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Formatting is the process, to emphasize, layout and decorate a text for a better user-experience.

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fix or explain?

When I encounter an unformatted or badly formatted post, I usually leave a comment such as this one explaining how to fix the problems rather than fixing them myself. This is not just because I don't ...
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Problems with losing MathJax formatting previews while creating question or answer

I've tried searching the site, but couldn't find anything that answers my question. Whenever I'm creating a new question or answer and I'm taking a while to type it all out since I'm still learning ...
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How can I make an array with all columns as wide as the widest one?

For example, let's say I wanted to make this diagram of a board in the game 2048: $$ \begin{array}{|r|r|} \hline 1024 & \color{white}{0}512 & \color{white}{00}16 & \color{white}{000}2 \\ \...
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Is there a MathJaX equivalent of `\makebox` or something similar?

I apologize if this is the wrong forum, but I recently discovered \makebox and certain other formatting commands such as \clap ...
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Comment text truncated in timeline

The comment text in the timeline view (mod only) seems to be truncated on the right when the text is long enough to wrap. It looks as if the line width is miscalculated. The source comments that run ...
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Editing formulas with Unicode symbols

Should the questions with Unicode symbols in formulas be edited? I'm asking this based on this question. Look in the source code to see what I mean.
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Latex on Individual User Profile

I'm wondering that if we are allowed to use the Latex Typesetting Language on our individual user profiles since it sounds quite fun actually? :)
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Bug: Can't write matrices and newlines $\LaTeX$ in Tag Editor.

Problem: I can't write matrices and newlines with MathJax in $\LaTeX$ in the Tag Editor. I've noticed on several SE pages that I can't write line breaks in MathJax. On some pages, an ...
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Piecewise Equation Formatting Issue in MathJax Preview

I am composing a question involving piecewise polynomial equations, but the preview formatting isn't coming out how I expect. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? The notation I'm using: ...
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Partial MathJaX editing

There was a (now-closed) question which was horribly formatted by the OP. I put in some initial formatting to show him what to do in order to make it more readable, but did not finish everything since ...
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Latex Not Formatted

I get the following error when trying to view formatted questions in Chrome 45 on Windows 7. ...
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Having trouble formatting quotations that have $\pu{1.0 Kg}$ as an example or just going to the next line also

I was encountering a formatting issue when writing one of my articles here that I will try to reproduce and summarize here: When I quote text and I want to embed units, I have formatting issues, ...
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The Syntax of Chatting

Noob question. Over in the Mathematics.SE chat area, when the equations and terms posted are more complicated than, say, "sqrt(-1)" or " X^y," they are often in a shorthand, which seems like a ...
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What is the best way to write an arbitrary multi-variable function?

I have been a bit confused for a while on what is the best way to write a multi-variable function of an arbitrary number of input variables when writing a question or answer. My first thought is to ...
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Feature request: how to get non-confusing lists (numbered as well as bulleted)?

When typing a post, if you want to make a numbered list, this can be confusing when making lists for mathematical purposes, like the list of solutions of $x^2-3x+2=0$: 1 2 => Does this mean $1$ ...
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Ways to make a table in a question?

I know there exist but I am looking for a way to draw a table in math.stackexchange box. So, my question is: Is there a way to make a table in the question box? I ...
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