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Why my first question was deleted? [duplicate]

My first question was deleted more than a year ago. I will admit that I didn’t give additional context and an effort as at that time, I was very new to the site and I don’t know that it is requirement ...
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Clarification on Including Solution Attempts in Questions

I have a question regarding the guidelines for providing context in questions. Specifically, I'd like clarification on whether mentioning solution attempts (no complete step by step solution) falls ...
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What context is needed?

I have a question about my Mathematics Stack Exchange post: How to prove that the surface of sphere is measure zero. I posted the question with context, but it is said that additional context is ...
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Too many interesting questions are closed

In my opinion you close far too many interesting questions as being off-topic and requiring additional context. If someone is asking a question, he or she must consider it relevant. If it is about ...
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How do we handle a chain of "duplicate" questions that are linked to a "missing context or other details" question?

The following chain questions are currently all closed: Proving that $\langle x, y \rangle$ is a not principal ideal of $\mathbb{Q}[x, y]$ Non-principal ideal in $K[x,y]$? The ideal $I= \langle x,y \...
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Receiving multiple close votes with old questions.

I am surprised to see someone flagged my questions — both asked long ago and had accepted answers — as missing context overnight. Question 1 was asked years ago, whilst I was writing an essay and ...
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Why are clumsily formulated questions downvoted & closed so much?

Regularly, I feel that a significant part of the community closes or downvotes question because they don't fit neatly into the category of "well-presented question", while the question is ...
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Can I improve this question?

This question of mine was closed as I need to "provide additional context". I'm struggling to think of what context exactly I could add - there is no external motivation of the question ...
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What can I do to improve this question?

This self-answered question has $5$ downvotes . Metamorphy commented that 'Still the question should have a context and not just a problem statement' after which I added an attempt. After discussion ...
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If I recognize the source of someone's question, should I edit to add it?

(c.f. How to ask a good question's Include source / motivation for your question and the preceeding discussion in Is it a good idea to include source from where a question is taken?) Occasionally, I ...
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Allow question to be closed for low effort

I do like helping people out on exercises but I see way too many questions with little to no effort in trying to solve. I think these people are just asking to get their assignments done. I don't ...
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Is the rollback attempt in this thread appropriate?

This is an issue with this specific question. Please look at the revision history here. I merely improved an attempt by the asker (which was written as a comment), making it clearer. I did not ...
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Guidelines for context edits and rewrites

Suppose you come across a question that has been closed for lack of context, has high quality answers, and on its way to being deleted. Can you save the post by editing it to include more context? ...
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What kind of context is good to add to a contest math question?

This is a call for brainstorming for ideas on how to best make questions from math contests meet our quality requirements, outlined in many places, but How to ask a good question is the most commonly ...
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Improving other's questions via adding solution attempts in the question [duplicate]

This is a bit of a puzzler for me and I'd like to try to work out what our community norms and guidelines are around this topic. Suppose user A posts a question which is a bit light on context. User B ...
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New changes to close reasons

Not long ago, we had to adapt to the circumstances at hand regarding the changes to how close reasons were displayed. You can read more about this here. We now have other changes. A good place to ...
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Is asking for a specific reference to an article mentioned in an MSE question unacceptable?

I see quite a few MSE questions where the OP says "I keep reading blah blah blah" without any reference to what they've been reading. I commented on the following question: How does one do ...
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Why is my question deleted as "missing context"?

Why is my question deleted as "missing context"? I once asked a question about the integral of $(\operatorname{sech} x)^2$. It got deleted as "missing context".
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New recommended close reason for questions that are "missing context"

Recently, the software has been changed regarding how the closing reasons are displayed for people. If you don't have close-vote privileges or you are not OP, this is how it is displayed: For ...
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Why is this question off-topic

I have been following this question. It has recently been marked as off-topic. I have checked the requirements for being on/off-topic, but they don't seem to apply to this question. Can someone please ...
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Should perfectly fine questions that have been closed and have an answer be re-opened?

I just came across a question that had been closed by votes. The question itself seems perfectly fine to me, and I don't see any reason to close it. The question also received an excellent answer, ...
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What should be acceptable as "context"?

As we all know, questions lacking context are strongly discouraged on this site. This includes mainly "homework questions" that look a bit like: Prove that $\lim_{x\to0}x^2=0$ using $\epsilon$-$\...
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Lack of Context: Notation Question

A question I recently answered asked if there was notation for how to write something. It also gave context as to where it came from, but it was closed nonetheless for lack of context, which is ...
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How could this question be improved?

