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You have an idea for a new feature on the site, or for a change to the existing functionality.

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How can I get the *.svg version of the logo of math.SE?

I want to put the logo of math.SE to my website linking to my profile, and the template I'm using uses svg versions of the logos; at least if I have the svg version of a logo, I know how to use it in ...
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Should MSE send reminders to users listing questions with no selected answer?

Many, many questions have good answers, ignored or forgotten by the OP. A significant part of the issue comes from users unfamiliar with the site and the basics of accepting an answer. Could MSE ...
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Can we have something like on-the-fly conversion of equation to MathJax?

New contributors can be seen unable to use MathJax when posting questions or answering them such as here before the edit by @BPP. Would it be nice to have something that would find things that should ...
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Can a question's colour or background be changed if I have visited it?

Is it possible to have different colours for the questions that I have already visited, and those which I haven't? It would be better if there is some distinction because otherwise at present, I ...
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Could we have a link to the OP's ping like [edit]?

Here's an idea: Please could we have a link option in the comments, like [edit], that gets replaced by the asker's tag (e.g., ...
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Warning when creating a new tag on meta

When a new tag is created on the main site, you get a warning before you can continue - this prevents creation of a tag by mistake. This was implemented as a result of this feature request: Warning ...
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Redirect issue for Meta

I understand that redirects to to include non-Americans (such as me), but does not redirect to the Meta and ...
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Is there a way to download the question like a pdf/latex?

I saw some very nice proofs online, and it seems that the only way I can get it in collection was to favorite the question. However, is there a way to download the question/posts or specific answer ...
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Having a check sign for questions addressed but not answered?

Recently I've been seeing some questions where the user wants people to check their solution or proof, and there's usually one comment that says "that's correct" and nothing else (no answers, etc). ...
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Marking questions as the originals for duplicates

When a question is closed as a duplicate, the ideal result is presumably that the questioner, potential answerers and future visitors will head off to the linked question and that any new answers will ...
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Close reason: "lack of research effort"

The custom off topic close reason is very rarely applied for the reason that the words actually say and is basically used as a catch-all close reason, even when something like "unclear what you're ...
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2 answers

Closing a question for being too basic

I think that it would be a good idea to add another reason for closing a question, namely that the question is too basic, in the sense that the answer can easily be found through an Internet search ...
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Favorite Question: Receiving an inbox message when someone makes a new contribution

If you could receive inbox message update when someone made a change to one of your favourite questions, would that be a feature request others would support?
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3 answers

Is it possible to group somehow questions I've asked in the past?

I'm slowly reading through a book, and quite often I ask questions about stuff I don't understand. Because it's taking me a while reading through it sometimes I completely forgot clarified points ...
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Can we include a random button for the unanwered rubric?

When I go to the unanswered section I see "smart" Questions with high votes what I want to say is that those question actually don't lack an answer they are just appealing. With a random button one ...
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Feature Request: Support Latex Tables on math.stackexchange?

Math.stackexchange already supports quite a bit of $\LaTeX$ mark-up using mathjax. What do you think about supporting the $\LaTeX$ tables? In Stack overflow mark-...
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Why there is no tag for Causal Inference?

I have a question about my Mathematics Stack Exchange post: Responses to the study questions from Causal Inference in Statistics (by Judea Pearl). At the moment of posting I found that there is no ...
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2 answers

Does putting a bounty on a question kill the question?

I recently placed a bounty on a long-standing zero-answer question (that question is in this link): Does there exist a space filling curve which sends every convex set to a convex set ? My goal was ...
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Why is there not a cancel link when editing on the mobile site?

This question appears to be new. Why is there not a cancel link when editing answers or questions on the mobile (meta) site? It's absence isn't exactly obvious (as I haven't noticed it until now, ...
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19 votes
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Can we have a feed of watched tags

On the questions tab can we have a filter feature (I mean like frequented votes etc) of watched tags. I am aware that the tags that I have watched are demarked in a different colour. But I would like ...
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A hierarchy of duplicates - which questions generalise other questions?

I think the site would benefit from a hierarchical structure to the duplicate question functionality, indicating which questions generalise others. I was contemplating duplicate questions last night ...
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Suggestion for advertising contests more actively to manage contest problem issues

There is a fair amount of discussion about contests at the moment, in the context of active problems being posted to the site for answers and needing to be closed. Bearing in mind that (a) contest ...
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Copy my original MathJax from my comment into paste buffer? [duplicate]

How can I copy one of my comments which is MathJax format and paste it in the solution since nobody answered my question? I have developed the answer in a comment.
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Deleted question/answer is visible

I wonder why are deleted answers still visible to people with enough reputation. I'm not comfortable with this. Is it possible to change that. If I delete something then I don't want anyone to see my ...
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Feature request: LaTeX preview in *comments*

I would like to request that a preview be generated when writing comments, the same way that one is generated when writing a question. This is particularly relevant in math forums where LaTeX ...
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Provide \degree symbol in MathJax

A while ago I posted an answer to the MathJax tutorial meta question about the right way to write a degree symbol. The latest edit (with which I'm not really happy) discusses, among other things, the ...
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Could questions we have already voted to delete be greyed out as well?

