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This tag is aimed for discussions about etiquette: how to behave on the site and the chat.

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Main Chatroom Guidelines

Welcome. Hello friends. My online handle is anon, and I will be your guide. Associated with the Mathematics StackExchange is the main chatroom. I am chatroom co-owner alongside current moderator ...
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Retire localized meta.MSE acronyms including PSQ and its variants

Earlier in 2013, for a short time a volcano of postings about basic homework questions took over practically the entire meta.MSE, with the same 20 users rapidly exchanging what seemed to be thousands ...
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Cross posting, or flag for migration?

Now that MathOverflow is within a flag for moderator away, comes the question. Suppose that you post a question on MSE, and it's a good question and you get some positive feedback. However nothing ...
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How do I find the right questions to answer?

I'm not sure if this is on-topic for meta; I apologize if it isn't, but I think it's OK because it's somewhat the opposite of this. My question is about how I can improve as a contributor, not about ...
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Slightly spammy behavior

I don't know if it's too early to call this a problem, but two usernames with seemingly identical style, notation and subject matter have spammed a total of 10 questions today. (Not that asking a lot ...
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Accepted, upvoted and downvoted answers or comments

I am quite new on SE but what I notice is (generally speaking since I have no statistics) that, and this is almost true for most new users, many answers are not accepted neither upvoted. When someone ...
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How long to wait for a reply from the SE staff?

After having contacted the SE staff and not having received an answer, how long should I wait before contacting them again with the same request? In May and June I have received the baptism of serial ...
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What are good ways to ask about (famous) open problems?

I understand that asking a question about a famous open problem is viewed as a bit of a red flag and not encouraged, which makes sense of course. Is there a way to stay within protocol/etiquette ...
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Is it appropriate to cite a source that contains Chinese?

I am a Chinese user. I understand we should use English in SE, but is it appropriate to cite a source that contains Chinese (the main content still present in English)?
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Changing a question before it has been answered

So here are three questions which discuss why changing a question once you've asked it is wrong: question edited to change meaning Can I change the existing question to a new one? "Bug" in ...
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What is the etiquette of tag creation and editing?

In this years Tag management thread, I've suggested the creation of the tags hochschild-cohomology and a-infinity-algebras. Let's say for the sake of argument that this suggestion is well received and ...
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What is the appropriate action when a user edits a post to change its meaning?

Reference. The situation is similar to that described here. A poster asked a question, I answered it, and then he changed the question to better reflect what he meant, making my answer incorrect / ...
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I would like to bounty a question that lacks context and possibly focus

This question claims three interesting limits about primes. I think it is poorly phrased, in that there is no context, source, or effort; further, it's unclear if any of the limits are related. That ...
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Tag wikis and answers

Suppose there is an answer given by a user which seems like it would fit perfectly as a tag wiki entry (or part of one). What should be the proper etiquette regarding copy&paste of the answer ...
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How to handle unanswered MSE questions with answers on MO?

For reference, I am looking at this MSE question in particular, which mentions obtaining an answer on MO here. I guess the question was posted to MSE first and, perhaps after nudging from other uses, ...
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Multiple questions in a single post

Recently this question was edited so as to have two separate questions within the same post (after the OP tried to ask me the second question directly in comments on an unrelated question and I ...
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What to do after OP askes a question and then immediately realises its (trivial) answer?

After 1hr thinking in a problem, I gave up, and then I asked a question on math SE. Then, 1 minute after posting it, I realized the answer. Did that already happen to you? What should one do in this ...
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Review Etiquette

I've searched and checked out many questions on meta about how to handle reviews. There is mostly helpful information already available. There is still one particular thing I'm not sure about. If one ...
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RFC: Social norm about 'not an answer, just too long for a comment' and community wiki

Suppose you see a question which is very interesting and you spend some time thinking about it, and you have something to say about it. You start writing as an answer, because you have several points ...
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Asking for feedback on proofs to already answered questions.

Often I find myself in two situations, in both cases I have already the solution or proof to a given problem, but: My answer is very is long and hard to follow. I want to improve it but I am not sure ...
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Using stackexchange to post your own insights Q & A style

On one of my posts, where I posted an answer at the same time that I asked a question, I got several negative votes for someone telling me not to use the site for my personal notes. It was a sort ...
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Deleting questions after answer provided in comment?

Just right now, I asked a question on Math.SE and I happened to delete it when a user satisfactorily answered it in the comments. The reason is perhaps somewhat immature: I thought the question was ...
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what to do if the OP removed content from its question?

While reviewing, I stumbled upon this question. The OP removed the text of his/her question, substituing it with the sentence Please remove this, the question has gone unanswered and help is ...
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Should I edit the question before starting a bounty, or start a new question?

I have a question I would like to start a bounty on. But I would like to edit the question to add the possibility for a stronger result. The question I want to start a bounty on is this question: For ...
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Immediate question deletion to prevent others from seeing an answer

I recently answered a question about a simple strategy game. (Mine was the only answer.) The OP deleted the question about a minute later. It occurs to me that he might not have wanted a potential ...
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Two different but equivalent answers.

Last night I answered this question with a formula and a rationale. A little later someone else answered the same question using a different method with a formula that looks very different, which is ...
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