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The global inbox contains information from across the entire network, including hot questions, a list of all sites, an inbox of @responses directed at you, and notifications of badges and ending bounties.

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2 votes
0 answers

Inbox messages are being flagged as unread after I've read them

For the past few weeks, the notification box on my MSE intray icon has been showing me as having 2 or 3 unread messages (see image below). I go to the posts and read the comments but that doesn't ...
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5 votes
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A comment not showing up in my inbox

I can see the comment from 13 hours ago in the Responses tab but not in the Inbox tab, and I don't see the red notification icon on the main page. This is probably related to the fact that the answer ...
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1 vote
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More Synchronized Mark-As-Read Functionality

When a comment comes in on one of my posts, I get the red inbox showing up on the "Recent inbox messages" icon just to the right of my avatar-plus-stats. That's all very fine. I can click on the inbox ...
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3 votes
0 answers

No Inbox Access

I cannot access the Inbox: when I click on it there is a blank pagelet, nothing happens. Everything else appears to work OK. Any suggestions? It is very awkward not to have access, since I am not ...
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4 votes
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Recover the first revision of a comment in the inbox

When someone addresses you in a comment, you'll get notified via your inbox with the first $x\le100$(?) letters of the comment. When you read the comment on the page, it could have been that the ...
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Strange Inbox Behaviour

Is it just me, or there more people that feel that the inbox behaviour is kind of strange. It seems that I miss some comments referenced to me and cross talk with other stack sites also doesn't seem ...
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