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Questions tagged [daily-reputation-limit]

Users may only earn a certain amount of reputation each day, with the exception of reputation coming from accepted answers and bounties.

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Reputation change bug

I recently answered this question (Simple quadratic function, but can't understand the question).I got 24 upvotes as well as my answer(edited by @Dan) was accepted; but my reputation change due ...
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When is an upvote worth just one reputation point?

I noticed that the last upvote I received was worth only one reputation point. Is it because I have reached the daily limit or is there some other reason for it?
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1 answer

200 reputations limit per day [duplicate]

Is the reputations obtained in one day over this limit can be reported for the next day? If not, don't you think it might be a risk of loosing motivation answering after that very limit? (Just ...
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Negative points [closed]

This piss me off! I answer a question and I got 2 up votes. First I got 4 points for 1st up vote and then I g0t even -2 points for second up vote. And moderator is ignoring me. I flag the answer ...
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Why Reputation is Locked After a Serial Up-Voting?

On August 21st, I saw that I have -195 in my reputation page (See the picture below). It was written voting corrected. Then I checked out the related help page for it. I realized that I was a victim ...
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If reputation reaches daily maximum

What happens if a person answers a question when he has a daily reputation of say 187 on a particular day, and then someone accepts his answer and as well as gives an upvote ? I had read somewhere ...
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Is there a reputation cap per day, or is it a bug? [duplicate]

I posted a few answers yesterday on Math.SE, and for some reason one of them picked up steam: it currently has been upvoted 22 times, which is... quite pleasing, even if it sounds vain. Now, what ...
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Are there regular situations in wich the upvote is not accompanied by a raise of reputation? [duplicate]

In my view gaining reputation on MSE shows much resemblance with fishing. Sometimes they bite, sometimes they don't. Often I wonder things like "why?", or "why not?". Yesterday (11-11) I had my ...
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What is the motivation behind capping daily reputation points at 200?

What is the motivation behind capping daily reputation points at 200? Is it because the mods think we should spend some time with our kids? And eat. And sleep. And bathe. And, if it's not clear, ...
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I have a problem with raising reputation for up votes on my posts [duplicate]

I answered some question in the MSE and I earned some up votes, but I got no change in my total reputation and I don't know what's the problem. I have this problem for three days and just I earned ...
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10 votes
1 answer

Is there a maximal daily reputation loss from voting?

It is well known that you can only gain 200 points of reputation by upvotes. The rest is discarded, unless it is coming from accepting/accepted answers and bounties. Suppose that over the next UTC ...
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5 votes
1 answer

A question about Daily reputation limit

If I reach maximum reputation of $200$ a day and still get upvotes, will I get more of my reputation back the next day?
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7 votes
1 answer

How did I get more than 200 rep in one day?

Yesterday, I earned a reputation of 222 (in a single day) despite the fact that the help pages say that the limit is 200. How is that possible?
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2 votes
2 answers

What constitutes a day for the purposes of daily limits?

There is a daily limit of 200 rep for things like upvotes on answers. What constitutes a day though? Is it a rolling 24 hour period? 12:00am to 12:00am GMT? Something similar with my own time zone?
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1 answer

Reputation question

Empirically, I see that it is impossible to get more than around 270 points in a day (the system stops giving credit after a while). And yet, when you look at the list of top weekly rep gatherers, it ...
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13 votes
2 answers

Downvotes and the maximum daily reputation

Due mostly to my two answers to the popular question Are there any open mathematical puzzles?, I received $35$ upvotes today (in the sense of UTC time). As a user can only receive reputation for $20$ ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Reputation Glitch

I am having an issues with my reputation. Namely, I get upvoted/have an answer accepted but don't receive any reputation. Examples of this are: $\mathbb{Q}[X,Y]/(Y^2-X^3)$ is not a UFD If $K$ is ...
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Strange behavior of the reputation tab

I recently removed an answer of mine which I posted a few days ago. On the day of posting the answer it gained several votes, but I also gained more than that amount of votes when I capped out. So ...
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Upvotes without getting the points (with 115 daily rep). Bounty related?

Sorry for a technical question (I've already seen the answers to this and this). Though I have earned 200 daily rep already, I have also set a 100 points bounty, so that somehow the counter stopped at ...
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1 answer

Why does one get more upvotes without getting the corresponding points? [duplicate]

I am getting more up votes on one of my answers and I am not getting the corresponding points! For example, I have 16 up votes with only 80 points. Can someone explain this? Thank you.
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1 answer

Reputation points frozen? [duplicate]

My reputation points don't seem to be moving up or down. Have my points been frozen for a reason, or is it a bug? Is anyone else experiencing this? Edit: Is there perhaps a cap on the amount that can ...
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6 votes
1 answer

votes not counting for the last hour or so

Odd thing, I did see my increased score when this answer was accepted: What's the best way to detect an algebraic number? but no sign of the three separate upvotes. Similar for yesterday's Can an ...
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1 answer

invisible, unawarded upvote

For an answer on MSE I appear to have gotten 1 upvote, my reputation page shows an upvote at 22:51:04, but no points (just a blank where points usually show). I can find no reason why the points aren'...
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Capped reputation

I just read about the reputation cap of 200, and I have two questions. Say that it happens I get more than twenty upvotes for my answers in one day. Will the reputation beyond capped be permanently ...
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