I have already voted to delete this question and it is 'highlighted' on the list of questions with delete votes as shown. For the sake of our convenience, could questions we have already voted to ...
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Interactive check-list for first-time contributors at submission stage

As a follow-up to this question, I would like to know if the following proposal would be helpful to reduce low-quality first-time contributions. Duplicate disclaimer. While writing this question, I ...
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New contributor guidelines

Are new contributors pre-notified during their first ( say 5 ) posts alerting them that they should include details of their efforts and that pure work orders (or what may sound that way) stand a ...
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Can the tag list accessible from the left side-panel be given some structure/drilldown?

This question has unsurprisingly come up in a few different guises. Improving the tag system (categories) Apologies since I guess old hat but just wondering if it was ever resolved? I couldn't find ...
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Meet users located in the same geographical region

I am new to MSE, and I do appreciate the good attitude of (almost all) the users. However, I really miss the personal interaction, possibly with the assistance of a blackboard. Therefore, I wonder ...
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1 answer

Filtering a Tag [duplicate]

How can I remove all questions with accepted answers from view?
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1 answer

Why can't I ping myself in chat?

I'm trying to ping myself in chat but I can't. Is there any way we can add this feature? It would help me organize my thoughts in the chat. Thanks.
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Adding a Shortcut Link for the MathJax Tutorial

Can we create a custom "magic link" which points to the MathJax tutorial? That is, would it be possible to have MSE expand something like [help/mathjax] into a ...
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Organizing favorite posts in folders\categories

Is there a way of organizing favorite posts into folders? This is a feature I was thinking about for quite some time now. It happened to me more than once where I was looking for a certain post I ...
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2 answers

Ignoring the unneeded

In the watched tags how can I ignore the questions with accepted answers so, in the least, they do not show like ignored tags do not show?
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-12 votes
2 answers

Solution for abandoned accounts or with little activity: a special Newsletter or email to encourage the return to the site

If my calculations are rights I believe that in the main site Mathematics Stack Exchange there are at least 200000 users whose reputation is 1. My belief about this situation (I haven't stats) is that ...
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-7 votes
1 answer

Faded Failure Feature [closed]

Why now are some questions being so faded they cannot be properly read? Is the new web page design an attempt to get people to talk about mathstack instead of talking about math?
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16 votes
0 answers

URLs in the new look MSE [duplicate]

Can those who voted to close this as a duplicate please point me to a specific question or answer that flags this point to the StackExchange developers. In the new look and feel for MSE, links look ...
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Important information on new theme hidden due to downvotes

Generally, questions that receive lots of down votes are effectively hidden from the feed - which is probably a good thing. However, this sometimes happens with important announcements posted by staff ...
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1 answer

Why can't you improve tag-wiki edits?

When reviewing post edits you have the option to Improve Edit as well as Reject and Edit. These options are no longer available when a tag-wiki edit shows up in the queue (there have been quite a few ...
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1 answer

Is it possible to migrate an answer from one question to another?

Is it possible to migrate an answer from one question to another question without losing reputation and comments. This happened to me recently whereby the OP had asked two questions and it turned out ...
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eps file upload

I wish it were possible to upload/include eps files. The insert-image thing doesn't recognize them as images. Question: Is it mandatory to ask an actual question when posting a feature-request "...
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7 votes
1 answer

Possibility to access the code of people's comments

Very often I enter the edit mode of a post just to copy-paste some parts of it, often to get a sample of some MathJax complex syntax. It may happen every once in a while that you want to do that with ...
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Possibility to `unfold 4 identical lines skipped` in reviewing edits

I was recently reviewing a suggested edit where the only modification was one symbol ($\in$ to become $\subset$) in the first line of the post. Most of the question was hidden and replaced by the text ...
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-6 votes
2 answers

Why this question is deleted?

Here I have posted a problem which was down voted and deleted without noting how much tough the problem is. Also my account is disabled from questioning in math.stack website. Can you enable it again? ...
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2 answers

Feature request: close reason "unresponsiveness".

The problem: Sometimes, an user begins acting adversarially and is unresponsive to improvement of their post. This is bad behaviour in general and part of the community feels urged to address it. We ...
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How to reduce PSQ?

I think many users of this site believe that the of PSQs, especially on uninteresting math content wise questions, is a problem. I believe the current methods of dealing with the problem are, mostly,...
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Viewing markup of question/answer/comment, of one for which is editing is not allowed.

Is there a way to see the markup of questions/answers/comments for which editing is not allowed? This answer says to right-click and select Show source. It looks ...
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17 votes
2 answers

An Identity Crisis

I'm raising a philosophical question, here, having to do with the format and layout of M.SE versus the stated goals. Essentially, I am asking the question of whether the format of M.SE is in alignment ...
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