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For questions about single users having multiple accounts.

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Is it ok to use an alternate account for meta?

I don't like to use my main account for meta because I find that some people like to downvote my stuff (imho somewhat randomly) after I get into some sort of argument on the site. I also don't like ...
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Transferring reputation between different SE sites [closed]

As someone who has accounts on multiple Stack Exchange sites I am wondering if there is a means by which reputation between accounts can be transferred. This may be useful, for example, to offer a ...
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Alternate account to remind askers to accept answers when I am one of the answerers

There are many instances when a question receives satisfactory answers yet none of them is accepted. Specifically, in situations when the asker has explicitly commented below useful answers that their ...
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Can you have two accounts for two separate people, on the same computer?

Can you have two accounts for two separate people, on the same computer? My sister and I thought so, but she just tried to create a new account on this site. However, I personally can't ask questions ...
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What mechanisms are there to stop people from simply creating a new account if they've been question banned?

I understand the idea of a question ban - if you keep making bad questions you can't do so anymore. But what's to stop someone from simply creating a new account and continuing to do so?
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Can I create several other users for specific purposes? [duplicate]

Can I have more than one user? Is there a limit? They'll have decent questions I think, but may stay dormant for a while...
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Created an other account to ask question, but also locked. Why? [duplicate]

It looks that I asked to much question today, then my account has been locked. Then, I created an other account to ask a question (I saw that it was not forbidden), and the other new account is locked ...
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Multiple users playing around with similar question

It is quite evident that the user asking this is the same user that asked that one. It seems to me that this phenomenon is occurring quite often. What we can do ?
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Can many people use a single account? [duplicate]

Can many people use a single SE account? This would lead to much faster accumulation of rep. It could also lead to certain posts being better than others (due to different authors), or even conflict ...
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Is it wrong to make a second account if you've reached your monthly asking limit?

Basically what's in the title: I've reached my monthly question limit and I considered making a second account, but I won't until I know if this is frowned upon or not here. Is it wrong to make a ...
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Transferring question form one account to the other

I have two accounts in maths SE. Can I transfer a question from one account to the other. If yes,how? And if I do that will be able to carry along my reputation. If that is not possible can I put one ...
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Multiple accounts, a wide open door for breaking rules? [duplicate]

A long time ago I've expressed my concern about the multiple accounts policy of M.SE. Once again this has been proven a wide open door for the suspended users (or for those posting low quality ...
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Strange behave of the tagging system/perhaps user-account mismatch in SE

If I access the question "divergent product" (Divergent products.) using the tag gamma-function or using the tag divergent-series I see the same name for the author of the question ("gerben") but one ...
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Can dual/multiple registrations be viewed?

A moderator mentioned this and it piqued my curiosity. Is there any reason why there cannot be a viewable record when someone registers under a different alias? I like that someone can, Ulysses-like, ...
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What happened with my account?

Something odd happened to my account - I think it has something to do with the merge I tried to do a while back. I have another account on the RPG stack exchange, and I attempted to merge that account ...
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Special situation: how to get moderator attention without using a flag

An unusual situation came up on this post. I discovered the following information in a description of one of the edits. A person posted the question anonymously, but his/her browser crashed while he/...
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The Ethics of Multiple (Good) Accounts

I'm interested in how users feel about the following: Is it acceptable for an individual to set-up more than one account to ask questions, provided those questions are legitimate and spark ...
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same person modified question using a different user

In this question Possible small mistakes in Springer's *Linear Algebraic Groups* the question was modified by a formally different user (probably the same person with guest login). Since the ...
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Merging unregistered accounts for better traceability?

There are 74 accounts belonging to the emailhash b60d6b835a36491ae1fddecd1265894d (with a notable overall score). Does this really indicate that they belong to the same person resp. email address? ...
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A single user using different *registered* user names

Firstly is it possible that a single user uses different registered user names. Secondly is it possible that he votes to close a thread with his different user names? I hope not.
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Can the same person have multiple accounts?

I have noticed two users namely Justim Bieber and Justen Bieber who I suspect are the same person. Is this allowed and encouraged especially when one is commenting on the others posts.
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Could I have two accounts?

I want to create a new account. How to create a new account? The new window in my computer for creating a new account always can't be open. Thanks any help:)
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