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Questions tagged [merge-accounts]

For questions and requests to merge multiple Stack Exchange accounts of the same user.

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merge new account into old

Allen Hatcher has asked that his new, mysterious account, be merged into an existing one. SEE If a binary quadratic form primitively represents $n$ and $n^3$, must it be the identity form?
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Would it be possible to merge my two accounts? [duplicate]

For some reason, I have two accounts on Math Stackexchange. This is the old one and this is the one I'm currently using. On the old one I have a fair amount of reputation points. I'd like to be able ...
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Is it possible to merge accounts of different users?

I apologize in advance if this question sounds ludicrous, as it probably is, but after reading this meta thread I wondered: Q: Is it possible for two different users on MSE to merge their accounts, ...
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Problem in merging two stack-exchange accounts

I have accidentally created two math-stack exchange accounts namely and . It was created ...
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Transferring question form one account to the other

I have two accounts in maths SE. Can I transfer a question from one account to the other. If yes,how? And if I do that will be able to carry along my reputation. If that is not possible can I put one ...
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Merging of two different accounts

There are two accounts under my control. If I merge them into one (I saw the concept of merging in a previous meta post) will my reputations on both be added up to one?
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How can I unify/merge two of my accounts?

I have two accounts: They appear in the screen in an alternating manner. I want to unify them in one ...
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About your merging accounts facility.

I'm user 128932 and user 201044 and asked to merge accounts. Now it expired and I can't use the reputation points from account 128932. What do I do?
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Special situation: how to get moderator attention without using a flag

An unusual situation came up on this post. I discovered the following information in a description of one of the edits. A person posted the question anonymously, but his/her browser crashed while he/...
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merging two accounts on math.stackexchange [duplicate]

I would like to merge two accounts on math.stackexchage, once with open ID : old acount and the second is the one I'm connecting with now. How can I do this ? Any help would be greatly appreciated ...
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To find my guest user account again

I am hesitating too much in asking this question as a new user.I participate in Math stack exchange question answer site almost 10 days ago as a guest & I earned 45 reputations.But 3 days ago my ...
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Merging two accounts

I have two accounts: 2128 (old one) and 112679 (new one). I'd like to merge the old one into the new one. That is, I'd like to only use the new account (112679) after the merge. I'm doing this because ...
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"Can I merge as a guest ?"

I found an unregistered user that created (at least) four unregistered user accounts. He wasn't aware of that, so I asked him if he wants these accounts to be merged. But is this possible for ...
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Announcement: New User Merge Policy/Tool

This post is to call to attention a new tool available for all users that facilitates merging of duplicated/fragmented accounts. Quite often on the site we see users who, for one reason or another, ...
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