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Questions tagged [hot-questions-list]

Questions about the "hot questions list" which appears on the main page and truncated on all pages in the SE network, as well as its effect on Math SE.

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23 votes
2 answers

Under what criteria should we remove questions from the HNQ list?

Since the Hot Network Questions list was revamped 6 months ago, moderators have had the power to remove questions from the list. As Catija, the community manager for the SE network says, I ...
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4 answers

Hot Network Questions. How are they selected?

Now that we get to see the SE-network wide list of "hot" questions, I am just shaking my head in disbelief. At the time I am writing this, the two hot questions from Math.SE are titled (get a barf-bag,...
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18 votes
1 answer

Why does the "Hot" tab have not "Hot" questions?

Why does the "Hot" tab have not "Hot" questions? Context: Mathematics SE has its Top Questions laid out on its home page. On the top right we have 5 buttons to sort: Interesting (...
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Adding MathJax to the title of posts being edited - bad habit?

Recently, I've found out that questions with $ \TeX $ markup in their title are excluded from the Hot Network Questions. This made me think about my editing habits. One of my favorite topics is ...
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14 votes
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What is the deal with this “troll” question? [closed]

About an hour ago, an apparently brand-new user posted this absurd question. Because I suspect it will be deleted soon, here it is in full: Physics teacher gave really hard math problem I really need ...
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13 votes
1 answer

Why was a question proactively removed from Hot Network Questions even though it never appeared there in the first place?

I'm coming here following this question on Meta Stack Exchange. In that post, a user highlighted this question on the main site, which shows a timeline entry for removing the question from Hot Network ...
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What are advantages/disadvantages of having question in hot questions list?

What are advantages and disadvantages of having questions from this site in SE network hot questions list? It is clear that there are some advantages for the OP: The question gets more visibility ...
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11 votes
1 answer

What makes a post go viral?

Looking at the main page, we see a list of questions with basic information about them - including the number of views. That number of views can vary quite wildly. An interesting question from ...
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11 votes
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Dollars in the “Hot Network Questions” get mistakenly loaded by MathJax.

I've noticed that dollars in the “Hot Network Questions” get mistakenly loaded by MathJax, e.g. (Feb. 23, 2017, AK) The bug is still at large, as can be seen here:
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11 votes
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Hot network questions incorrectly use MathJax [duplicate]

This is the converse of I noticed that when on Math.SE, MathJax can screw up the ...
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10 votes
14 answers

Which words (if any) in the title of a question should prevent inclusion in the HNQ list?

In a recent post Autofilters for Hot Network Questions the possibility was raised to created a list of words which when contained in a title of a question would prevent the question from being ...
10 votes
1 answer

What is the goal of having questions from Math.SE in the SE Network Hot Questions List?

The acronym "HNQ" has been mentioned a lot recently. Regarding Hot Network Questions (HNQ), there was a question on Meta Stack Exchange: What is the Goal of "Hot Network Questions"? In the ...
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9 votes
1 answer

Do questions with LaTeX in titles appear in Hot Questions?

I haven't seen any questions in Hot Questions (HQ) with LaTeX in titles. Maybe there aren't many popular questions with LaTeX in titles or maybe I never thought about it when I saw LaTeX in HQ. Or ...
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8 votes
10 answers

Autofilters for Hot Network Questions

The SE software allows us to request certain regular expressions be automatically excluded from the Hot Network Questions. I was asked by the CMs to make this post on the meta, and include the list. ...
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Why wasn't this question removed automatically from the HNQ list?

From previous discussions, I've come to understand that questions with MathJax in the title cannot become hot network questions, and that editing a title to include MathJax should boot the question ...
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HNQ-title ban list should be data-based; but we don't have the data

In reference to this discussion on title ban for HNQ An empirical approach would be far better than what we're doing right now imo. More specifically, a keyword should be banned for HNQ if the ratio ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Criteria for a post to be shown on the 'hot meta posts' sidebar

On the main site (also on meta), there is a sidebar for 'hot meta posts'. What are the criteria for a post to be shown on this sidebar, given that only a few questions are listed?
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7 votes
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Is there a way to search for past HNQ?

Is there a way to search for past "Hot Network Questions"? It would be best if it included those that where removed by moderators for whatever reason) Given that there is a discussion about HNQ, and ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Stats: How often do Math.SE questions appear on the 'Hot questions' SE section?

Everything is in the title: How often do Math.SE questions appear on the 'Hot questions' SE section?
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Bug; looks like MathJax is eating up dollars signs in "Hot Network Questions" [duplicate]

Looks like MathJax is eating up dollars signs in related questions.
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2 answers

Why did a moderator remove my question from HNQ?

Recently, I have asked why did a question has a lot of views, and it turned out that it is an HNQ. But in the timeline, it said the question is removed from HNQ by a moderator. But why is it removed?
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7 answers

Discussion around voting on what words should be on the HNQ block-list

This post is to accompany: Which words (if any) in the title of a question should prevent inclusion in the HNQ list? If you want to discuss the merits of a word please create an answer for it yet ...
5 votes
1 answer

Mod removing questions out of HNQ

It has been observation as of late that moderator Asaf Karagila has been removing quite a bit of questions from HNQ. What is the basis for removal? and, under what circumstances is a moderator ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Can I remove my question from the HNQ list?

My question seems to be on the HNQ. Now I have seen many HNQs and I guess it may be due to the title. However, I do not want it on the HNQ list as it attracts traffic from other sites and they may ...
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Should I really edit Titles

I noticed that $\LaTeX$ is not used in title of following question Prove that $1 + 4 + 7 + · · · + 3n − 2 = \frac {n(3n − 1)}{2}$ Before I click edit button, I noticed that it has ...
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Can the "Hot Network Questions" list be filtered?

Is there any way to filter the list of "Hot Network Questions" which is displayed on the right side of the screen? I know StackExchange wants to promote their other sites, but I would prefer not to ...
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LaTeX rendering in incorrect locations [duplicate]

When browsing the site I notices that in the hot question section of the sidebar there was a link to this post on SuperUser. The link looked a little strange, as shown in the image: If I'm not ...
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Why was my post was removed from the HNQ list? [duplicate]

Question: Why was my recent post: Side of the largest possible cube inside a cone? was removed from the HNQ list? Context: I do realize related general discussions (see below) but I don't feel right ...
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Hot Network Questions (temporarily) gone?

I notice recently that the right side of pages (both the main page and question pages) shows a list of tags and recent badges instead of a list of Hot Network Questions that usually appears. The hot ...
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Why shouldn't there be a bar called Hot Main Posts, just like Hot Meta Posts?

In the main site, there is a bar on the right named Hot Meta Posts containing the good questions on the meta site. But there is no such bar showing the trending best questions on the main site. There ...
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Do we, the community, need a HNQ block list?

Short Version The purpose of this post is to have a vote count of the community support/opposition of the recent HNQ block list proposal. If you don't want to read the long version of the post then ...
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