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LaTeX not rendering?

LaTeX seems to not be rendering at the moment. Is this just me? (Chrome on 64-bit Linux) Can we have a 'regenerate TeX' button like at MathOverflow? Maybe even a 'render source' button or GET option ...
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Why can't we downvote comments?

Why can't we downvote comments?
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LaTeX preview should do a live update

Having to wait several seconds for LaTeX preview each time makes it very difficult to write posts that have a lot of typeset mathematics - it would be a big improvement make the updates live.
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16 votes
2 answers

Why use MathJax? It's so slow [closed]

I found that MathJax is extremely slow. Is there a better, lighter and faster Javascript library that can render mathematical notation equally well?
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Can we get database dumps?

Anton over at MO regularly releases database dumps, which are great if you want to search through everything (including comments), or go statistic-hunting (e.g. compare the frequencies of certain ...
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7 votes
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Comment editing boxes

It would be awesome if the textarea elements one uses to create/edit comments on M.SE were larger and allowed for more characters. The ones on MO are perfect, for example. (Why do I want this? Well, ...
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Tex \implies symbol does not work

I needed couple of times to use the \implies symbol (which is basically a double lined right arrow). It works in, but here it doesn't work: $\implies$. Any suggestions?
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2 answers

LaTeX rendering delay

I experience a delay of about 5-10 seconds when I edit a question with math markup in However, there is no such delay in Is there any ...
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3 answers

Should Reputation from mathoverflow be carried over.

So I am a user at both MO and here. I visit MO maybe a few times a week, and this site a little less frequently. The point is that most of the questions I come up with are more relevant for MO, as ...
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10 votes
1 answer

Allow TeXification in <code> tags.

Some special characters, e.g. *, _ and \ have special meaning in Markdown syntax, but these ...
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Feature request: [Closed for editing]

There are a lot of questions on this site (even more than MO!) that could do with a brush up- some extra motivation, a more specific request or even just the full question in some cases. I applaud and ...
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It is possible/make sense to add a mark to hide part of text?

In mathematics (and in other sciences), often there is no unique answer, the same problem can be resolved by different approaches, and often one can learn something from each one. So in order to ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Choice to turn off TeX on the main page

It's really annoying that TeX is rendered outside of questions. On MO, we realized this and turned it off for the question list and main page. Since the SE overlords have more control, perhaps they ...
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13 votes
1 answer

Put a link to a tutorial on the Tex in the FAQ

I have no idea how to use either of the Tex methods supported here. How about putting a link to the instructions or a tutorial on both in the FAQ?
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6 votes
1 answer

Can't change your vote after an hour?

It seems like if you vote something up or down, after an hour that is fixed and you cannot change it - this is irritating because people are still able to edit their post after an hour. Can we change ...
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22 votes
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Feature request: LaTeX preview

I would like to be able to preview my LaTeX when typing my answers and questions!
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Vote to Close as Exact Duplicate should Accept MathOverflow Question URLs

It would be very helpful if we could vote to close questions as exact duplicates of questions on MO. edit to consolidate some ideas fleshed out in the comments on Thomas Owens's answer: Having the ...
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Problems explaining questions [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: TeX math markup is sorely needed Possible Duplicate: TeX math markup is sorely needed Hi, I visit this site and I see that many users facing problems in explaining the ...
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Moving the meta link to the same spot it occupies on MO.

Is there any chance we could move the link to meta to the right of the FAQ link? Arguments are forthcoming.
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4 votes
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chalkboardy stuff cute but a little distracting

The "chalkboardy" up/down arrows, star, etc. are kinda weird... any chance you could just use plain up/down arrows like on most other stackexchange sites?
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TeX math markup is sorely needed

This site is going to need TeX markup to express mathematical symbols and formulas well.
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