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Dark Mode is a pathway to many UI elements that some would consider unnatural. Dark Mode is currently only supported on Stack Overflow (English as well as the other languages) and questions about it should be asked on the site's own meta or on Meta Stack Overflow. Questions about the possibility, feasibility, or schedule of rolling out Dark Mode elsewhere on the network are acceptable here.

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Dark theme in MSE [duplicate]

I couldn't find whether this question has been already asked and whether this is really necessary. Do we have an option to use dark theme in MSE? I am not aware whether MSE offers dark mode. It will ...
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8 votes
3 answers

How can an image be made which displays correctly both in dark and light modes?

How can an image be made, for insertion into a StackExchange question or answer, so that if a user uses dark mode and the web page's background is dark, the image displays as dark with white ...
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Is there any plan to bring dark mode to MSE as in the case of Stack Overflow?

Recently, dark mode has been applied on The result is fantastic to me. Is there any plan to bring it to MSE?
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