Unable to solve $ \int \frac{x + \sqrt{2}}{x^2 + \sqrt{2} x + 1} dx $? The people who voted to close gave the reason that it's missing context. I would like to know what kind of context I could have ...
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How can I make this question better.

Range of $ y = (\operatorname{arccot} x) (\operatorname{ arccot} ( - x)) $. I asked this question. How can I make this better? Someone in comments is saying I should add more context but I did.
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Strange demands for re-adding context

I'm unsure about the validity of the closure my question All integers from 1 to 73 are recorded in a sequence such that each number "This question is perfectly clear and requires no additional ...
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Was this question a “problem statement question”?

I think that people here is sometimes too keen on closing question deeming them “problem statement questions”. Here's today example: indications equation $a^x=x+2$ Check the original question, which ...
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Do questions have to be "good questions" to not be put on-hold/closed?

I have seen many questions that have been put on-hold or closed with the message: "This question is missing context or other details: Please improve the question by providing additional context, ...
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Unfair downvoting of question?

Today, there was this question posted on the main site asking about the probability of passing a genetic disease expressed by a dominant allele. However, as soon as it was posted a few users came ...
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Please provide context. [duplicate]

First of all, whether you're a new user or a long-time contributor, welcome! Mathematics Stack Exchange welcomes learners and lovers of mathematics from all levels. You have been directed here ...
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"... including any attempts you have made to solve it."

Me again. Blind application of that criterion "ideally including any attempts you have made to solve it" just seems silly for some problems. Consider this question. Seems like an excellent question ...
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Should "background" be deleted from a question if it is not logically necessary?

I have this question in mind. I included the "standard" way to solve the problem in a "background" section as well as the general approach to solve these types of problems. While writing the question,...
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Why was this question downvoted?

I answered the following question and saw the asker was downvoted: What are the elements of $\mathbb Z/3[x]$? in this video he shows the division ...
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Is self-answer considered as adding sufficient context?

FAQ lists including the OPs own work as one of the possibilities how to add context to questions. My question: If a question is posted together with an answer by the OP (or at least attempt to answer ...
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The need for "context" in certain cases

Prove that every subgroup of index $2$ is normal. Evaluate this integral: $\displaystyle\int_0^1 x^2 \, dx.$ If a question like that is posted, one suspects that the poster copied it from a homework ...
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Overemphasis of context? [duplicate]

After collecting little experience in MSE, it appears to me that the demand for context might be overemphasised. That has two bad consequences: (1) If you are not only allowed but even required to ...
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A feature requested for the purpose of avoiding unintentional newbie-biting

It is not unusual that a newbie posts a question that is obviously about mathematics and it is closed with a notice that says closed as off-topic and then down below that: "This question is ...
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Is it appropriate to close every question that doesn't show efforts and/or lacks of context?

Yesterday this question was asked: Finding solutions to $2^x+17=y^2$, then it was closed and finally it was reopened. My concern is about if every question showing no effort or lacking of context ...
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Is it a "rule" of Math Stack Exchange that when asking a question, it's **never** good just to state the question?

I recently asked the following question, and within 3 minutes it got 2 downvotes: Is there a set $A \subset [0,1]$ such that both $A$ and $[0,1] \setminus A$ intersect every positive-measure set? (...
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Can we stop the "Show your work craze"? [duplicate]

For some reason, it seems that more recently the users of this site have adopted the fashion of commenting things like "What have you tried?", "Show your work", etc. In almost every question for which ...
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Editing someone else's question to add context

I recently came across a problem statement question about a block matrix inverse. The original author did not include context, and the question got put on hold. I personally know a lot of situations ...
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Guideline for using "lack of context" and "homework" close reasons

Since a few days, we have the new predefined close reason about "lack of context". It would seem to me, that, even if a question superficially looks like homework, this is the appropriate close ...
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How to ask a good question.

How to ask a good question. This thread has advice on the following aspects of writing a good question on this site. Each item in this list links to an answer below about that specific aspect of ...
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Two announcements: new "FAQ" and new "closure rules"

I want to point everybody's attention to two changes that will impact your user-experience here on Math.SE The first you may have already noticed: the old FAQ page has been replaced by a "help center"...
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