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This tag is aimed for discussions about etiquette: how to behave on the site and the chat.

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should you ask questions with the intention of answering it yourself [duplicate]

Is this frowned up on/discouraged? The reason I ask is that I might do this so that I can use the question link somewhere else where I cannot type latex.
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Whine... (acknowledging priority) [duplicate]

Say $X$ posts an incorrect, or at least incomplete, answer. I post a complete answer. X edits his or her answer - the new version is imo essentially the same as mine, although imo much less well ...
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Receiving Swearing words as "Answer" (Not "cool")

Please, I do not want to see or read any swearing words from the users or anyone on the Stack Exchange. I do not need to read them also. I have responsibilities to follow or catch up if needed. Could ...
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Editing another users 'unclear what you are asking' question

General question: if a question by another user is put on hold by moderators because it is 'unclear what you are asking' is it ok to edit it to make it clear what is being asked? This came up with ...
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If I am not getting feeback for my questions, can I just post the same question another day?

I posted a thread a few days ago about the explanation of a proof. I arranged the thread by providing little fragments of the proof, getting feeback on that specific fragment and then posting the ...
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Answerer not responding to commenters

In the following answer, the user answered the question wrongly. However, even after commenting asking the user to revise his answer, he did not comply. I have flagged this answer, but I was wondering:...
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Why was my question on the objectivity of math heavily downvoted?

I posted the question Is math truly objective? which has been heavily downvoted (a score of $-9$ at the time of posting). I have requested the downvoters to comment on the rationale behind their ...
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Was it necessary to delete these comments?

First time on Meta. I made (at least) two comments on this question, both of which were deleted. I can't remember which comment was made first. Some context to 'first comment': initially this ...
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Alternate account to remind askers to accept answers when I am one of the answerers

There are many instances when a question receives satisfactory answers yet none of them is accepted. Specifically, in situations when the asker has explicitly commented below useful answers that their ...
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what to do when someone wants you to rewrite your answer [closed]

I wrote this answer and a user began arguing that my proof did not answer the poster's question. I tried very hard to explain that I thought it did. Of course I could be wrong; but nothing this user ...
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User very rarely marks an answer as the accepted one [duplicate]

I have come across a user that very rarely accepts answers even though most of his questions have several answers, some of which are correct and address the user's question more than adequately. I ...
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Increase the complexity of a question once a good answer has been provided for a simplified formulation

I'm wondering if it is considered as good practice to increase the complexity of a question once a good answer has been provided for the original problem. Specifically, assume that in the first place ...
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Asking better Questions

I never got my question on Bergman Spaces answered with any good quality and it received only $1$ upvote and some nonsequitor comment from a very high reputation user, while a similar post about ...
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Editing my answer without my permission.

An edit to the answer I posted was not approved by me and still the edit is visible/effective, how?, moderators used their special privilege?
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Heteronormativity and binary gender assumptions

Recently quite a number of questions have been posted that contain heteronormative assumptions or assumptions about binary genders, e.g. questions about married couples that assume that these consist ...
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