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How to handle a "hidden" answer

I am confused by the message "This answer is hidden. This answer was deleted and converted to a comment" that I got when I tried to answer my own question. After a year developing a better ...
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May I ask why my answer was deleted without explanation?

In Why do we believe the equation ax+by+c=0 represents a line?, I wrote this answer: Let $A=\left(x_{A},y_{A}\right)$ and $B=\left(x_{B},y_{B}\right)$ be distinct points. We define the line $l$ ...
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Searching for a deleted answer to my question

A week ago I posted this question: anonym (, How do I compute the Fourier Coefficients of a Riesz Product?, URL (version: 2023-09-06): How do I ...
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Can I retract a flag on a deleted post?

I flagged a GPT answer for moderator attention on June 21st; I don't think I knew about the moderation strike at the time. This answer has since been deleted, but the flag still registers as pending. ...
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I wrote an answer to my own question but it got deleted because someone didn't understand my question

Yesterday I asked a question which was quite open ended and lacked direction because I wasn't sure exactly what I was asking. I put some examples and very general statements to try to account for my ...
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Locating a deleted answer to my question

2 days ago I posted this question: Suppose we have $F(z)=f(\phi(z))$ where $\phi$ is a mobius transformation which maps points of the unit circle to points of the unit circle. Suppose also that there ...
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I really want to see a post but it was deleted. What should I do? [duplicate]

I found a post on Mathematics Stack Exchange by approach$0$ which would be very helpful to me, however opening it I saw it was deleted. From the title, I saw ...
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Why this my upvoted answer has been deleted by moderator with no explanation?

This my answer seems to be absolutely relevant to the question: This looks like some personal attack. The answer is below. If it is undeleted I would like ...
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How can I get my answer's deletion reviewed and possibly overturned [duplicate]

Before posting here, I read these three posts: How does deleting work? What can cause a post to be deleted, and what does that actually mean? What are the criteria for deletion? which says: "...
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How to tell OP the answer to their question if my answers are getting deleted and I don't have enough rating to comment?

I have a question about my Mathematics Stack Exchange post: Coordinate-free definition of integration of differential forms? This question is answered in the book Global Calculus by Ramanan, Chapter ...
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Short answer turned into a comment by moderator

I'd like to update my poor knowledge about the policy of this site: The hints, which are usually very short answers, have become unwanted (as answers, I mean)? I'm asking this since my my answer ...
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Forum deleting questions and answers

It does feel to me that the moderators here go too far when it comes to deleting questions here. These are often questions that were quite interesting in their own right and received some good answers ...
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What would be the right answer to the question "Is this a typo in my textbook"?

This question asks if a statement from a textbook (which looks wrong to the OP) contains a typo or mistake. It is a mistake, indeed. I answered “Yes, this is an error. Well spotted.” … and my answer ...
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Reposting a deleted answer

Suppose that a question has an answer which is correct and was upvoted, but which has been deleted (along with the account responsible). Is it acceptable to copy the content of such an answer and ...
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Reason for Deletion of my Answer? [duplicate]

I have a question about my Mathematics Stack Exchange post: Derivative of a functional and taylor series I would argue that the answer provides enough context to the question to resolve it. At the ...
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What are you supposed to do when your answer is deleted?

A week ago I found a question here that I could answer. I registered on the site and posted my answer. Just a couple of hours later, my answer was deleted by votes from three trusted users. I do not ...
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"You cannot delete this answer" popup when reviewing first posts

I was reviewing the "First answers" queue when I was presented with this post (*): it is clearly not an answer, so I flagged it as NaN and then I also clicked on the "Delete" ...
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Reasonable answer deleted by high reputation user

As an anonymous user, I gave an answer to this question: Equivalence of two expressions for the Weeks manifold hyperbolic volume I gave a link to a paper of Zagier which explains how one can write ...
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How to view the recently deleted answer?

I thought there was an answer to this question, but it seems to be deleted. How to view the deleted answer? many thanks! Prove or disprove $SO(4n) \supseteq \frac{(Sp(1)\times Sp(n))}{\mathbb{Z}_2}$? ...
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Why are those kind of posts deleted [duplicate]

While looking at my list of 'recently deleted answers' I found two deleted questions, and I strongly disagree. Both are non-trivial (interesting) problems with interesting answers. My opinion: MSE is ...
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Closed /deleted questions, answers, comments repository

To improve it in order to ask next better question or supply better answer etc., is there a repository of such items for recycling/re-harvesting ? for back dated references? Those items that may have ...
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One of the best questions (in my opinion) that I have asked has been deleted

Recently, folks have downvoted, closed, and now deleted a question which I feel is a great question. I suspect that either I will get a fantastic answer here why this is really a terrible question (in ...
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Who voted to delete an answer? [duplicate]

If someone votes to delete an answer that I posted and I don't know why, I could ask them what part of the posting they object to and use that information to edit the posting, provided I know who they ...
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Can I eliminate an answer after its deletion?

I know that users with $10$k reputation can view other user's deleted answers. My question: Is there a way to completely delete an answer so that no one can view it?
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If I post a question or an answer, which gets upvotes, and I delete said post do I lose reputation?

