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Questions tagged [deleted-questions]

This tag refers to all questions deleted from Stack Exchange sites. The tag 'specific-question' should also be used when referencing a specific question that has been deleted.

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Can I delete a question permanently?

I want to delete a question permanently, also from the deleted questions section. Is it possible? Also, are my deleted question viewable by some users?
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My upvoted and answered question was deleted what to do [duplicate]

I had posted a question on mathematics stack exchange website 3 weeks ago with my attempt. Some of the users accepted it with 6 upvotes at that time. After 7 hours it was answered by an user and I ...
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Why was this question closed/deleted for lacking context?

This question was closed, and the reason was lack of context. While I understand that an attempt doesn't equal context, I am confused as to what exactly was wrong with the post. The OP had made some ...
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Ask a new question or undelete and edit the deleted question?

So initially I asked a not so well-focused and clear question on expressing functions as sums of exponential and sinusoidal functions. Then later I deleted it because it wasn’t so clear. Then, just ...
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Why my first question was deleted? [duplicate]

My first question was deleted more than a year ago. I will admit that I didn’t give additional context and an effort as at that time, I was very new to the site and I don’t know that it is requirement ...
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Question regarding deleted questions whilst under a post ban.

I wanted to ask if you could recycle deleted questions that the Bot has automatically deleted and repurpose them into new questions before voting to undelete whilst under a post ban in any Stack ...
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Can I recycle deleted questions?

Context I wanted to completely empty the list of questions I had deleted but I realized that it is not possible to delete them permanently (or at least... I didn't find it). Question I was wondering ...
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Why was my question down voted and deleted, even though I mentioned my level (learning on my own in the Internet) and showed source and my reasoning?

I have a question about my Mathematics Stack Exchange post: Can a residue class $(a \textrm{ mod } n)$ have a negative $n$? My question is: could someone provide me feedback on why this question was ...
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Can I retract a flag on a deleted post?

I flagged a GPT answer for moderator attention on June 21st; I don't think I knew about the moderation strike at the time. This answer has since been deleted, but the flag still registers as pending. ...
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I really want to see a post but it was deleted. What should I do? [duplicate]

I found a post on Mathematics Stack Exchange by approach$0$ which would be very helpful to me, however opening it I saw it was deleted. From the title, I saw ...
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Please elaborate why this question was deleted. I asked this question some days ago and also got some clear answers.( though I didn't marked any answer at that time as accepted because on that day I ...
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Question closed as duplicate, but the linked question was deleted

This is related to Question closed as a duplicate, link points to question closed as a duplicate, but it is more problematic. The question (Q) Prove that quotient topology $\mathbb{R}/\sim$ is the ...
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Why was this question automatically deleted by the Community Bot on 08/13/2022?

Why was this question automatically deleted by the Community Bot on 08/13/2022? (And for no apparent good reason, that is!) I tried voting to undelete, but it says I can no longer vote to undelete, ...
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4 votes
3 answers

I want to respond to a comment on my answer which I want to Delete?

Let us say, I answer a Question. One user comes along to Point out that my answer is wrong. I want to Delete that wrong answer. All okay till now. Still, I want to respond to that user who left a ...
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Find comment or answer about notation

If I remember correctly I asked a question during spring 2020 about group theory or algebra and somebody wrote that they had an informal symbol for a generalized operation (I think it looked similar ...
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42 votes
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Forum deleting questions and answers

It does feel to me that the moderators here go too far when it comes to deleting questions here. These are often questions that were quite interesting in their own right and received some good answers ...
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7 votes
2 answers

In search of a possibly deleted question

I'm trying to find a possibly deleted question. I don't remember the user. Is this possible? It was a question about finding $$\operatorname{E}\left[g(X)\right]$$ If my memory serves me correctly $$g(...
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I can't find my on-topic post with positive vote and answer. Possibly has been deleted?

I have asked around year ago a question something like "Prove that any compact, connected, simply connected, semisimple Lie group is $SU(2)$" and want to read its answer but now I can't ...
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Voting to delete a Question after it has been reopened and reclosed

Scenario A post is closed. A user votes to delete that closed post. The post is reopened without ever having been deleted. The post is reclosed. In this situation, the user who originally voted to ...
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Why was this question and its answer deleted, and how to undelete it?

I noticed by accident that the question Recurrence on partial orders [closed], asked by user948104 on Sep 11, has been closed and deleted. Along the question went also my answer, to which I had spent ...
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18 votes
2 answers

A question quickly closed and deleted

I've been trying to stay off meta recently, but I did want to talk about the following question: Why is this proof of the collatz conjecture wrong The question is now deleted, so here is a quote of ...
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2 answers

Why did I lose 40 rep overnight?

Yesterday I had reputation 7098, and now I it is 7058. What happened? Is it connected to the ongoing personal baiting campaign on me?
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A question missed in my "recently deleted answers" link [duplicate]

I had a deleted question (with no answer) two months ago and it could be found always in my recently deleted questions link. Today, I needed a good comment on that post but the post (the question) is ...
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User deletes their account and questions several times after receiving comments/answers

I have noticed a certain activity which strikes me as odd and somehow suspicious. A few weeks ago, a user posted a question; after two answers were posted to this question, the user deleted their ...
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Recently proposed problems in mathematical journals are subject to contest problem policy?

