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Markdown is a lightweight markup language used across the entire Stack Exchange network for post formatting.

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An attempt to add real-time previewing for comments

Screenshot About When writing a comment with a lot of formatting, especially one containing formulas, I often found myself pasting it into the "new answer" editor at the bottom of the page to see if ...
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Blockquote button interaction with MathJax

Here is a bug which has bitten me a few times now. Suppose I type something like ...
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Using [tag:] markup in posts creates an ugly gap between lines

Using [tag:] markup in posts on (meta.)math.SE creates an ugly and unnecessary gap between the current and the following line of text. For example, see the ...
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Backslash-dollar in "code" format renders with two backslashes

"Code" formatted text in Markdown is indicated inline by putting the text between backquotes, or by indenting the text at least four spaces. In the two examples below, I have typed a single ...
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Inconsistency between markdown in comments and posts

There is an inconsistency between the Markdown for codeblocks in comments and the Markdown in Questions and Answers: it seems to me impossible to type \ (as in, ...
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Why does auto-numbering take over my numbering?

I am numbering the following list from zero to three: This is numbered zero. This is numbered one. This is numbered two. This is numbered three. Why does it show up as numbered one through four in ...
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Markdown doesn't recognize URLs with non-ascii characters

I tried to link to the Wikipedia article on Möbius transformations, atöbius_transformation, using the markdown ...
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How to write question on MSE offline?

I have recently downloaded MathJax-2.7.4 and successfully render test htmls in folder test. Then I save the webpage offline to write question. But when I ...
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Side by side editor that supports LaTex or Mathjax or similar **and** Markdown?

Writing and editing long entries in stackexchange can be cumbersome. I recently found which is great way to write and edit the longer entries. It has: side by side editor/preview ...
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Why do links in question and answer work differently then links in comments?

Currently when linking to other question, one might use just the [link]( This works great in questions, answers and comments. So far so good. ...
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