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For questions related to defining own macros (using \newcommand and similar commands) in MathJax.

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Custom TeX command doesn't render in search results

In my answer to Collecting Stickers! Evaluate occurrence of duplicates? I defined a custom TeX command \stir, which is rendered correctly on the page itself. When ...
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Is there some way to include some default text quickly in a post?

Question. Is there something which would make possible to quickly include predefined text in a new post I start writing. (For example, some bookmarklet for this - with a bookmarklet, one click could ...
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Request for Hyperbolic $ \sech \,x $ inclusion in MathJax

MathJax does not work for hyperbolic $ \sech \,x$... Can it be now included? Thanks in advance. EDIT1: From user1729's comment suggestion, they work okay: $$\operatorname{sech}(x) $$ $$ \...
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How to define string remap in MathJax

For example if there is a lot of $R^2$ and $C^2$ in a post, how to map the plain text R2 to $R^2$ only in this post like: ...
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The \newcommand question is farfetched, but $\LaTeX$ typing still takes ages

Everything is in the title. For now, I stop answering questions, it takes me too much time.
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Should titles be included in begingroup..endgroup (similarly as posts and comments)?

Not too long ago, a Stack Exchange software was changed in such way that macros defined in a post are valid only inside that post (similarly for comments). It was announced in an answer on this meta: ...
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2 answers

A possible bug regarding MathJax, previews, and the arctangent/tangent functions?

For context, I was making a tweak to GReyes' answer on this question, just cleaning up some formatting with the trigonometric functions. Specifically, I was turning ...
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Can custom TeX/MathJax commands be defined by default for a site?

Recently SE.QuantumComputing started private beta (bit of a misnomer, as users can join freely), and we started a $\mathrm{\TeX}$-tutorial Meta discussion like the one found here at SE.Math. Since ...
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Should I fix my 175 posts that use \newcommand without \begingroup?

A little over 4 years go I discovered that MathJax supports the $\LaTeX$ command \newcommand, and started to use it in my own answers and questions: this makes ...
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\newcommand does and does not work in titles

\newcommand within a question has in my experience failed to work in titles. In this question when I hit "reload", I see the backslash and Th in red; i.e. it doesn't work. But when I click on "edit" ...
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When is it ok to use \newcommand and \DeclareMathOperator?

As some of you may know, you can use \newcommand and \DeclareMathOperator to create new TeX macros. For example, ...
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MathJax no longer respects `\newcommand` definitions from questions in other posts

In a question of mine I used e.g. $\newcommand{curl}{\operatorname{curl}}$ to define $\curl$ being rendered as $\newcommand{curl}...
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The scope of \newcommand is the entire page

LaTeX on this site supports \newcommand and \renewcommand. This is very nice, but I noticed that the scope of these definitions ...