone else

Assume a post on MSE is answered by someone in comment section and alternative approaches to solve the problem are not provided . There are two senarios: First: Nobody will convert that comment to an ...
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3 votes
1 answer

How to write preformatted texts in comments?

When I want to submit a comment to say the right $\LaTeX$ code for something, for example, You should use \mathbb{C} for $\mathbb{C}$. how can I write the "<...
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Is it possible to recover/archive some of the comments?

This is about the comment area of The continuity of $g\circ h$ and $h$, and $h$ surjective, imply the continuity of $g$? As a not-very-obvious question, many lovely commenters leaves a lot of ideas ...
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22 votes
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Prompt OP to answer their own question?

Sometimes I find questions (e.g. this one) where after some back-and-forth in the comments OP answers their own question and appends their final answer to their question. In the interest of minimizing ...
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Why was this comment section deleted? [duplicate]

Over the past 24 hours, this question's comment section was summarily deleted. I do not understand why. No moderator left a comment explaining why comments were deleted. Clarification would be most ...
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Do we really need time limit on editing comments [duplicate]

I find time limit on editing comments annoying and doubt that it is needed at all. My problem is typos that I can't fix if I noticed them too late. If my comment is not answered I post the corrected ...
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Do we downvote all PSQ? Also a few questions about comment-answers and comment-hints [duplicate]

At the time of writing, this post has 28 views and no downvotes (or upvotes). I see it simply as a PSQ (Problem Statement Question), and it is quite possible it will be closed soon. I didn't downvote ...
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Follow-up on previous question about comment-answered questions

Last week I asked this question on what the current policy is on comment-answered questions. I thought I had reached an understanding. The top answers expressed that if someone sees this, they should ...
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Standard response to "homework" questions [duplicate]

Does there exist a boilerplate response to comment on questions that consists of a problem with no effort at a solution (as might be posed by a student posting a problem from a problem set)?
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26 votes
4 answers

Treatment of comment-answered questions: what is the current policy as of February 2023?

I have noticed that quite a few questions tend to be answered in the comments. This was apparently observed $12$ years ago to a similar extent. These questions (unsurprisingly) tend to be on the ...
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51 votes
2 answers

Editing comments to remove references to gender

This morning I discovered that an old answer of mine to a question about real life application of Linear Algebra had been transformed into a comment. I admit that the answer was not too serious: I ...
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-2 votes
1 answer

Should we be able to downvote comments?

Let's imagine a situation: Mr. X posted a question in Math SE. He's a beginner, and the question may seem naive for many of us. Let's suppose his question still meets the rules of MSE. Now, Mr. Y ...
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4 votes
2 answers

How to copy page content including all TeX commands

I posted an answer to this question, and a commenter suggested an alternative. The commenter answer was simpler, more elegant than mine, and I would have upvoted it ... except he had posted it in the ...
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Why were all comments removed from 4532159 [duplicate]

All comments made prior to about half an hour ago were removed from Upper bound for $S(m)=1+\frac{2^{m-1}}{2}+\frac{3^{m-1}}{2^2}+\frac{4^{m-1}}{2^3}+\dots$. Why is this? The tone and utility of some ...
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10 votes
1 answer

The thin line between answers and comments

What qualifies as an answer? I reproduce my (deleted) answer here: Use SFFT to factor $xy-8x-4y = 0$. The answer received $2$ upvotes and was also accepted by the OP. A while later, however, a ...
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4 votes
3 answers

I want to respond to a comment on my answer which I want to Delete?

Let us say, I answer a Question. One user comes along to Point out that my answer is wrong. I want to Delete that wrong answer. All okay till now. Still, I want to respond to that user who left a ...
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Why was this relevant comment under the meta question deleted?

This meta question is asked recently: Why should this question asking the proof of a statement in a book be deleted? There was a highly relevant comment to the post: But it is now deleted. This ...
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A Beginner and the Problem with the 50 Reputations Requirement

I have just started studying calculus and sometimes have questions which are super easy for the most members of the site. I had a question and did not want to ask it because a similar one was already ...
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How to put a math formula into a comment to a question on StackExchange

Is there a way to write math formulae in a comment to a question on StackExchange (Mathematics Meta). I'm sure this must have been asked before but my search didn't come up with anything (a reference ...
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0 answers

A comment not showing up in my inbox

I can see the comment from 13 hours ago in the Responses tab but not in the Inbox tab, and I don't see the red notification icon on the main page. This is probably related to the fact that the answer ...
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16 votes
1 answer

Why was this comment deleted?

