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Questions about how welcoming the site is to new users and fosters and community spirit among existing ones.

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How come some of my questions get only some comments but not any answer?

Certain times, I post questions that get some valuable comments but never an answer. For example the question for comparison on real numbers and caveats. I am not sure why this happening. Is my post ...
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Does the community acknowledge potential harm to mental health by excessive usage of math stackexchange

I am not sure whether this is an appropriate question. Perhaps it will be closed, or perhaps not. It is generally the case that people derive satisfaction from getting their responses validated on Q ...
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Who Created the Community User. There is a Saying on Their Account that “They are not Really a Person”, But Who Made Their About Page?

It has been interesting to see the robot user editing other people’s posts as if a person is editing them. I understand that there are a pattern of posts, but some of them seem human like. This ...
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Does the reputation system encourage easy answers and low quality questions?

First of all, I need to say that I do not intend to start a controversial topic challenging the community. I'm trying to find a solution and understand the nature of MSE better to see whether it's the ...
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Is CRUDE healthy?

The chatroom CRUDE stands for Close, Reopen, Undelete, Delete, Edit. Is the way this room is currently used healthy for Maths Stack Exchange? There is a core of users which can be counted on one ...
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"Community" added swear word to answer 4 years after the answer was typed

In Brian M. Scott's answer to this question: Determine whether the relation $\ge$ is reflexive, symmetric, antisymmetric, transitive, and/or a partial order. it seems as if the user "Community" edited ...
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About publishing proofs and math tricks

Can we publish interesting proofs and math tricks on math.stackexchange which we know? How do we do it. How to do it correctly? How to stop it from getting downvotes based on it ...
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Do we want community polls?

I have seen that TeX.SE has community polls on their meta site. Those are polls conducted on their meta to find out various things about user base. Similar polls were conducted on mathematica.SE, on ...
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An interactive graph of Math.SE tags

Some time I created A Graph Map of Math.SE, which met with a warm response from this community. Encouraged by this, I created a new visualization, this time interactive and up-to-date (as long as the ...
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Why do *you* answer questions on math.stackexchange?

Why do you post answers on math.stackexchange? As a math student, this is a very helpful resource. This could be asked for any forum, but I would like to understand the motives why people are ...
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Can this idea be materialized to a useful ad?

In the Apple.SE site, something brought my attention, it's an amazing ad that counts in real time the number of bounties on questions and their total value:
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No offense intended, but...

I haven't been a member on here for all that long of a period of time, but I would like to point out some things that I have observed that some may be overlooking. I have visited the site a large ...
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A Graph Map of Math.SE

I've just made a map of tags for Math.SE. (And to some degree - a greatly simplified map of mathematics.) In short: tag size is related to tag popularity (caveat: see below) and edges are related to ...
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Computer Science SE coming up

Math.SE has about 400 questions tagged 'computer-science'. While most of them work well here, some questioners may appreciate more computer science flavor in answers, or may also have questions that ...
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Promotional material

I attend several conferences per year, and most of them there are people to whom it would be useful to communicate the existence of math.SE. Does SE produce some kind of promotional material? The one ...
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Math SE Swag designs

Thank you for your suggestions on the swag ideas. For our math community, we'll be sending top users (first 2 pages of all time, sorted by rep) coffee mugs and a writing pad. Below is a mockup up of ...
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Math Stack Exchange swag ideas

Recently we started the process of designing and ordering swag for our SE communities top users (high rep users on the first 2 pages of all time). You can see some examples of the items and designs ...
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Our own "Research Experience for Undergrads" (REU) program

In a recent post, @jericson was interested in finding out about REU programs available. It springs to mind the possibility of creating REU directly on this website drawing on the fantastic pool of ...
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What is the site etiquette about (i) asking and (ii) answering questions in a language other than English?

We have a new user who has recently both asked and answered questions in French. I think we should discuss the appropriateness of this practice.
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Vote early, vote often

I would like to echo a post that Scott Morrison made on Tex.SE. I think this is definitely something we are experiencing here on Math.SE. A link to the post here, and the text of the post: "I'm a ...
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