I'm wondering what was the reason for the moderator Asaf Karagila deleted this question: I know the question is a problem in the last AMM issue for the ...
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I have the answer to a question I wrote that was deleted

About a year ago I wrote a question and it was immediately deleted because I didn't provide enough context. But I now would be able to answer it. I saw on some of the meta questions that you can ...
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Recover closed question on math.stackexchange?

Is there a way to recover a question (talking about Veblen ordinal hierarchies and tetration) on math.stackexchange that has been closed time ago? Need to archive its contents on my webpage and I ...
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Why are those kind of posts deleted [duplicate]

While looking at my list of 'recently deleted answers' I found two deleted questions, and I strongly disagree. Both are non-trivial (interesting) problems with interesting answers. My opinion: MSE is ...
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Closed /deleted questions, answers, comments repository

To improve it in order to ask next better question or supply better answer etc., is there a repository of such items for recycling/re-harvesting ? for back dated references? Those items that may have ...
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Curiosity about a deleted question.

This question has been deleted, but I'm still a little curious about the claim. This is not the first time I have been curious about a question, but later I find out that it has been deleted. I'm not ...
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One of the best questions (in my opinion) that I have asked has been deleted

Recently, folks have downvoted, closed, and now deleted a question which I feel is a great question. I suspect that either I will get a fantastic answer here why this is really a terrible question (in ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Where did my question go? [duplicate]

I asked a question previously on Math.SE. Halfway through the question, I realized that I might have found a solution. So I deleted the question, tried the solution; it didn't work. Now I wish to ...
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Flagging WHYT on deleted posts

Background info The comment "what have you tried" has been banned on the SE network, and it's removable by a single flag. Motivation The Marshal badge is awarded to users who have raised 500 ...
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Deletion of question [duplicate] Why question with above link has been deleted? This question was asked in ISI UGA 2009 EXAM.
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Cleaned up a mess of a question for user just to have it deleted

Is there anything to stop the users from deleting their cleaned up posts? I completely cleaned up this post
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Why was my duplicate and deleted post reopened and undeleted?

My question was correctly closed as a duplicate of this one. I deleted the question after it was closed, but 7 hours after (13 minutes ago at the time of writing), the post was reopened and undeleted ...
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1 answer

Is it possible to view my own answer for a deleted question?

I was trying to remember a problem I answered a month ago but could not find it in my profile page answer list. I think it is safe to assume the question was deleted. Is there any way I can look at a ...
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Not too old of a question, with answers, was deleted, why?

I answered a question like a month back concerning the radius of convergence of a specific series where the poster had a polynomial so I pointed out that convergence is all of $\mathbb{R}$, not the ...
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2 answers

How could this question be deleted? [duplicate]

This question was recently deleted (with 3 users voting to delete). The help topic "why and how are some questions deleted" says questions are deleted if they are "extremely off topic&...
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What to do with duplicates of deleted questions?

There are 109 questions that are closed as duplicates of deleted posts. This SEDE query lists all such posts. Can we do something about these posts? One question is on its way to be Roomba'd and some ...
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homework questions deleted by poster - authentication by teacher

Suppose a question is given by a teacher to a student, who obtains an answer here, copies it and then deletes the question. Is there an easy way for the teacher to prove that the student has not ...
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If I post a question or an answer, which gets upvotes, and I delete said post do I lose reputation?

My Question (most likely a duplicate, but I couldn't find such): If I post something (i.e a question or an answer) and it gets say 2 upvotes, and I delete said post do I then lose all the reputation ...
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How do I bring the attention towards a removed post? (I want to flag it for moderator attention) [duplicate]

Just around 17 minutes ago, a question to which I have posted an answer got removed. I have seen this problem on meta somewhere where a solution was provided: flag the post for moderator attention and ...
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Please don't delete your question [duplicate]

This is not a question; it is simply that something happened that annoyed me and I wanted to record it. Moments ago, I was typing an answer to when ...
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23 votes
2 answers

Common problem: OP deletes question immediately upon receiving answer

I saw a question on this site and solved it and took a very long time to answer it after a lot of typing, and as soon as the asker saw the solution he/she deleted their question immediately. Is this ...
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Locking & deleting

Recently, a question was deleted while locked. The Help Center says, In most cases, a post which is "locked" cannot be modified in any way. Locking prevents... on the post (...
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1 answer

Why can't I edit my own deleted (hidden) question?

There was an issue in my last question on Math.Stackexchange. I wanted to first formulate the general idea of my question, and then work on the question a little bit. It would be ideal if I could do ...
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A deleted question had 9 undelete votes and still stayed deleted. How could this happen?

I noted a question that had 9 undelete votes, yet it was still deleted, and it was deleted by 10 people. Logically one could expect that it requires 10 votes to undelete, but the question still ...
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Why is my question deleted as "missing context"?

Why is my question deleted as "missing context"? I once asked a question about the integral of $(\operatorname{sech} x)^2$. It got deleted as "missing context".
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Does reputation change if an answer gets deleted due to deletion of original post by vote(s)?

I recently found that the following post $\lim_{x\rightarrow +\infty}\sqrt{x}e^{-x}\left(\sum_{k=1}^{\infty}\frac{x^{k}}{k!\sqrt{k}}\right)$ was deleted by vote(s) and as a result my answer also got ...
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