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For questions about how Gravatars are fetched and displayed on the Stack Exchange network. This is not for general Gravatar support inquiries.

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2 answers

Did the avatars change recently?

The question is in title. My wife notice that my avatar changed from the last time she saw it. Being blind, I did not pay attention to this. Now, it is very pale yellow. Is there a way to restore it ...
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1 answer

Hat Overlaps with Profile [closed]

This is a minor bug with the new hats, but searching “hat overlap” in Math Meta brings up no questions, so this one might as well be the question for this issue. Here is a new hat which has a shape ...
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1 answer

Bug with my gravatar?

Recently, I noticed that when I temporarily went onto my meta profile, my nice purple avatar changed into a lime green avatar. You can believe that I did not change it. I can give time stamps if ...
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1 answer

How can you use former picture(identicon) as profile picture?

I was messing something with my profile and trying the new hats I've earned and accidentall/out of curiosity I've pressed change picture and then on identicon. My profile picture have change it ...
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1 answer

Which is my identicon?

I’m confused about my identicon. When I’m using iOS app, it’s a green one; however, on the website I get a blue purple one.....Could anyone tell me why? Thanks! PS: I now can see I have that blue ...
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0 answers

My gravatar has changed and I would like to get it back [duplicate]

Something has gone wrong with my gravatar. It has changed into the icon of user "Vera". "Vera" is actually another account once made by me (with another e-mailadress) when I had no disposal of my own ...
15 votes
1 answer

Where did my avatar go?! :(

Recently on mathSE, my auto-generated avatar (gravatar) was changed. What is the reason for this? Can I get my old avatar back?! I liked it better. Edit 1: It looks like my avatar has changed in my ...
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1 answer

How can I delete my uploaded profile picture

I like to delete my previous profile picture. How can I delete it? What about images uploaded to
11 votes
2 answers

Does every new user have a unique default display pic?

Do you just generate random patterns and give them to users, which is somehow non repeating? Also, where can I find more about this. Thanks.
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1 answer

Gravatars on Main and Meta don't match

The gravatars of this user's main and meta account don't match? How can that be?
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0 answers

resize or recrop gravatar

I had no trouble uploading a new jpeg as my gravatar. However, it never gave me the option of choosing where to crop the image, which was a little too tall I guess. Assuming the proportions of the ...
7 votes
1 answer

Why my gravatar has suddenly changed?

My gravatar has suddenly changed. I know this question has been asked before. However the only answer I found is that it could be due to a change in e-mail address or if I accessed my account from a ...
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1 answer

(My) PopUp Icon and DisplayIcon don't match

My icon of the popup info and my profile icon don't match and it's been a while since a changed it. Why is that? EDIT If this continues to work, my next icon is
3 votes
1 answer

Why does my gravatar change?

I noticed that my gravatar has changed about 5 times for the last month. As for now, my gravatar on quant.stackexchange is brown, for the SE user it's blue but for the MSE it is red (while it was blue ...
3 votes
1 answer

image upload help needed

In my Ipernity account, I was able to upload my photo directly from my PC, but here I am forced to use Gravatar, but I cannot figure out how to do it. I have selected an image (the same photo I use in ...
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0 answers

Why has my avatar become green? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Gravatar change? My avatar has changed: it was red and now it is green. Why is that ? (I'm just curious and definitely not complaining: I prefer the new avatar with its ...
3 votes
1 answer

Gravatar change?

Hi...Just wondering: it seems my gravatar has changed. I changed my "id" a couple days ago, but that didn't change my rep or openID or gravatar at the time...just my "username"... However, I noticed ...