My Question (most likely a duplicate, but I couldn't find such): If I post something (i.e a question or an answer) and it gets say 2 upvotes, and I delete said post do I then lose all the reputation ...
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How do I bring the attention towards a removed post? (I want to flag it for moderator attention) [duplicate]

Just around 17 minutes ago, a question to which I have posted an answer got removed. I have seen this problem on meta somewhere where a solution was provided: flag the post for moderator attention and ...
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Does reputation change if an answer gets deleted due to deletion of original post by vote(s)?

I recently found that the following post $\lim_{x\rightarrow +\infty}\sqrt{x}e^{-x}\left(\sum_{k=1}^{\infty}\frac{x^{k}}{k!\sqrt{k}}\right)$ was deleted by vote(s) and as a result my answer also got ...
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Is it a good thing to erase wrong answer?

Recently, user answered this question Inequality for Distribution of points in space, but his solution was wrong. (I don't know in what detail am I supposed to explain things here since this is my ...
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Notice when an answer you commented on gets deleted

I posted an answer to a question but it turns out I had a major error in it. Another user posted a comment pointing out the error. I agree with the comment and so I deleted the answer. For SE in ...
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I don't understand this audit.

Recently, when going through the Low Quality Posts review queue, I failed an audit. Of course, audits have notoriously been inaccurate at times and I have failed other review audits before, but those ...
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How (if at all) can I vote to undelete a question (and its answers) without also voting to reopen it?

A question with several answers, including one by me, was closed, and shortly afterwards it was deleted. I can see what appears to be an active "reopen" button on the question itself. There is an ...
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Deleted question/answer is visible

I wonder why are deleted answers still visible to people with enough reputation. I'm not comfortable with this. Is it possible to change that. If I delete something then I don't want anyone to see my ...
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Deleted *answers* which are improved

If a question is low quality then high rep. users have the option to close it, and then later the option to delete it. This has a built-in safeguard, in the sense that if the question is closed but ...
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Why was this useful answer deleted?

I'd like to know why this answer was deleted by a moderator. It doesn't answer the question completely, but it goes a long way towards answering it. Answers such as this that report on substantial ...
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Is it possible to migrate an answer from one question to another?

Is it possible to migrate an answer from one question to another question without losing reputation and comments. This happened to me recently whereby the OP had asked two questions and it turned out ...
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Deletion of my answer did not lead to reputation loss [duplicate]

Recently (more than 24 hours have passed) one of my answers got deleted, as collateral damage. However, it is strange that my points +98 (10-2) have not been revoked. In my experience when I was ...
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Should this answer (such style of answers) be deleted?

I've just come across an answer § to a question on Ramanujan summation, which seems to me to be simply a long suada of sentences - even although the verbal content is mathematics terminology. There is ...
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Why was my post deleted [closed]

My post for the question - On taking on taking square roots, by Niki -was interesting to me ,I posted 2 answers pertaining to comments and relevant to the question.For some reason the posts were ...
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A case for deleting wrong answers

Yesterday I observed (on my cellphone) that Google returned a top-level "snippet" for graph isomorphism that quoted this old (and incorrect) Answer. Normally I do ...
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Deleting meaningless answers?

I saw recent thread on whether incorrect answers should be deleted. What about answers that are "not even wrong", because they use notation in ways that simply make no sense? I'm thinking about two of ...
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Should we vote to delete wrong answers?

It is not difficult to notice that sometimes an answer is deleted (by users other than the OP)1 simply on the grounds that it is considered incorrect by the users who voted to delete. (Probably if you ...
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How to recover unsaved in-progress text from my answer to deleted question, still visible in my local client?

I was in the midst of a lengthy edit to my answer to a question, when the question was deleted before I had saved the new text. The webpage was dynamically updated in my browser tab with an overlay ...
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What can I do if the problem is deleted when I tried to edit my answer?

Yesterday ($8$ hours ago) there was a problem asking to find the residue of $\exp (\csc(1/z))$ at each of its singularity. I answered that problem and then today morning, I thought to edit my answer ...
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I deleted my post. And now?

I recently deleted one of my own posts so I can ask the question again and maybe drive more attention to it, since I put much effort into it. But it seems like deleting a post does not really delete ...
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Why was my self-answer deleted?

I recently answered my own question but my answer was deleted promptly for being 'additional information' rather than an answer. Here's the question: Different uses of 'almost sure' And my ...
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Question answered in comments

I asked a question, linked here on MSE, and then later realised where I could be going wrong. I asked about this in the comments, and it was confirmed to me in the comments by the user Random Variable ...
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Answer to deleted question shows as "deleted by *owner*"?

I happened to notice that this question which I had previously answered has been deleted. That's perfectly fine by me, and I don't mean to question the deletion itself in any way. What I find odd is ...
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Getting reputation back after deleting answer

Today it happened to me 2 times, I posted answer to questions and I got 3 (and 1 on another answer) downvotes on my answer. After that I deleted my answers. Then after some time when I check my ...
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Can I read replies to my comments on deleted answer?

I had notifications on my phone that I had received responses to my comments to an answer by Norbert on Regarding linear independence on a normed-linear space given a condition. When I went to the ...
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How to delete posts on the site?

I would like to delete one of my questions as I managed to solve it. However, I do not know how to delete my post. Can I delete my question? How can I delete a post? Under which circumstances is it ...
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