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A post ban means that a user is blocked from asking new questions, or posting new answers.

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I have been banned from asking questions, what should I do?

Almost 2 week ago I asked a question, which first put on hold but after I had edited, it re-opened. Since then I have been banned from asking question. According to help centre, in order to ban to be ...
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Quality blocks enabled for questions

Questions are the lifeblood of any Stack Exchange site. But asking good questions can be difficult, for some people entirely too difficult to bother with. When the Trilogy sites reached traffic levels ...
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How can I get out of a question ban? [duplicate]

I have been put under a question ban, it says that I have reached my question limit so they're no longer accepting questions from my account. In order to get out of this question ban I had to answer ...
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I have been put under a question ban

I don't understand why but I have been put under a question ban. None of my questions has got too much of down votes nor my questions are of low quality but every time I try to ask a question, a ...
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Why have I been banned from asking questions?

I've been banned from asking questions. But, when I checked all my past questions and answers, I've got a total of 6 downvotes. Is this enough to get a question ban? Or have I been banned due to ...
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If banned from asking questions, can I still answer questions?

I have asked poorly worded questions, and read a few meta-questions about being banned from asking questions (i.e. if you are banned from asking, undelete your questions and edit to get upvotes for ...
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Can no longer ask questions

So I am no longer allowed to ask questions, presumably because of my first two. However, I have been actively participating in the community since then, and have acquired 741 reputation. I am confused ...
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May I be able to post questions again I have read a bit on framing questions properly? [duplicate]

I know my one question received negative votes but I will try to maintain question level according to MSE. May I please be able to post questions?
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How do I get out of the answer block?

I made some troll-like answers and they were downvoted. One of them had $8$ upvotes and $10$ downvotes, but it got removed by a moderator so I no longer have the net positive reputation from it. I am ...
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Am I in danger of being banned?

I wanted to post a new question, but when I try to do so I got a warning: Wait! Some of your past questions have not been well-received, and you're in danger of being blocked from asking any more....
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Warning appeared when I ask a question, but I have a good history.

I just tried to ask a question and was presented with this warning: It threatens to bar me from the site. If I was consistently ignoring the rules or being rude then fair play, but I've asked a few ...
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0 answers

No longer accepting questions? Then back and forth?

Upon some amount of time I've been allowed to ask a question again after being barred from asking. Upon asking a question I have received no negative reviews. But yet I have been barred again. May I ...
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1 answer

Why I am not able to ask questions?

In my profile I have asked 6 questions of which no have down votes. 1 have 0 votes and 4 have 1 up votes and 1 have 2 up votes. I don't have asked poor quality questions (no down votes). It's also ...
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Problem : You have reached your question limit

When I try to ask a question, my Mathematics Stack Exchange account says that I have reached my question limit and should fix my previous posts. But I don't have clue how should I fix my previous ...
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What if an answer is downvoted, but later corrected?

Recently I wrote an answer here. Initially it was incorrect, but now I feel that I have corrected it to the best of my knowledge. There is no other answer on the question either. Another answer was ...
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Why have I been blocked from posting questions?

I was about to post another question, but for some reason, I am not allowed to. I haven't received any down votes in the last few months, my last post hasn't had negative feedback, why am I not ...
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Might I ever get Question Limit Banned?

I have a hefty number of questions, some very popular and others growing. Do I ever need to fear a question ban on this particular site?
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I would like to get out of question ban [duplicate]

I did my best to edit my questions and fix them up. I would like to get out of the ban I realize when I post I have trouble getting through to everyone and many times it comes back by biting me on the ...
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Are the curators becoming overbearing in impeding the use of the site by askers/answerers?

I see one dimension into which MSE users might be partitioned into two parts, is into the "asker/answerers" and the "curators". Asker/answerers view the site as a place for those ...
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