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How can I write "**TRUE**" or "**FALSE**" in MathJax whout using `\text{}` [duplicate]

How can I write "TRUE" or "FALSE" in MathJax without writing \text{} more than once or twice? Suppose I wanted to describe the set containing ...
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How can we set \displaystyle for a whole text?

Since there is no preamble to set \displaystyle for the whole text, how can we do to avoid writing \displaystyle each time we write a new formula? (but I still want to write inline) For example if I ...
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Rendering MathJaX: cropped formulas

In my recent Question Limit without de l'Hôpital: $\lim _{x\to 0\color{red}{\boldsymbol -}}\left(1+x^3\right)^{\frac{1}{\left(x^2+1\right)^4-1}}$ there is a problem of visualization. I have ...
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Display issue on question without any changes being made

This answer previously displayed properly, and hasn't been edited since. I.e. it looked fine yesterday when I provided the bounty. Also, compare how it appears in the revisions, this is what it looked ...
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Inserting braces in a brace [closed]

I don’t know how can I ensert the right braces using latex... Any help is appreciated...
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