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For questions about the copyrights of the StackExchange sites themselves or about the posting of copyrighted material by users.

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9to5Science scraper site is plagiarizing our content

While testing AI tools on DuckDuckGo (DDG), I noticed that the scraper site is plagiarizing much of our content (along with other SE science sites). For example a DDG search on "...
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Multiple identical answer whose purpose is to give links to illegal copies of copyrighted material

I'm not sure what to do about this issue. Here are three answers: Good Books On Abstract Algebra Good abstract algebra books for self study Requesting abstract algebra book recommendations Identical ...
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15 votes
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Is it legal to add images from online graphing calculators such as Desmos or WolframAlpha?

Often a relevant image can supplement an answer and make it better. Sometimes I add a graph which is created using free tools like Matplotlib, but this can take a little while. I was wondering if it ...
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Is the following copyright infringement or scholarly analysis? Both? Neither?

Here is the question: Showing ${\rm Aut}(Q_{2^n})\cong{\rm Hol}(\Bbb Z_{2^{n-1}})$ for $n>3$ I have asked many questions like it. The copyright section of the book states: This work may not be ...
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Is it okay to make Youtube videos discussing Maths StackExchange posts?

I am a new Youtube content creator who works around Maths topics. There are some excellent posts on Maths StackExchange based on which I want to make some videos. The question is that I don't know if ...
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12 votes
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Policy on posting links to pirated content?

Do we have a policy about users posting links to sites that feature pirated content? Like sites offering "free" copies of my book, for example? (see comment at the bottom). Edit: in case you'...
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58 votes
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Livestream plagiarism of question titles from Math.SE onto Quora

I noticed this first over at Chinese.SE and it turns out it was reported 5 months ago on meta.SE. A Quora user Dex Jackson is copy/pasting large numbers of question titles from Stack Exchange onto ...
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17 votes
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Copy of Wikipedia in tag wiki

After approving a tag edit, I realized it was a copy of an article of Wikipedia. The editor did the same on another tag, and I see in his history there are other cases. In both cases, there is a link ...
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Possible violation of copyright if question is answered - What is the Community's view?

This question asks users to determine a function involved in the inner working of a software. The identity of the software is unknown at the time of asking this question and it might possibly be ...
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Asking about possibly new research results

I believe I have come up with a new formula for a certain combinatorial sequence. Is it considered safe to ask whether my result is actually new on MSE? I mean "safe" in the sense that no one could ...
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Sharing a non open access paper

I'm reading a paper, which is not open access, and I had troubles in some passages there, I would like to ask for help in, for that aim I have to share the paper and ...
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40 votes
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Is selling a compilation of Math Stackexchange Q&As legal?

I was browsing Amazon and found this particular product with the following description: Real Analysis: Questions and Answers If you have a question about Real Analysis this is the book with ...
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Is it really wrong to have sites copying the questions and answers from Math.SE?

I've seen a few posts reporting that some websites where copying and uploading the questions and answers here in their site, as if they were their own. My question is, does do ...
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Fair usage of this forum - posting mathematical question and solution

I have a mathematical question and solution which is taken from a different website. Can I post it here and ask specific queries on the part which I did not understand?
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Asking for/providing links to (probably) illegal ebooks [duplicate]

In the last days I encountered at least two questions (that I still recall) in which people were asking for/providing links to complete ebooks. While I know that some authors choose to publish their ...
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Copyright and proof

When answering this question, I give a link to a Google Books excerpt, where one can find almost exactly the function the OP is looking for. As it's only an excerpt, I guess it's fine to give the link....
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If I copy a problem that contains only math terms out of book, is that violating copyright?

If I copy a purely mathematical problem from a book that is protected by copyright, am I doing any wrong? Because math can't be copyrighted, right? Let me know if this should be in main...
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Am I allowed to post links to ebooks in my profile?

Am I allowed to post links to ebooks in my profile? I am not sure if I can and do not want to get banned or something, because I am evil, just look at my username!
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14 votes
2 answers

Sharing non-legit book source on MSE

If some user wishes to share a reference/link to a book download site that does not appear to be a legit source, can he post such links on MSE? If sharing such sources is not allowed then don't we ...
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Can I publish your answer?

Lets say that I build up parts of a chain of reasoning leading to a publishable research discovery by posting one or more questions on (or any other public Q/A-board), ...
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How can I make my contributions to Public Domain under my specified license in Account Deletion?

I want to make sure that my contributions will benefit the community the time of my account deletion, not just Stackexchange so I would like to make it clear like Steve Jessop here: All my original ...
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3 answers

Is sharing books ok?

I have some useful book collections (pdf, djvu ...etc), and I am wondering if it's ok to share them with Mathematics site users, as I also need some others from you. So is sharing download links ok ...
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Copy right policies of Math.SE

I have a small issue to be answered. What are the boundaries and scope for copyrights at Math.SE ? . To explain further, suppose I have described a new idea in the question, what if someone copies and ...
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Copyright of mathematical formulas

Hello, do I commit a copyright violation if Reuse a formula from a math book? (probably not, but why?) I give a proof from a math book, in my own words, but clearly heavily inspired? I quote from a ...
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What is the policy regarding mentioning that a book is available to download via BitTorrent

I have a large knowledge of math books, due to spending an enormous amount of my free time in college in the math library and reading books that I downloaded. I often will answer questions by people ...
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Is one allowed to post in her/his blog an answer to a question she/he asked?

If someone asks here (in the main site) a question and is pleased with a particular answer he/she got, may it be posted in his/her blog without asking permission to the answerer? Edit: One should ...
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12 votes
3 answers

To what extent should copyrighted material be made available on

The standing policy on is that it is not the community's job to enforce copyright. See On Stack Overflow historically, moderators have ...
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Offering to e-mail a copy of a book to the OP of a question

Kaestur Hakarl keeps removing my offer to e-mail a copy of Emil Artin's Geometric Algebra to the OP of a question. Revision list What I did is not against the rules, and I ask Kaestur Hakarl to ...
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