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Can we have a spell-check and grammar-check to improve posts?

Can we have a spell-checker and grammar-checker on Math.SE ? so that could fix all the errors that some users have because they are not native english speakers. Whether on their questions, answers, ...
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Is it OK to ask for grammar corrections?

Due to the international user base, small and big grammar mistakes are unavoidable on this SE. The top priority here is math, not grammar. And that's how it should be! Despite that, I would actually ...
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Capitalization and Usage for "Fundamental Theorem of the Calculus" in tag wikis

Is there a standard way on M.SE to refer to the Fundamental Theorem of the Calculus in tag wikis? What I've just written is what I was taught, but I recognize there are many other ways. Interestingly, ...
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Grammatical error added in edit

This question originally said "The question is to find all the possible limits of (1/n,0)." This was edited to "It is to find all the possible limits of (1/n,0)." While the edit also included other ...