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Questions tagged [deleted-questions]

This tag refers to all questions deleted from Stack Exchange sites. The tag 'specific-question' should also be used when referencing a specific question that has been deleted.

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Forum deleting questions and answers

It does feel to me that the moderators here go too far when it comes to deleting questions here. These are often questions that were quite interesting in their own right and received some good answers ...
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User deletes their account and questions several times after receiving comments/answers

I have noticed a certain activity which strikes me as odd and somehow suspicious. A few weeks ago, a user posted a question; after two answers were posted to this question, the user deleted their ...
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Provide a way to search for a user's answers to closed questions

The only notification one gets that a question they've answered has met with others' dissatisfaction is when it has been deleted and their reputation is reduced. It would be nice if a user, who has ...
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Question closed as duplicate, but the linked question was deleted

This is related to Question closed as a duplicate, link points to question closed as a duplicate, but it is more problematic. The question (Q) Prove that quotient topology $\mathbb{R}/\sim$ is the ...
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Question "voluntarily removed by author" immediately after answer

So this topic has been discussed multiple times on Meta. I am posting this to report a specific incident. This homework question was deleted by its author shortly after an answer was posted. Yes, the ...
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I provided answer, edit and comments but the next day the question is deleted. Should I react on this?

This is the question mentioned in the title. It bothers me that - without any explanation - the OP has deleted it. I can communicate this (especially the fact that I dislike it, and wonder about his ...
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Why was my question down voted and deleted, even though I mentioned my level (learning on my own in the Internet) and showed source and my reasoning?

I have a question about my Mathematics Stack Exchange post: Can a residue class $(a \textrm{ mod } n)$ have a negative $n$? My question is: could someone provide me feedback on why this question was ...
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How to find old deleted posts of my own?

I recently noted that one of my questions on meta.MSE has been deleted. Seems like it has been a victim of the auto-deletion script. I usually keep improving the English my old posts. The same issue ...
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Why was this question closed/deleted for lacking context?

This question was closed, and the reason was lack of context. While I understand that an attempt doesn't equal context, I am confused as to what exactly was wrong with the post. The OP had made some ...
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Is there an "undelete queue"?

Now Undeleted I have a question deleted by Community due to RemoveAbandonedClosed. I tried editing it so that it becomes on-topic, and I casted "undelete" and "...
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Notification when questions/answers will be or are deleted

I just realized that one of my question was deleted by Community. I can't remember being been notified about that. And since happens already at least the second time, I would be nice if SE could ...
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Question I answered about 3 hours ago has disappeared

I answered this question here about 3 hours ago correctly. The user seems to have deleted the entire thread including my answer. Is this really what happened and if so, is this behaviour accepted on ...
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I had answered a question yesterday. Today it shows deleted for purposes. Why?

I had answered a question of Normal Clock vs Broken Clock here. Today it shows that it has been deleted for purposes. What does it mean? The question was good and had 4 (now 2) upvotes so there is a ...
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One of the best questions (in my opinion) that I have asked has been deleted

Recently, folks have downvoted, closed, and now deleted a question which I feel is a great question. I suspect that either I will get a fantastic answer here why this is really a terrible question (in ...
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Why do I get a warning when I delete my own post with only my comment in it?

I asked a question 10 minutes ago, I added a comment for more info about the question with a comment. 2 minutes later I was able to solve the problem and wanted to delete my post. I got a warning ...
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Disappearing apollonian-gasket

Apollonian gasket disappeared although it had a detailed answer by achille hui. Anyone knows the reason?
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I have the answer to a question I wrote that was deleted

About a year ago I wrote a question and it was immediately deleted because I didn't provide enough context. But I now would be able to answer it. I saw on some of the meta questions that you can ...
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Mod-deleted answer is hidden on mobile but not on desktop?

A (meta) answer was deleted by a moderator. When I view it on desktop, it merely appears to be deleted, but when I view it on mobile the content of the answer is hidden with a text saying This ...
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A question of mine has apparently vanished

It was titled something like: 3-d representation of CQHRL(5). If I deleted this, it was not intentional. Can someone restore this question? Thanks in advance.
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Recover closed question on math.stackexchange?

Is there a way to recover a question (talking about Veblen ordinal hierarchies and tetration) on math.stackexchange that has been closed time ago? Need to archive its contents on my webpage and I ...
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A missing question in the list of recently deleted questions

I saw a topology question 15 minutes ago, and I had seen it somewhere else... In fact, the question asker self-deleted her own question and re-posted it. I would like to retrieve the URL of the self-...
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Why was my answer deleted without me knowing about it?

I answered this question yesterday but I noticed that my answer was deleted without my knowledge. My answer was written 13 hours ago and both the question and my answer were deleted 10 hours ago. ...
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sometimes, deleting a question shouldn't be immediate?

It is the second time it happens to me today, I take 5 minutes to understand a question, then 10 minutes for writing (and editing multiple times) a detailed answer or comment, I'm proud of me, and ...
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Deleteing a bad question with answers

I asked a question which I latter realized was silly. It had already received answers. Should it be deleted or should an answer be accepted?
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Viewing deleted questions from the user profile

I would like to verify claims like this easily by going to a user's profile page and looking at the question list. The problem is, deleted questions aren't shown there. It might be helpful to include ...
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Problem in posting my questiom

Yesterday I have posted a question then I deleted today. Right after I tried to repost my question with a different title because somehow I wasn't specific. The problem is that I can't post it anymore ...
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Reposting a (mathematical) question that disappeared

Yesterday I posted a comment on a recent math.SE question that interested me, suggesting a "perhaps.. fruitful" approach. Later with a bit more insight I looked back and found the question had ...
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Curiosity about a deleted question.

This question has been deleted, but I'm still a little curious about the claim. This is not the first time I have been curious about a question, but later I find out that it has been deleted. I'm not ...
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homework questions deleted by poster - authentication by teacher

Suppose a question is given by a teacher to a student, who obtains an answer here, copies it and then deletes the question. Is there an easy way for the teacher to prove that the student has not ...
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Premature Deletion

A while ago a question was deleted for which I had spent quite a while doing the research to answer it correctly. The reason for its deletion appears to be that most people didn't think enough ...
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Can't find post about propositional logic, probably deleted.

There was a post on a few days ago, I want to say Thursday or Friday night (SEpt 17th or 18th 2015) where a user was asking for help showing some propositional logic result without using truth ...
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Find comment or answer about notation

If I remember correctly I asked a question during spring 2020 about group theory or algebra and somebody wrote that they had an informal symbol for a generalized operation (I think it looked similar ...
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I can't find my on-topic post with positive vote and answer. Possibly has been deleted?

I have asked around year ago a question something like "Prove that any compact, connected, simply connected, semisimple Lie group is $SU(2)$" and want to read its answer but now I can't ...
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Not too old of a question, with answers, was deleted, why?

I answered a question like a month back concerning the radius of convergence of a specific series where the poster had a polynomial so I pointed out that convergence is all of $\mathbb{R}$, not the ...
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Immediate question deletion to prevent others from seeing an answer

I recently answered a question about a simple strategy game. (Mine was the only answer.) The OP deleted the question about a minute later. It occurs to me that he might not have wanted a potential ...
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