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Questions tagged [dupehammer]

"The Dupehammer" refers to the ability of tag gold badge owners to unilaterally close and reopen duplicates which were asked in tags of which they have a golden badge.

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18 votes
2 answers

Can I forsake my superpowers?

I have been slowly collecting gold-badge super-powers in a few categories. I am not comfortable with them. I like to be able to vote on a post, and make the community aware of it and either agree or ...
17 votes
5 answers

How close a match we need to close a recurring question as a duplicate?

An hour ago I closed a question as a duplicate of an, in my opinion appropriate, generic question. Two gold badge holders have since expressed disagreement with my decision, and the question has since ...
10 votes
2 answers

Can one avoid gold badge superpowers by temporarily removing tags?

As described here, earning a gold tag badge has the side effect that one's votes to close questions in the tag as duplicates become immediately binding instead of going through the usual voting ...
21 votes
1 answer

Question having excellent answer marked as dupe of a newer question

A high rep user who posted an answer to this question asked in 2014 marked my question asked in 2012 as duplicate. As such there is nothing wrong with flagging older questions as dupes of newer ones ...
6 votes
0 answers

Tags in the dupehammer tooltip are nearly impossible to see

Today I noticed this: The tag in the dupehammer tooltip is is nearly impossible to see. Can the font colour be changed?
8 votes
1 answer

Mjölnir malfunction

I saw a question which was wrongfully tagged with several irrelevant tags, one of which is the general-topology in which I have closure superpowers. I retagged the question as elementary-set-theory in ...
-9 votes
1 answer

Should we be able to close questions only when we have the tag of field of the question asked?

As far as it may puts users in danger of being blocked from asking any more, shouldn't we be able to close questions only when we have shown to the community we were competent (acquiring the tag ...
5 votes
1 answer

spurious interaction between close votes for different reasons

This question had two close votes with reason "off-topic because ... missing details". I mistook it for a duplicate (of this question) and voted to close it for that reason, unaware that I'm now able ...
0 votes
1 answer

What is needed to have the right to close a question (as a duplicate) with a single vote?

I've noticed that some questions are closed by a single vote. What's needed to give an user such a privilege?
0 votes
1 answer

You want me to put the hammer down?

I have a small request to make about gold badge hammers for duplicates: If a question is migrated from another site, allow the first retag to be included in the tags whose gold members are eligible ...
41 votes
1 answer

Why do I have superpowers?

I just voted to close a question as a duplicate, and it got immediately closed. How?? Why?? Should I use these powers for good, or for evil? Is the "set" of all algebraic extensions a ...