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Questions tagged [css]

For questions about the CSS styles used in Mathematics SE.

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Visited Links No Longer Distinguishable

Apparently, visited links are no longer distinguishable from the rest. They used to be in a slightly different shade than non-visited ones. Personally, I found the feature to be very helpful, and I'm ...
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Comment editing boxes

It would be awesome if the textarea elements one uses to create/edit comments on M.SE were larger and allowed for more characters. The ones on MO are perfect, for example. (Why do I want this? Well, ...
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Was the style of the up/down-vote arrows changed?

I noticed that the style of the up/down-votes button has changed (for me at least). At first, I thought it was a bug, but frequent reloading makes it look like a change. Now, it looks quite similar to ...
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Hover underline styles behave oddly with multi-line mathematical expressions in title, such as $\dfrac{72_8!}{18_2!}=4^x$

I took this screenshot while hovering my cursor over the first question. As you can see, the dotted underline cuts through the denominator of the fraction. Looks like a CSS bug.
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Visited tags' colors should not become blue on meta.

Non-moderator tags of meta become blue when visited. In particular, this makes required tags and normal tags almost indistinguishable. It is reproducible on IE 8 and Firefox 4. The tags' colors ...
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