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For questions discussing various mathematical conventions and their usage on math.SE.

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Should we improve the fibonacci-numbers tag wiki to allow for variations in $F_0$?

The Fibonacci Numbers can be defined in different ways. $$F_0 = 0; F_1 = 1$$ $$F_0 = 1; F_1 = 1$$ It doesn’t really matter. However, the fibonacci-numbers tag wiki says unequivocally that $F_0 = 1$...
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Using $\tau$ instead of $2\pi$?

In this answer, the person who answered used $\tau$ instead of $2\pi$, and I commented that he should probably use $2\pi$ instead to avoid confusion. My question is: Do we have any guidelines here ...
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Does anyone believe that there are rings without unit elements?

I keep reading questions like: "prove that this ring has a unit element under such axioms" or "prove that morphisms of rings preserve the unit element under those circumstances" I find these ...
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