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How to type special characters in this forum?

The general rule used in LaTeX doesn't work: for example, typing M\"{o}bius and Cram\'{e}r doesn't give the desired outputs.
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Search terms that include accented characters [duplicate]

How do I search for questions & answers using a keyword that includes an accented character. For example, I often look at questions about Bezier curves. Some people spell Bezier correctly, with an ...
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Request for translation help (English to Portuguese)

This isn’t really a discussion question, but I’ve no better idea for the required tag. Can someone translate my answer to this question into Portuguese? The OP’s reading knowledge of English isn’t up ...
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Searching for accented characters is too strict

A search for "lindelof" and a search for "lindelöf" produce different results. In some sense the results are correct, since the first search finds only those posts that mention "lindelof" and the ...
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