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For questions about the user named Community ♦ present on Math.SE (and other Stack Exchange sites).

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Non-human reviewer

In this Low Quality Post review, the Community user gave Looks OK to the review target. How can a non-human being review posts like real users?
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Why did Community decide to delete this question?

Deleted question: How can I show by Induction The best reason that I can see, is that it got 3 down votes and 0 up votes. Was that the trigger?
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Why some questions are marked as community.

I found some of my questions marked as community ? I request you to kindly tell me what it is all about. EDIT : this is the question. EDIT: This question is about why some questions have "Community"...
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How/why did community delete a question? And how to prevent it?

I just realized that a question of mine was deleted by community. In contrast to this meta-question there were neither downvotes nor am I deleted. Since this happened around one year after I posted ...
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12 votes
3 answers

"Copying" someone else's comment for an answer

This is similar but different to this question. I am often reading through current questions and, as I am trying to think of an answer see a helpful hint in the comments. Is it unethical to base an ...
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Community approved my suggested Edit

Clicking on Community, you'll find: Hi, I'm not really a person. I'm a background process that helps keep this site clean! I do things like Randomly poke old unanswered questions every hour so they ...
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Edits by Community ♦

As a 10K user, I can approve/disapprove edits by low-reputation users. BUT: Why am I being asked to approve edits done by Community ♦ ... Presumably, despite having only reputation 1, it can put in ...
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Two Similar Edits, One Rejected by CommunityBot

So I was looking at my activities at Math.SE when I noticed that my edit suggestion for this question was rejected. I decided to take a look into the question again, and found that my edit only had ...
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Community makes content edits?

In this particular answer of mine Community account made an edit - I always thought Community is a bot- account. It flipped the colour description of the functions wrongly - what is happening? ...
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Bounty by Community?

A bounty by community? How does this work? Was the user deleted while the bounty was active?
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2 answers

Meta.Meta: A bug in the meta Community♦ user?

This question was bumped by the Community♦ user, even though it has an upvoted answer, and it was tagged status-completed. Maybe the meta Community♦ user should be trained not to bump meta questions ...
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Can a question having upvoted answer be auto-deleted?

I thought that the question with an upvoted answer cannot be auto-deleted. (And that it can be deleted only by votes of users who have privilege to vote for deletion.) In faq entry How does deleting ...
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How does the community user poke questions?

According to its profile, the community user randomly pokes old unanswered questions every hour to get them some attention. What does this poke consist of? Is it an action ordinary users are ...
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Community user new profile photo.

Browsing the forum brought me to a post where I saw the “robot” community user had edited. At first, I thought this user was someone with another name until I saw their original sprite: As you can see,...
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Who Created the Community User. There is a Saying on Their Account that “They are not Really a Person”, But Who Made Their About Page?

It has been interesting to see the robot user editing other people’s posts as if a person is editing them. I understand that there are a pattern of posts, but some of them seem human like. This ...
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