I've had a comment to this recent question removed without, well, comment and I'm curious why. The deleted comment was: "(Incidentally, I disagree with the downvote and have upvoted to compensate....
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Find comment or answer about notation

If I remember correctly I asked a question during spring 2020 about group theory or algebra and somebody wrote that they had an informal symbol for a generalized operation (I think it looked similar ...
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8 votes
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Comments no longer shown in All Actions

Up to quite recently (today perhaps!), when I clicked on my profile and then on "All actions" and "Comments", I used to see both the title of the question and the contents of the ...
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7 votes
0 answers

Inconsistency between markdown in comments and posts

There is an inconsistency between the Markdown for codeblocks in comments and the Markdown in Questions and Answers: it seems to me impossible to type \ (as in, ...
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11 votes
0 answers

How to appropriately link to a resource that answers OP's question?

So I recently came across this question, where the OP asks for a proof of the uniform convergence of a certain sequence, and I happen to have a link to some lecture notes which contain a detailed ...
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0 answers

Deleted comments to post "Aproximating differential equation in maple"

Yesterday I asked a question in the post named Aproximating differential equation in maple. I received beneficial feedback and help but the help comments are not there anymore. Were they deleted or ...
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0 answers

How can I provide useful links which may answer a question.

I am currently looking at providing this user with a resource which may answer their question, however I cannot add this as a comment as I do not have enough reputation. I am not sure if I should post ...
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How come some of my questions get only some comments but not any answer?

Certain times, I post questions that get some valuable comments but never an answer. For example the question for comparison on real numbers and caveats. I am not sure why this happening. Is my post ...
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10 votes
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May I ask a question that might have no answer? If so, would it be discourteous to those who suggest that it has no answer?

A while ago I asked the question "Is there a group-theoretic proof that multiplicative groups of integers modulo a prime are cyclic?". Instead of an answer I got a few comments from ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Can a user whose account is suspended due to voting irregularities comment on his answer to my question?

I asked a few questions long time ago and couldn't see the answer to them due to being critically ill. Now on some answers the answerer's reputation is changed to 1 and it is written on his account ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Community bot can send messages now?

Today I saw this this comment by the community bot profile.. has MSE community bot achieved artificial intelligence? post
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3 votes
1 answer

What is the most upvoted comment?

You can see that the most upvoted question in the main Math Stack Exchange site also has many upvoted comments with one even having over 200 comment upvotes. So then what is the most upvoted comment ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Flagging comments in mobile version of the site

When I was using the mobile version of the site, I did not find an option to flag comments. Why flagging comments in the mobile version is not possible? Any particular reasons?
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16 votes
2 answers

Full solution in comments after question was closed.

Recently, there has been some users who post a significant amount of things in the comments to questions of low-quality questions. To me what they put in the comments is really a full solution of the ...
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Duplicating standard reasoning in a question about an open problem in number theory

Recently, a math professor, with a very impressive set of mathematical papers. made a comment that took me by surprise. I am very open to the feedback. I wanted to open it up here to see what others ...
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13 votes
2 answers

Am I, as a comment flagger, a waster of the moderators' time?

Preamble I am a novice SE user, a toddler. In this post I want to criticize some moderator actions, which seems risky and futile, regarding unwritten policies on the meta; however, just for the record,...
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1 answer

What privileges can get after reaching 25k reputation?

I am interested especially in whether one can get the right to delete the others' comments. Unfortunately, from what I read there are no more privileges after 25k reputation. Is this right?
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1 answer

Should I thank people when they post comments?

When I ask questions on MSE, a lot of people often leave very helpful tips and suggestions in the comment section under my question. I feel that it's only right to thank each and every one of them for ...
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23 votes
1 answer

Advise new users to stay engaged with their question

A number of times recently I've seen a new user drop a simple question (some bad, but some OK questions), and it's got some misunderstanding of what they're working on or a confusing explanation, ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Deletion of flagged comments

Suppose I flag a comment, and the user subsequently deletes the comment before the flag is resolved. Do the moderators still see my flag? (I tried searching previously asked meta questions, but could ...
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21 votes
2 answers

Mathematics or rules : prioritizing content of first replies on improvable posts

I have found myself bewildered by a meldrum-conundrum, and I suggest a way of getting out of it. So let's say we have a new user, a person who is getting used to the site and thus should be afforded a ...
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